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The suggested interpretations are offered as a guide to aspect meanings.
For refined interpretation, consider the general condition of the planet, its dignities, sign, and house location.
Remember, generally:
conjunctions unite planetary influences and show a strong focus of energies
trines and sextiles bring planets together in an easy release of energy
squares suggest tension
oppositions show resistance and swings between extremes

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Aspect Meanings in Birth Charts

Aspects involving Saturn
by Michael McClain



Saturn conjunctionsun
Saturn conjunct Sun

The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn produces self-control and reserve, irrespective of other indications in your chart. The characteristics of the Sun are restrained, becoming less enthusiastic, more cautious. There may be many limitations and a need for discipline in the life, but the aspect provides a much greater inner strength and persistence. You are a hard worker, a disciplinarian, and an organizer. Because of these traits you are likely to be handed heavy responsibilities. Your strong personality goes its own way, despite the feelings of others. This aspect is not good for marriage, for you are a "lone wolf" type in some ways. You matured at an early age, and your formative years may have been difficult.

Saturn conjunct Moon
The conjunction of the Moon and Saturn suggests that you are emotionally defensive, cautious, and reserved. You are apt to question your self-worth and worry about whether you really make a difference. It's hard for you to form close emotional ties because of your negative and restrained attitudes. The affects of this aspect may stem from harsh discipline or other traumatic experiences in your formative years. For whatever reason, you have a tendency always to expect the worse. Success does come easy to you because of your stern, but always fair management style. Honesty is a hallmark of your nature, and you can always be relied on to render unbiased opinions.

Saturn conjunctionmercury
Saturn conjunct Mercury
The conjunction between Mercury and Saturn increases the depth of your mind. Yet ambitions are slow to be satisfied because you are often overshadowed by your more gregarious competitors. Feelings are apt to be inhibited. You build a wall around yourself shunning the help that may be available from social contacts. This aspect shows ambition and the willingness to work for success with little encouragement or help from others. You are methodical and orderly, solving problems logically, and wasting little time on superficial matters. You are a good listener who is cautious about voicing opinions in conversation.

Saturn conjunctionvenus
Saturn conjunct Venus
A conjunction of Venus and Saturn shows the necessity to make concessions to others to get what you want. You have to adjust to make relationships work. Many of your relationships are unsatisfactory or restricting in some ways. You feel you are being used or perhaps they are just not fulfilling. It may be that you have to give more than the other person does. Pessimism may mark your attitude toward personal relationships. This aspect also relates to financial matters. Your judgment in material affairs is sound, and you are very self-disciplined in handling money.

Saturn conjunctionmars
Saturn conjunct Mars
The conjunction of Mars and Saturn shows that you can use your energies constructively. Any tendency shown elsewhere in your chart to act on impulse is tempered with restraint. You rarely waste energies on unproductive activities. You are a physical person, but you know how to control and use of your physical energies. This aspect produces the capacity for hard work, enduring strength, and resourcefulness. Often this conjunction marks a tendency toward anger or hard feelings that you must control, if you can. You must avoid the negative attitudes and resentments that sometimes develop.

Saturn conjunctionjupiter
Saturn conjunct Jupiter
The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn shows a serious outlook on life and an involvement in heavy responsibilities. This aspect makes you much more conservative and practical than may otherwise be shown in the chart. You have some significant hurdles to get over before you can achieve the financial security you desire. Optimism can be drained by a series of disappointments and delays. Larger social issues may play an important part in your life. The conjunction doesn't deny success, but shows the necessity to work hard and be patient.

Saturn conjunctionuranus
Saturn conjunct Uranus
The combination of Saturn and Uranus shows that great discipline is needed in the way you develop your ideas. You have an inclination to 'go your own way' and can often find yourself at odds with the views of others; you may suffer from dissapointment and frustration as a result. But you possess remarkable self-will and when you apply discipline and maturity to your actions, you are capable of destroying boundaries and making breakthroughs that are of lasting value to yourself and others.

Saturn conjunctionneptune
Saturn conjunct Neptune
When this aspect is used to its best effect, the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune gives the abilty to apply structure and form to ideals and personal dreams. Along the way, you will be called upon to look critically at your own illusions and separate false impressions from reality. This aspect often shows that insecurity and dissatisfaction must be overcome in the battle between your idealistic and material self. You are always ready to make personal sacrifices but can sometimes be too quick to give in to the needs of others when you would be better to stand your own ground.

