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The Houses, Temples of the Sky - by Deborah Houlding  

The Sixth House

Main Rulerships:
Illness and disease, its condition and cause, whether the illness will be short or long, curable or not. All matters relating to the health industry and those who work in it: dentists, doctors, nurses.
Employees, tenants and servants. Lilly specifically mentions day-labourers, farmers and shepherds. Goldstein-Jacobson mentions those who live on the native's property, such as caretakers, au-pairs, lodgers, etc. Also domestic issues gernerally; this house has some relevance to domestic appliances that are purchased to ease day to day chores and laborious tasks.
Pets, small animals and lesser cattle (ie., hogs, sheep, goats, rabbits) and any profit or loss attached to the sale of such cattle. The 6th house also has a connection with farming and crops generally.
Uncles, aunts and relatives on the father's side of the family (3rd from 4th). Simmonite adds that since it is the 8th from the 11th house it represents the death of friends ([HR], p.59).
Sorrow. Generally this is regarded as a house of weakness and affliction. As a cadent house it represents alien or unhelpful conditions.

In Horary Astrology:
As above related to the querent. Goldstein-Jacobson notes that Saturn in the 6th brings much work and little appreciation or pay; an elderly relative, employee, nurse, pet or tenant who is a problem ([SHA], p. 181).

In Mundane Astrology:
The nation's food reserves, especially grains, and the farming industry.
Those who keep public records such as libraries, book-keepers, archivists, public data-clerks.
The working classes generally. Public employees and services such as the civil service, the armed forces; the police when they serve the people. Charles Carter notes that in Britain it represents the Labour party ([ItPA], p.91). Factories, trade unions, social security services, unemployment insurance, disability allowances. Watters remarks: "it does not, however, rule welfare because people on welfare live on the charity of the state and do not work. Therefore the 6th, with its primary meaning of labour, cannot apply to them" ([JoE], p.65). Public health is shown by the 1st house but this house highlighted will indicate periods of national vulnerability to epidemics and widespread diseases.

In lawsuits or conflicts:
As above for whoever initiates the action. For those who oppose them, this house represents agents sent in secret against them: spies, private investigators, etc.

In Events:
See lawsuits.

In Medical Matters:
This house is one of the main indicators of disease generally so its condition, ruling planet and any planets contained within it will describe the nature of the illness and whether its origin is physical or psychological. If its planetary ruler is retrograde the disease is likely to be recurring. If the ruler of the ascendant is strong and well placed and the 6th house ruler is weak, the patient has the means to overcome the disease. Specifically it rules the lower part of the belly and smaller intestine, the guts, liver and kidneys.

In Commerce:
As above related to the buyer or investor.

Dark colours.

Cadent, feminine, nocturnal. Unfortunate having no aspect to the ascendant.


Associated Planets:
Mars joys here.
Lilly notes: "we usually find that Mars and Venus in conjunction in this house are arguments of a good physician" ([CA], p.54).
Cosignificators are Virgo and Mercury.

Mala Fortuna ('bad fortune'). The House of Sickness.

12 ESE 3 NNE 6 WNW 9 SSW
2 ENE 5 NNW 8 WSW 11 SSE

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© Deborah Houlding, 1996; Extracted from the 1st edition of The Houses: Temples of the Sky - now available in a revised, expanded edition

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