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The Houses, Temples of the Sky - by Deborah Houlding  

The Third House

Main Rulerships:
Brothers and sisters, cousins or general members of the family (not parents, they belong to the 4th house). Neighbours and our local neighbourhood. The environment in which we live and work. Short journeys or those made on a regular basis. Lilly notes that this house shows a propensity for: "oft removing from one place to another" ([CA], p.52).
Letters, rumours, reports, messages and messengers. Communications generally. Newspapers, magazines, telephones, postal service. Written deeds and contracts. Speeches and debates. Our ability to express ourselves and communicate to others. Languages, mobility skills and self-expression.

In Horary Astrology:
As above applied to the querent. In questions of a financial or business nature, an affliction to the 3rd house warns of difficulties in contracts and written deeds. In relationship charts, it suggests communication problems or mental incompatibility - Mars in the 3rd can show arguments and cross words; Saturn, an inability to communicate. Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson states that it is the house of gossips and visitors, and that a malefic in the 3rd can show an unwelcome visitor or unwanted delivery ([SHA], p.129).

In Mundane Astrology:
National rumours, propaganda. The press. All means of disseminating news and information such as the post office, communication networks, computers, telephones, faxes, newspapers, magazines, emails, publications, literature, periodicals and television.
The transport system and all means of inland transit, locomotion or communication, such as railways, road and river traffic, cars, underground networks, etc.
The education system, although where this effects children it is also represented by the 5th house. Public opinion and issues concerning freedom of speech; international and common languages.
It also rules neighbouring nations and documents that relate to international agreements.

In lawsuits or conflicts:
In lawsuits: writs, contracts and deeds that affect the prosecution. All written statements. The ability to affect the situation through letters and correspondence.
In war charts: the propaganda of the initiator.

In Events:
As above, related to whoever initiates the action. Barbara Watters notes: "if very afflicted it may indicate that he who makes an offer or proposes something is lying" ([JoE], p.64).

In Medical Matters:
The shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.

In Commerce:
Written reports, deeds, contracts affecting the purchase.


Cadent, masculine, nocturnal.


Associated Planets:
The joy of the Moon; Lilly notes: "for if she be posited therein, especially in a moveable sign, it's an argument of much travel, trotting and trudging, or of being seldom quiet." Cosignified by Gemini and Mars; Lilly notes: "which is one reason why Mars in this house, unless joined with Saturn, is not very unfortunate".

Dea (meaning 'goddess' in reference to its rulership by the Moon). The House of Brothers.

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© Deborah Houlding, 1996; Extracted from the 1st edition of The Houses: Temples of the Sky - now available in a revised, expanded edition

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