Saturn conjunctionpluto
Saturn conjunct Pluto
The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto shows amazing reserves of tenacity and self-discipline. Be careful that it doesn't result in too much self-denial and severity. The combination offers great strength of will and an inclination to dig hard and deep into your interests. Once your mind is committed, you are capable of incredible resolve. This gives you a talent for succesfully performing difficult work under tiring circumstances.


Saturn sextilesun
Saturn sextile Sun
The sextile between the Sun and Saturn gives a depth of understanding and a modesty in assessing your worth as a person. You are aware of your limitations, but you know how to make the most of your potentials. You have a healthy respect for authority, yet you usually don't need anyone to approve your actions. You know and follow the rules. Your ambitions are strong and you go after your goals in a quiet way with little fanfare. You have a high regard for tradition and orderliness. You get along well with others upholding these virtues. You've earned all that you have and you expect others to do the same.

Saturn sextilemoon
Saturn sextile Moon
The Moon sextile Saturn shows a degree of reserve and caution in your feelings in close relationships. You have a willingness to discuss problems that arise, and you sincerely try to understand. You are modestly ambitious, but never likely to sacrifice integrity to get ahead. Determination may be stronger than otherwise indicated in the chart. You communicate well, and teaching comes naturally for you. You project knowledge clearly and with real authority. You seek a partner who is sincere and has clearly established plans for achieving goals. You respond to people with good resources of mind and spirit, and besides these traits they must have stable emotions. In your free time you read or study, recognizing that growth is possible only if you continue to expand knowledge.

Saturn sextilemercury
Saturn sextile Mercury
The sextile between Mercury and Saturn shows a well developed intellect. You are resourceful and careful in your actions. You like to keep yourself extremely well informed on subjects you are handling. When you are sure of your facts, you can state your case with force and authority. Your mind is highly disciplined for continuing to accumulate knowledge and to grow continuously throughout your life.

Saturn sextilevenus
Saturn sextile Venus
The sextile formed between Venus and Saturn gives concrete expression to any artistic talents you may possess. You are loyal to your friends and loved ones. Unless other factors in your chart suggest otherwise, you are likely to have a very enduring marriage. Grace, refinement, and good breeding are usually apparent with this aspect. You're polite but somewhat formal in social conduct. In romantic connections you're cautious and reserved. Because of this, some may view you as shy and withdrawn. You only make romantic overtures to those who mean something to you, and those who have convinced you the feeling is mutual. You readily accept public and private responsibilities, and you are very reliable. You have good judgment in business, and this aspect shows the potential for success when you avoid leaving anything to chance.

Saturn sextilemars
Saturn sextile Mars
A sextile is formed between Mars and Saturn showing most of your actions to be well directed and productive. This aspect is particularly helpful in the conduct of business activities. You display sound and practical common sense. You can be relied on to take charge and assume responsibility. You are willing to do so because your ambitions are very strong.

Saturn sextilejupiter
Saturn sextile Jupiter
The sextile formed between Jupiter and Saturn shows the good business attributes of caution, prudence, and good organization, combined with optimism, enthusiasm, and expansion. You are thus able to carry through plans and fulfill your obligations, earning respect in your business or profession. You are respected for your honesty and integrity.

Saturn sextileuranus
Saturn sextile Uranus
This aspect offers a good balance between the need to be independent and self-aware, and the need to work with convention and acknowledge external limitations. It promotes a healthy, questioning attitude and inclines towards originality, but allows due thought and reflection to underpin actions. This aspect promotes an interest in intellectual challenges, and can offer a real talent in mathematics or the sciences. Brilliant breakthroughs can emerge as a result of hard work and disciplined effort.

Saturn sextileneptune
Saturn sextile Neptune
Saturn sextile Neptune gives the ability to bring realism and idealism together for constructive aims. It fosters patience and responsibility tied to altruisitc motivations. Those born with this aspect are willing to work hard to make their dreams reality and can usually find a sense of satisfaction and higher purpose in the tasks that appear mundane to others.

Saturn sextilepluto
Saturn sextile Pluto
Saturn sextile Pluto offers great strength of purpose and the ability to hold tightly to principles and beliefs. Those born with this aspect see beneath superficial surfaces and have a good grasp of the reality behind any situation. There is an aptitude for political intrigue and the deeper mysteries of life. Emotions are deeply felt but not easily expressed.


Saturn squaresun
Saturn square Sun
A square formed between the Sun and Saturn shows strong ambitions. There is also a fear and expectation of rejection. You are naturally defensive, and in your early years you may have underestimated your potential and questioned your self-worth. Your road to success may be paved with a few setbacks that you must learn to handle and overcome. As you mature, self-assurance becomes stronger, and you develop the personal relationships that may have been difficult for you earlier. In maturity you possess the excellent business qualities of being steady, skeptical, and persistence. You are likely to carry a heavy load of responsibility throughout your life.

