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Famous Scorpios

Prince Charles | Winona Ryder | Gen. George Patton | Henry Charrière


Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Scorpios often generate polarized reactions and Prince Charles has never enjoyed 'easy' popularity, tending to be passionately favoured or disliked. With his Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, his Moon in Taurus and his ascendant in Leo, there is a strong emphasis on 'fixidity' in his chart, denoting a rigid sense of self-expression - Charles is often criticized for lacking the fluid, responsive approach that Diana had, and for his reluctance to yield to shifting expectations or current opinion. His 'royal reserve' appears to be an inherited Scorpionic trait, as revealed through the synastry connections between his chart and that of the Queen and her mother. Charles spent much of his youth separated from his mother who was otherwise engaged in royal duties - he was taught to be formal and polite in her company. The Queen Mother, however, doted on him and he was much more emotionally expressive in her company. The Queen Mother's Moon, at 20°24 Scorpio, falls upon Charles' Sun, but his own Moon , at 0°25 Taurus, connects tightly to the Queen's Sun at 0°12 Taurus. Despite the fondness for his grandmother, Charles clearly yearned affection from his mother, but instead was taught to exercise restraint.

We see further reflections of this in his Sun's conjunction with the Queen's Saturn at 24° Scorpio, a planet which sits prominently on her midheaven, revealing a somber, 'duty-bound' approach to royal responsibilities that has seeped through to Charles' sense of self-identity. In private, he is known to be sensitive and philosophical, as most Scorpios are, and to enjoy art as a solace from his royal responsibilities.

As early as 1951, when Charles was only two years old, Charles Carter questioned whether his horoscope could portray the character of a popular king "since Jupiter is virtually cadent, no less than six bodies in the obscure N.W. quadrant".

Carter correctly assessed that Charles would be deeply private and acutely reserved about exposing his 'self' to public scrutiny. But Charles's midheaven ruler is in conjunction with Jupiter (a traditional indication of sovereignty) and where he has combined his business acumen with his personal passions (revealed through the Moon's trine to Saturn and the 4th house emphasis: history, tradition, archaeology, anthropology, architecture, land use, property) he has proved himself dedicated, determined, and notably successful.

Data source: 'A' - news report.
Carter quote source: An Introduction to Political Astrology: Mundane Astrology, Fowler (London), 1951, p. 54.

Winona Ryder

Wynona Ryder

With her sultry features, alluring eyes, and penchant for playing psychologically dark and complex roles, Winona Ryder oozes that magnetic combination of passionate intensity fronted by cool reserve which makes Scorpios seem so totally captivating and absorbing.

Typical of her sign, she is focussed, ambitious, gutsy, and tenacious, but with her Moon in Pisces, her emotional sensitivity is openly revealed, allowing us to glimpse her air of vulnerability and fragility. It would be easy to underestimate Winona, but beneath her delicate appearance, there lies a steely determination and a great capacity to hold her ground. The Moon is impressionable and receptive, but the Sun is resilient and defensive; the creative trine between them and the location of her Sun on the 11th-house cusp demonstrate that she combines these conflicting principles very successfully and has a healthy capacity to bounce back from adversity.

Winona's Ascendant ruler, Jupiter, is located in the 12th house, squared by the Moon, suggesting a craving for freedom of expression that seems to be denied or unattainable. Scorpios do not take kindly to invasion of their private lives, and Winona has often been heard to complain about the trappings of her celebrity status. With the Moon squaring Jupiter from the 3rd house and Mars placed on the cusp of the 3rd, press attention is seen to be a source of conflict and potential damage. The 12th is also the house of self-undoing, of course; although we may presume that her high-profile relationships have given her transformative journeys (involving possessiveness and jealousy, if we are to believe the reports of the press), the media attention that gathered around her shoplifting charge was obviously one of the hardest trials she has had to face.

The potential of Winona's natal Mars was brought out by its progressed square to her Ascendant at the time. On the day of her arrest (December 12, 2001), the Moon was passing through Scorpio, whilst transiting Mars (at 3° Pisces) was moving in to conjunct her natal Moon. Transiting Neptune (at 6° Aquarius) was also squaring her natal Sun, indicating deception but much more revealing of Neptune's theme of confusion and spiritual dissatisfaction which lay beneath her admitted misuse of drugs. Pluto (which is powerful natally by its location on the midheaven), was also transiting across her Ascendant, forcing her to re-evaluate and reform. She has since maintained that the one good thing to come out of the trial was the realisation that she wasn't happy "being so famous and being so written about all the time." Scorpios seldom are, and few can tolerate such close attention without regular sojourns within their dark, comforting crevices of retreat.

Data source: 'AA' - birth certificate, details from Frank Clifford.
Wynona quote source: Another Magazine, Issue 10, February 2006, Another Publishing Ltd, London, 2006.

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