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The Houses, Temples of the Sky - by Deborah Houlding  

The Fifth House

Main Rulerships:
Children, pregnancy, pregnant women, sex of the unborn child. The health and condition of children. If afflicted, trouble and distress from children.
Love affairs, romance, lovemaking, sex, procreation and conception. If afflicted, promiscuity, sexual inhibition, immorality, overindulgence and scandals.
Pleasure, gifts and all pleasant things. Items purchased for the purpose of pleasure and enjoyment. The arts and muses. Dancing, music, merriment. Clothes, fineries and rich, luxurious things.
Horse-racing, betting on sport, lotteries and all forms of gambling and speculation. Speculation on the stock market is often assigned here but where the investment is based upon financial or business decisions the 2nd house has more relevance. Although Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson popularised the notion that it rules speculation on the stock market, she defined its influence as ruling "everything whose outcome is a matter of chance" ([SHA], p.163).
It rules places associated with games and sport such as sporting arenas, resorts, gymnasiums. Also banquets, inns, pubs, taverns, theatres and plays, parks; all places of entertainment and enjoyment. Parties and social occasions; feasts. Matters associated with the leisure industry and those who work in the arts.
Diplomats, ambassadors and agents - those who negotiate as an intermediary with the intention of finding agreement between others.
Hobbies and all things done for personal pleasure and enjoyment.

In Horary Astrology:
Children of the querent. The possibility of pregnancy and the sex of the unborn child. Barclay suggests that Saturn and Neptune here do not bode well for pregnancy but Jupiter is a strong and undeniable indication of fertility, "for all prolification comes from Jupiter". ([HAR], p.71).
The father's wealth and his personal possessions (2nd from 4th). Simmonite adds that as the 8th house from the Midheaven, it reveals the death of the monarch ([HR], p.59).

In Mundane Astrology:
The ammunition of a town under attack.
Ambassadors and diplomats.
All public places of enjoyment and recreation, parks, publicly owned state buildings, national art galleries, etc.
Schools and the education system. The national birth rate, social issues related to children and society's views on sexual issues or promiscuity. Raphael notes: "Saturn in the 5th house lowers the birth rate, shows much trouble to women and children, great depression in theatrical circles, and deaths and indisposition among noted people in that profession. If much afflicted it increases the evil and causes crime against children and much vice, distress and immortality" ([MAR], p.32).

In lawsuits or conflicts:
As above for whoever initiates the action.
The activity and success of the initiator's messenger, agent, ambassador or representative aiming to make agreement with the other party.

In Events:
As above for whoever initiates the action.

In Medical Matters:
The stomach, liver, heart and back; back of shoulders; sides of body. Medical problems relating to pregnancy and the bearing of children.

In Commerce:
As above related to the buyer or investor, ie., agents or representatives aiming to reach an amicable business agreement with another party.

Lilly says 'black and white, or Honey colour'. It's possible that by 'black and white', he means a colour that is neither too dark or too light.

Succeedent, masculine, diurnal. Favourably aspected to ascendant by trine.


Associated Planets:
The joy of Venus; Lilly notes: "[Venus] who doth joy in this house, in regard it's the house of pleasure, delight and merriment; it's wholly unfortunate by Mars or Saturn, and they therein show disobedient children and untoward." ([CA], p.53).
Cosignified by Leo and Venus.

Bona Fortuna ('good fortune'). The House of Pleasure.

12 ESE 3 NNE 6 WNW 9 SSW
2 ENE 5 NNW 8 WSW 11 SSE

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© Deborah Houlding, 1996; Extracted from the 1st edition of The Houses: Temples of the Sky - now available in a revised, expanded edition

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