'The Moon and its Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology' by Deva Green
The Moon & its Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology
by Deva Green

Wessex Astrologer - 230 pages, published Oct. 2022 | £19.50

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This review by Victor Olliver was first published in the AA's Astrological Journal, Jan/Feb 2023

Deva Green is well qualified to write this book as daughter of the founder of Evolutionary Astrology, Jeffrey Wolf Green, and as director of the JWG School of Evolutionary Astrology. This branch of astrology takes the Moon’s nodes – the North and South Nodes – as guides to an individual’s soul passage and growth from one lifetime to another, so reincarnation is presupposed and is demonstrable to its teachers and adherents in chart delineation. As the publisher puts it rather well:

Evolutionary astrology is a specific methodology which sees the evolution of the soul as a process of growth that occurs as we progress from one lifetime to another. While it is a complex subject to consider, we can engage with this process by understanding the role of the Moon and its nodes, which have specific meaning in connection with the journey. They can help us to find a sense of security and a means of emotionally supporting ourselves through the natural tension that results as we make the transition from the past to future.

Green expounds that the trinity of time is represented by the Moon: the past (South Node), the present (the natal Moon) and future (North Node). The Moon is thereby a bridge of sorts between what was and what will or can be, the past and future. The term ‘self-image’ is used often as a synonym for ego, suggesting a shape-shifting projection energy of self that reflects and adapts to different circumstances between lifetimes and within one lifetime, according to challenges and other experiences.

It has to be said that this is a matter of belief and it will resonate with astrologers who regard their art as an essentially spiritual one. It is taken for granted that the goal of existence is self-perfection – though what perfection looks like, or whether it is genuinely attainable, I am not sure anyone truly knows.

To demonstrate how nodal Evolutional Astrology works, Green defines extensively the character and challenges associated with the Moon in each of the 12 signs, before moving onto the lunar nodes by sign and house. These building bricks of understanding are then put together in a series of case studies from the author’s files, and from celebrity examples such as Martin Luther King and Amelia Earhart.

Green has a gift for encapsulation. So, for example, in the case of South Node in Taurus and North Node in Scorpio, the native is likened to ‘a frog in the well’ that looks up at the sky and thinks it the total universe. A certain laziness or inertia may be present, but the life ahead may address the nature of emotional security and what happens when it is lost – will the soul adapt and grow, or transform, in response to change? I chose this example because my nodal axis is in these signs, and I recognise basic truths. The only way to test Evolutionary Astrology is to start with oneself, I think.

The one area in the book I am less sure of is the author’s categorisations of different ‘States’ of being as ‘Consensus’, ‘Individuated’ and ‘Spiritual’ in relation to the Moon’s natal position and that of the lunar nodes. While literal meaning is understood, the precise nature of these different states is not entirely made clear. These states express different levels of soul challenge and character, but I would have benefited from more discrete definitions.

In saying this I should declare that I wrote about the lunar nodes in my 2022 Wessex book Chasing the Dragons: An Introduction to Draconic Astrology, a technique that treats the nodes as a portal to a new Moon-based birth chart for greater amplification of soul or life purpose. I held off from embracing the idea of soul as a belief, though I defined it through different faiths and philosophies. In Deva Green’s book I recognised many truths as to myself (and in the celebrity cases) while still left wondering as to the actual nature of this time-travelling thing we call ‘soul’.

Or to put it another way, Green has done a great job in demonstrating the remarkable insights of her technique, no matter what one chooses to believe. Something is working here. Which takes us to the essential mystery of astrology. How or why does it work?

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