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Traditional Testimonies of Wealth & Fortune

One way in which the traditional art of judging nativities differs from its modern counterpart is that it frequently lacks psychological concern. Rather than trying to synthesize chart factors into a general character profile from which all life issues can be explored, the traditional astrologer asks blunt, direct questions of the horoscope: How long will this person live? Will he marry? Will he be rich or poor? This approach is not for the faint hearted or the inexperienced. Many people today will find it distasteful. A modern astrologer investigating these methods should take William Lilly's injunction to 'afflict not the miserable with terror of a harsh judgement' very much to heart.

However, practical concerns often do call for a pragmatic approach. So in the quest for knowledge this collection of articles by Deborah Houlding and David Plant explores the traditional aphorisms concerning indications of wealth (or lack of it) in the birth chart.

The articles are best read in the order they are presented below:

Vettius Valens: an Ancient Judgement of Wealth
David Plant's explanation of an early 2nd century judgement, which touches on the matter of wealth, from the Anthology of Valens

Traditional Aphorisms Concerning Wealth
Deborah Houlding presents a compilation of some of the most relevant traditional aphorisms applied to the judgement of wealth and fortune

Lilly's 'Nativity of an English Merchant'.
An extract from Lilly's Nativity of an English Merchant, paraphrased by Deborah Houlding to demonstrate the aphorisms for wealth in traditional practice

J. Paul Getty's Phenomenal Wealth
John Paul Getty was reputed to be the richest man in the world at the time of his death. David Plant applies the traditional method to consider how such phenomenal wealth shows up in Getty's horoscope

Electing for Financial Gain
For those who refuse to be bound by what astrology decrees for them, Deborah Houlding explains the traditional electional rules for making the best of your finances

© Deborah Houlding & David Plant. Adapted from a feature first published in the Traditional Astrologer magazine, Issue 3, Winter 1993, pp.19-23

More of David Plant's work is available on his English Merlin website, devoted to all aspects of the life and times of William Lilly and his contemporaries