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The Houses, Temples of the Sky - by Deborah Houlding  

The Seventh House

Main Rulerships:
Marriage and all forms of partnerships. The spouse, lover and person enquired after. Business partnerships and the legal contracts that pertain to them. Watters notes that affliction of the 7th represents: "an open rupture in a partnership or marriage" ([JoE], p.65). It indicates the opponent in any lawsuit or conflict and in mundane charts shows the possibility of war.
All enemies that are known as such belong to this house (the 12th house warns of secret enemies but as soon as their existence is known they are represented through the 7th house). It also signifies fugitives and runaways, including known criminals who are at large such as escaped convicts. In matters of theft it represents the thief and indicates whether or not the lost property will be recovered. In journeys it indicates the destination and in questions concerning whether of not to move it indicates the property to which you intend to move.
Simmonite suggests that it rules grandfathers (4th from the 4th), but these would normally be shown directly from the 4th house so the 7th should only be considered where there is a need to identify the father and grandfather separately.

In Horary Astrology:
In horary charts this house represents the astrologer and if heavily afflicted the astrologer should pause before proceeding as the judgement may be impaired or bring them damage. This is especially so if the 7th-ruler is afflicted in the 10th house, which suggests harm to the professional reputation. If the horary concerns a 7th house matter, however, the affliction may be describing the situation under consideration, in which case the warning is to proceed with diligence.

In Mundane Astrology:
The marriage and divorce rate and issues pertaining to them.
Public enemies, ie., enemies to the nation - outlaws and fugitives who are not imprisoned. Whether war or peace may be expected. Treaties and agreements with other nations. Raphael notes: "Mercury in the 7th denotes much activity in foreign affairs and, if well aspected, treaties, commercial agreements, and successful negotiations with other powers. If afflicted it shows double-dealing with other powers, diplomatic blunders, breaking of treaties, commercial and trade disputes with foreign countries and general disagreement in international affairs" ([MAR], P.37).
Carter notes that this house shows international warfare, treaties and alliances, but advises that friendly nations must also be considered under the l1t house, and that all matters relating to international affairs have some relation with the 9th ([ItPA], p.91).

In lawsuits or conflicts:
The opponent. The defendant in a lawsuit. Condemned persons or the criminal on trial.

In Events:
In event charts it represents the person against whom action is taken, or to whom a proposal or challenge is issued.

In Medical Matters:
The doctor or physician treating the ailment and their ability to cure the disease. In the body it rules from the navel to the top of the legs, including the buttocks, lower intestines, bladder, womb, and reproductive organs.

In Commerce:
The seller or the person you trade with.

Black and very dark colours. Simmonite says blue-brown.

Angular, masculine, diurnal. This is a strong and powerful house but in dangerous situations it is said to attack the safety of the chart through its opposition aspect to the ascendant.


Associated Planets:
No planet rejoices here. Lilly notes: "Saturn or Mars unfortunate herein show ill in marriage" ([CA], p.54). Cosignificators are Libra and the Moon.

The Angle of the West, Dysis ('west/sunset'), the House of Marriage.

12 ESE 3 NNE 6 WNW 9 SSW
2 ENE 5 NNW 8 WSW 11 SSE

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© Deborah Houlding, 1996; Extracted from the 1st edition of The Houses: Temples of the Sky - now available in a revised, expanded edition

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