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The Houses, Temples of the Sky - by Deborah Houlding  

The Eleventh House

Main Rulerships:
Traditionally known as the 'house of Good Fortune', the 11th house has rulership over friends and friendship, supporters, benefactors and those that help us directly or behind the scenes. It is the house of beneficial fate, positive hope, trust, praise, comfort, goals and ambitions. In modern astrology it is said to rule the wider social circle of acquaintances and groups, broader ambitions, political ideals and those who share our aims. Its condition indicates the fidelity or falseness of friends and it has rulership over promotion by recommendation of others.
Historically it is associated with the king's (or ruler's) favourites, councillors, servants, their associates or allies. It represents parliament and councils generally, and supporters of the government or ruling power.
It is a house of ambition, freedom, optimism and confidence, denoting personal strength, motivation and increase. A fortunate 11th house is a beneficial influence for any chart.

In Horary Astrology:
Friends of the querent. Step-children, when not regarded as one's own (5th from 7th). The profit or income of a professional endeavour (2nd from 10th). The mother's money (2nd from 10th). Wishes, hopes, and personal aspirations; Lilly noted that if the querent has a secret wish but is unwilling to explain what it is, the condition of this house will show whether or not they are likely to receive what they desire. He also called it the house of 'comfort and relief' and used it to represent places where we gain security and restoration - such as a safe harbour in shipping charts.

In Mundane Astrology:
Parliament, especially the House of Commons; town and county councils and similar bodies. Friends and allies of the nation.
In election charts the 11th house will show the resources of the party in power; in civil-war, the substance and ammunition of the ruling power.
The hopes of the nation. Watters notes; "when afflicted, it indicates the people are disillusioned" ([JoE], p.67).
Long term national programs and schemes for improvement. Campion, Baigent and Harvey state: "we may also consider it relates to a society's collective long-term hopes, wishes, ambitions and ideals" ([MA], p.231). Places and institutions that offer relief and shelter. (Hospitals, along with asylums and various other institutions where our liberty is restricted have always been traditionally associated with the 12th house; however, in the sense that hospitals offer relief from pain and discomfort, there are situations where they are more appropriately signified by the 11th house).

In lawsuits or conflicts:
In charts concerning trials this house can be an important consideration with respect to the defendant - besides being a general indication of how confident they may be, as the house of freedom and release, a fortunate and emphasised 11th house argues against imprisonment and favours release for prisoners on appeal.

In Events:
As above for whoever initiates the action. Where this house is prominent and unafflicted in event charts there is good reason to maintain positive hope and usually something good will come from the event.

In Medical Matters:
The legs to the ankles. The positive spirit represented by the 11th house indicates a confident mental attitude and general resistance to the debilitating factors of disease.

In Commerce:
Agents or intermediaries who act on behalf of the seller or person that you trade with.


Succeedent, masculine, diurnal. Ptolemy regarded the 11th house as a major influence because it rises to occupy the midheaven. He gave it rulership over children, an influence which is also suggested in many later works, for example where Simmonite writes that Mars in the 11th house shows 'wicked children' ([HR], p.89). Lilly noted it to be equal in power and influence to that of the 4th and 7th houses.


Associated Planets:
Jupiter rejoices in this house and many of the associations attributed to it clearly derive from its association.
Cosignificators are the Sun and Aquarius.

Bona Fortuna ('Good Fortune'). The House of Friends.

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© Deborah Houlding, 1996; Extracted from the 1st edition of The Houses: Temples of the Sky - now available in a revised, expanded edition

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