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Neptune in astrology, science and myth

Neptune, the planet of idealism, mystery and imagination, is also the planet of illusion, self-delusion and dissolution. It is a subtle yet powerful disintegrator, source of hallucinations and the deceptive forces of the subconscious mind. Its principle is to dissolve barriers, being capable of raising us up to mystical experiences, or pulling us down into chaos and confusion.

Introducing Neptune
Joanna Watters introduces the key concepts of Neptune and its essential planetary characteristics.

The Birth of the Outer Planets: the discovery of Neptune
David McCann reviews the events that led to the discovery of Neptune, considers the chart set for its official moment of recognition and examines the factors that led to its naming.

The Significations of Neptune
Philip Graves considers the significations of Neptune, reviewing the symbolism of its planetary glyph, its essential characteristics and its principal rulerships over people, events and physical descriptions.

Sun & Neptune through the Aspect Cycle
Charles Harvey considers the underlying cycles of aspectual contact and demonstrates the influence of Sun-Neptune relationships

Neptune Aspects in the Birth Chart
Michael McClain's interpretation guides for Neptune aspects in natal charts

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