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The Houses, Temples of the Sky - by Deborah Houlding  

The Tenth House

Main Rulerships:
Employment, profession or trade; also employers and those in command. Honour, prestige, reputation, power, control, dignity, glory, acclaim, advancement - the worldly position, career or life-interest that attains these. Likelihood of success relative to one's station in life. Fame, infamy, notoriety - the public eye. Unfavourable publicity if afflicted. The Sun, Jupiter or Venus, if well aspected, indicate professional success, Saturn indicates responsibility or, if badly afflicted, disgrace and ruin.
Those in dignified positions such as royalty and nobility: kings, princes, dukes, earls, etc. The government or those in office. All forms of authority in decision-making or those who enforce authority or law - the police, courts, judges, magistrates, commanding officers, a boss at work, etc. The ruling in a law court, judgement.
The desire to achieve and give out to the world - whereas the lower midheaven indicates the roots of our existence from which we emerge, the midheaven indicates that which we manifest outwards into our community and the fruits of our labour. Ancient authors recognised its influence on many matters, including marriage and children. Traditionally it is the house of the mother.

In Horary Astrology:
As above applied to the querent. Property belonging to the spouse (4th from 7th). Grandchildren's wealth (2nd from 9th).

In Mundane Astrology:
Those in authority over the nation, whether prime ministers, governments, kings, presidents or dictators. Kingdoms, empires, dukedoms, countries. The police or armed forces when they assert authority over citizens. The Heads of State. The national reputation and prestige. Credit and power, national trade and influence. Carter notes that it is the most important and powerful of all the houses in mundane astrology and bodies here have a wide significance ([ItPA], p.91).

In lawsuits, conflicts or events:
In legal matters, the judge or ruling magistrate. The outcome or judgement - if afflicted it shows a corrupt or unjust ruling; if dignified justice will be served. In countries where appropriate, the power of government to convict and execute. In warcharts, the nature of airborne attacks.

In Medical Matters:
The cure, whether the medicine will succeed in overcoming the illness - the 10th house dignified indicates that the remedy applied to cure the illness is forceful and effective; debilitated, the attempted cure may be harmful or ineffective.
The knees and hams (back of the leg above the knees), calves, shins.

In Commerce:
The price - the 10th house dignified or its ruler angular or strong shows a high price; if it is afflicted or retrograde, the price will fall.

Pink, light red

Angular, feminine, nocturnal. Regarded by many astrologers, including Ptolemy, to be the most important angle of all. A planet placed upon the midheaven will strongly influence any matter.


Associated Planets:
No planet rejoices in this house.
Cosignificators are Capricorn and Mars; Lilly notes "either Jupiter or the Sun do much fortunate this house when they are positied therein; Saturn or South Node usually deny honour, as to persons of quality, or but little esteem in the world to a vulgar person; not much joy in his profession, trade or mystery, if a mechanic" ([CA], p.56).

The Medium coeli or Midheaven. Angle of the south. The House of Profession.

12 ESE 3 NNE 6 WNW 9 SSW
2 ENE 5 NNW 8 WSW 11 SSE

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© Deborah Houlding, 1996; Extracted from the 1st edition of The Houses: Temples of the Sky - now available in a revised, expanded edition

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