Saturn squaremoon
Saturn square Moon
The square formed between the Moon and Saturn suggests a serious side to your nature. There is a strong urge to get ahead. Yet your demeanor can get heavy sometimes and you can turn moody and depressed. Being temperamental in youth can cause you many problems. A guilt complex falls away with maturity. There is a lot of negativism and insecurity associated with this aspect, but there is also an ability to learn by mistakes. You understand yourself well, and you work harder than most people to prove yourself. With this aspect in your chart, you must learn to handle your frustration, depression and dissatisfaction. Although determined and apparently ardent in emotional matters, you can be pretty cold when it suits your purposes. Little of a personal nature is allowed to interfere with the main stream of your intentions.

Saturn squaremercury
Saturn square Mercury
The square between Mercury and Saturn suggests mental restraint and strong ties to traditional ways of thinking. Mental processes are on the pessimistic side. You worry too much, often about unimportant details. You have much concern about succeeding or failing to succeed. Your education may have been rigidly disciplined and conforming to traditional doctrine. There is a tendency because of this, to uphold the established order and resist change.

Saturn squarevenus
Saturn square Venus
The square formed between Venus and Saturn shows difficulties in relationships. Because of this, you can be left out of the mainstream of social life sometimes. You have a melancholy disposition resulting in a shyness, or a formal and stiff manner of presenting yourself. You find it hard to meet people half way, perhaps because you fear rejection. A defensive attitude must be overcome. You have such a high degree of tension and anxiety that is hard for you to relax.

Saturn squaremars
Saturn square Mars
The square between Mars and Saturn sets up a defensiveness in your nature, producing some difficulties in personal relationships. Fear of rejection, perhaps based on early life experiences, prompts a sense of caution in romance. You have a tendency toward melancholy and self-pity. This aspect is an impediment to happiness and the expression of optimism. In the expression of energies, there is an alternating current between assertiveness and apathy. You may be slow to reach long range goals despite much hard work and continued effort.

Saturn squarejupiter
Saturn square Jupiter
The square between Jupiter and Saturn denotes some problems with self-esteem. You question your abilities and put yourself down when you compare yourself to others. Parental influence may have contributed to this lack of confidence.

Saturn squareuranus
Saturn square Uranus
The square between Saturn and Uranus denotes some sense of conflict between the urge to be independent, and the conservative restaints that appear to prevent self-expression. Maintaining a consistent sense of purpose is often difficult to achieve, and thus problems arise through alternating periods of seeking to preserve the status quo, and willingness to risk everything by radical and disruptive actions. Those born subject to this aspect are often very sensitive to perceived limitations and can react violently against them. Great personal control is needed to bring the best that this aspect offers - when usefully employed it can provide the means to stabalise explosive environments as well as conquer and destroy destructive and inhibitive situations.

Saturn squareneptune
Saturn square Neptune
Saturn square Neptune suggests some difficulties between accepting life as it is, and how it is wished to be. This aspect dilutes the ego, making those subject to it all too aware of the thoughts and feelings of others, often to the detriment of the self. It can indicate deep-rooted - or sometimes groundless - fears or anxieties, or a resistence to pursuing objectives when the going gets tough. Those with this aspect are often tireless workers for a cause belonging to someone else and may need reminders that their own needs are precious and worth fighting for.

Saturn squarepluto
Saturn square Pluto
Saturn square Pluto can indicate self-will and persistence to the point of ruthlessness. There is often exposure to some very difficult emotional experiences, and these may set up a defensive stance that makes the ability to forgive and forget hard to maintain. People with this aspect have the ability to perform difficult work and possess great commitment. Self-restraint can be almost obsessive at times and when motivated by a challenge, their drive and endurance is remarkable.


Saturn trinesun
Saturn trine Sun
A trine formed between the Sun and Saturn makes it easy for you to accept and handle responsibility. Difficult times in your life result in minimal struggle. You inherently know how to react to problems and take advantage of counteracting opportunities. You may have ambitions, but these are not very strong. Most of the time you attain success by doing what is right, when the time is right. Somehow you bring a sense of stability to every situation. Life is not always a basket of roses, and sometimes you get depressed and deflated. Yet you can always get reorganized and back on the right track.

