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The Sun

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The Sun in astrology, history and myth

In natal astrology the Sun represents the heart of one's being, the true spirit, individuality and creative self-expression. It is a symbol of glory and indicates where we can tap in to the strength of our will to overcome instinctive fears, rise above habitual patterns of behaviour, and find a majestic quality within ourselves.

Introducing the Sun
Joanna Watters introduces the key astrological concepts of the Sun and its essential planetary characteristics.

The Roaring Sun
An introduction to the Sun's role in astrology and ancient mythology

Traditional Rulerships and Significations of the Sun
Traditional rulerships ascribed to the Sun: dignities, illnesses, metals, minerals, plants, places, etc. Adapted from Lilly's 17th century text, Christian Astrology with detailed notes and link to download of the original text

Solar Aspects in the Birth Chart
Michael McClain's interpretation guides for Sun aspects in natal charts

The Traditional Association of the Sun and Gold
Nick Kollerstrom's review of how the metal gold corresponds to its rulership by the Sun through metaphysical reflection and scientific analysis.

Tables of Solar & Lunar Eclipses
Dates, times and zodiac positions of solar and lunar eclipses from 2003 to 2014

St John's Wort - A Solar Herb
Dylan Warren Davis's exploration of the solar principles manifest in this well known herb of the Sun

The Sun in the Cabbala & Tarot
David McCann outlines the solar principles used in the Tarot and mystical Cabbalism

The Astronomy and Astrology of the Solar Hero Myth
In this very thought-provoking article Robin Heath argues that the solar hero myth portrays technical knowledge as well as archetypal experiences.

Time, the Egyptians and the Calendar
The path of the Sun played a central role in Egyptian philosophy and the conjunction of the Sun with other celestial bodies dominated their astronomy. This article explores how Egyptian philosophy underlies many of the astrological techniques in use today.

Leo the Lion
The personality traits and traditional rulerships of Leo, the sign of the Sun.

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The Sun