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Pluto glyph
Astrology for Today by Joanna Watters

The era of Pluto's discovery saw huge advancement in psycotherapy. Entering into therapy consitutes the exploration of our hidden issues, which, in the light of day, can heal us.
Introducing Pluto

Co-ruler of Scorpio, whose traditional ruler is Mars, Pluto takes approximately 248 years to make its circuit of the zodiac. Pluto was discovered in 1930, comparatively recently in terms of astrological recognition. The most notable event of this era was the development of nuclear power. Thus Pluto has come to signify enormous power that can release untold energy, destroy, or annihilate.


In Greek mythology Pluto is Hades, god of the underworld, and the era of Pluto, including both Nazism and the use of nuclear bombs, certainly presents an unparalleled vision of hell. At its worst, Pluto symbolizes the abuse of power, hellish experiences, and the threat of death, either physically or to a sense of self. In mythology we learn that Hades donned the helmet of invisibility when leaving the underworld. Thus Pluto also speaks of that which is invisible or absent.


But Pluto's domain is not simply fear, loss, or nothingness. Its depths hold a fascination for us, and when we look more deeply, we find that, with power in the right hands, Pluto stands for awesome achievement and the ability to transform. Note, however, that Plutonic transformation can be a long and painful process, not the wave of a magic wand. Many Plutonic or Scorpionic types achieve, or are born into, positions of great status that require enormous powers of endurance, acting as key figures in the development and growth of society.

Pluto can also signify riches, as its name is derived from "plutos," the Greek word for wealth. Scorpio Bill Gates has Pluto in bold Leo, next to Jupiter - an increasing force - in the money sector of his chart.

© Joanna Watters.
Extracted from Astrology For Today, published by Carroll & Brown Publishers Ltd., London, 2003

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