Saturn trinemoon
Saturn trine Moon
The trine between the Moon and Saturn shows that early upbringing and experiences have given you a prudent and common sense approach to life. Honesty runs strong in your nature. A sense of responsibility and of carrying out obligations are characteristic of this placement. You can develop a very good business sense. You have a firm understanding that personal effort and patience are the ingredients necessary for long-range achievements. You may not develop a large circle of friends unless other ingredients in your chart suggest a social attitude. Yet those friends you do make are very durable and lasting. Personal dignity and a sense of responsibility are very strong in your outlook and in your actions.

Saturn trinemercury
Saturn trine Mercury
Mercury forms a favorable aspect to Saturn in your chart producing a practical, well disciplined nature. The reasoning power and retentive memory is very strong. You are able to solve problems easily because you use every fragment of information you possess. You are very exacting in calculations and craftsmanship. You view life seriously. You're a disciplinarian type who can succeed in any role where management skills can be employed. Your sense of self-containment is notable. You are not inclined toward flattery, so any compliment you give is earned.

Saturn trinevenus
Saturn trine Venus
The trine between Venus and Saturn shows that you have good judgment about people, and you know who to turn to when you need help. Because of this understanding, you refrain from projecting yourself toward others unless you are sure of being welcomed. In a romantic sense you are very cautious. You evaluate the object of your affections in a reserved manner, assessing the adjustments you must make in the relationship. You are so self-sufficient that your emotions are always controlled (in some individuals this aspect creates the appearance of being cold). Good, sound business judgment is shown by this placement.

Saturn trinemars
Saturn trine Mars
The trine formed between Mars and Saturn shows that you are a good soldier who always finishes assigned duties. Little of your efforts are ever wasted on unproductive activities or trivial matters. You are a good person to work with or for because you keep yourself under control always, and you are tolerant and helpful to others. You respect others for what they are and accept them at their level of development. You succeed because of the way you apply yourself. You illustrate that success is something to be earned and not just an accident of birth or good fortune.

Saturn trinejupiter
Saturn trine Jupiter
The trine between Jupiter and Saturn shows serious purpose to your life which may have been influenced by a family tradition. Although you are somewhat materialistic and desire the finer things in life, you lack the motivation and drive to attain them. There is a tendency to seek and find easy ways of doing everything. Whatever success you are to achieve is apt to come in the latter part of your life. You have a bad habit of comparing yourself unfavorable to others rather than realizing your own self-worth.

Saturn trineuranus
Saturn trine Uranus
This aspect offers a good balance between the sense of determination and the willingness to adapt to change. There is an easy bridge between the old and new, past and future. Saturn trine Uranus promotes the ability to use initiative and originality, whilst applying common sense and knowledged gained from applied commitment. There is usually a talent for relating easily to people of all ages and all walks of life. It offers vibrancy and enjoyment of challenges but with a mature judgement and sense of responsibility to others.

Saturn trineneptune
Saturn trine Neptune
Realism and idealism merge easily under the influence of Saturn trine Neptune, to foster constructive efforts to achieve inspirational plans. There is a good balance between intuition/receptiveness, and the self-preservation instincts. Those born with this aspect are capable of pursuing profitable and worthwhile pursuits that benefit themselves and others. They are blessed with the gift of remaining critical to easy promises made by others, whilst keeping an open mind that allows for the possibility of miracles.

Saturn trinepluto
Saturn trine Pluto
Great resilience is offered by Saturn trine Pluto, and the ability to maintain a focussed effort with consistency and rigour. The mind is attracted to complex issues which resound with profundity and emotional depth. Those born with this aspect can often attract fervent opposition to their views, because those who like to 'just leave things as they are' are disturbed by the way they will uproot problems and seek to expose their basis. But the aspect also offers great strength of character and purpose, so they are not easily dissuaded from their path.


Saturn oppositionsun
Saturn opposition Sun
The Sun in opposition with Saturn denotes a reserved nature. This aspect may bring about many restricting factors in the life. In many cases, there is a lack of physical vigor. You may lack self-confidence, and find it very difficult to project your ideas and reach out to others. Often this aspect denotes a crisis in consciousness, of difficulty deciding who you are. You see challenges where they may or may not exist, and you need to be constantly reassured of your self-worth or that you can succeed despite the setbacks. There is a sense of being threatened associated with this placement, and you're constantly in a battle with your insecurities. A lack of self-approval is usually present when the Sun and Saturn are opposition.

