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The geometry of the Venus cycle - click for details


Venus: Astronomical Data

Orbital Period: 225 days
Synodic Period: 584 days
Period of Axial Rotation: 243 days
Greatest Latitude: 8 20'
Mean Motion: Same as the Sun
Diameter: 7521 miles (12,104 km)
Volume (Earth = 1): 0.86
Mass (Earth = 1): 0.82
Density (water = 1): 5.3
Surface Gravity (Earth = 1): 0.9
Distance from Sun: 67 million miles (108 million km)
Distance from Earth 27 - 160 million miles
Mean Surface Temperature: 890F (480C)
Greatest Elongation: Varies from 45 to 47
Magnitude at Greatest Elongation: -4.4

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