Saturn oppositionmoon
Saturn opposition Moon
The opposition between the Moon and Saturn suggests a negative mental attitude and often a restriction of the spontaneous flow of ideas. Intellectual responses are somewhat slowed. Even if you are very bright, the inability to express self in other than a prosaic manner often hides real mental abilities. Thus, you are more contemplative than conversational, but nonetheless a good listener. You are austere in your behavior and having fun is something that is hard for you to do chiefly because you worry too much. You function well when you are self-employed or at least have a free hand in deciding what you do. You lack emotional flexibility and optimism in your dealing with others, and you may sometimes display a stiff formal manner that can make others ill at ease.

Saturn oppositionmercury
Saturn opposition Mercury
The opposite positions of Mercury and Saturn shows conservative and traditional thinking. You are somewhat prone to depression and mental anxiety, and this tendency to look on the dark side prevents you from recognizing opportunities sometimes. You are strongly opinionated and prone to become narrow-minded. You are ambitious for intellectual recognition, but you may encounter many obstacles in attaining it. You may be very intelligent and still foster self-doubts about your mental capabilities and potential.

Saturn oppositionvenus
Saturn opposition Venus
The opposition between Venus and Saturn shows emotional frustrations. Indeed, this is a depressing aspect as the harshness of Saturn weighs heavily on the affairs of Venus such as happiness, harmonious relationships, artistic endeavors, and financial security. You may look at your accomplishments with continuous dissatisfaction, underestimating your self-worth. You may not have received the encouragement that you needed when you were younger, and you tend to shy away from competition because of a resulting lack of confidence. You may have to make concessions to others to maintain normal relations. Often you wonder if it's really worth the effort. Avoid a tendency to undervalue yourself and your ability to make a worthwhile contribution. The development of a positive attitude can be your most valuable asset.

Saturn oppositionmars
Saturn opposition Mars
Mars and Saturn in opposition suggests some conflict between your desires and your sense of responsibility. There is conflict between a need for impulsive action, Mars behavior, and the conservative apprehension associated with Saturn. There is a sense of being rejected associated with this aspect. You establish goals out of realistic reach, and then suffer feelings of futility when you can't achieve them. You may over evaluate the accomplishments of others, and undervalue yours. Like yourself a little better, and establish objectives that are attainable in a detailed process. You may be well suited to work in law enforcement, the military, industrial engineering, or conservation. Personal relationships are often disappointing to you. You may select a mate that is an extension of one of your parents. You should instead seek one who would be less demanding, more liberal, and who could compensate for the austerity of your parents. It is unlikely that your family environment will be a replay of your childhood. You will want your children to have more flexibility to enable them to become secure, independent adults.

Saturn oppositionjupiter
Saturn opposition Jupiter
The opposition between Jupiter and Saturn suggests difficulty in recognizing personal limitations. In one sense this is good. You continue to plod forward in the face of just about any adversity, and you may face a good deal of adversity. This aspect often shows success coming in the later part of life. There is a tendency to compare yourself unfavorably with other people.

Saturn oppositionuranus
Saturn opposition Uranus
The opposition between Saturn and Uranus often indicates a state of discomfort between the old and the new. It can represent a battle between placing security and comfort against excitement and creative challenge. This can often take the form of conflict between a traditional upbringing and modern lifestyles. Attention should be given to finding ways to compromise in disruptive situations, and finding a worthwhile outlet for the tensions that arise. People with this aspect can become effective leaders in provocative actions aimed at disturbing negative apathy.

Saturn oppositionneptune
Saturn opposition Neptune
Those born with Saturn opposite Neptune often swing between the extremes of hard materialism and uncritical idealism. They are naturally susceptable to overblown promises made by others and when reality creeps in their response is to seek protection in distorted mistrust. This aspect is equally prominent in the charts of fervent believers and fervent skeptics. Great effort should be made to maintain sensitivity and maturity in the decision-making process.

Saturn oppositionpluto
Saturn opposition Pluto
Saturn opposite Pluto often brings considerable challenges that require hard work and dedication. Those born with this aspect usually have great strength of reserves, but need to be wary of obsessiveness and self-restraint that borders on unneccesary self-sacrifice. On a personal level there is difficulty in expressing deep emotions, but they can have deep empathy for others. Often, there is an acute awareness of the pain and hardship that accompanies life and many people with this aspect are well suited to working hard for the benefit of those that have suffered genuine hurt.

Robert Pelletier's Planets in Aspects, (Whitford Press, 1987) has inspired some of this work and is recommended for a deeper discussion of aspect meanings.

Michael McClain has called astrology and numerology a hobby for more than 28 years. His work, all of which has been shared online, entertains thousands around the world every day. Michael lives with his wife Fran, in Savannah Lakes Village in South Carolina. Visit his site at

© Michael McClain


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