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Mercury in astrology, history & myth

Introducing Mercury
Joanna Watters introduces the key concepts of Mercury and its essential planetary characteristics.

Traditional Rulerships and Significations of Mercury
Traditional rulerships ascribed to Mercury: dignities, illnesses, metals, minerals, plants, places, etc. Adapted from Lilly's 17th century Christian Astrology with detailed notes and annotations and link to download of the orginal text

Mercury in Myth & Occult Philosophy
David McCann outlines the mythological associations of Mercury and its symbolic principles used in the Tarot and mystical Cabbalism

Mercury Retrograde Periods
A Mercury retrograde period is a difficult time to begin new projects linked to communication, networking, information-flow and travel. This page contains tables of Mercury's retrograde periods for the next few years.

Valerian & Fennel: Two Contrasting Mercurial Herbs
Dylan Warren Davis explains the use of mercurial herbs in traditional herbalism and decumbiture

Mercury and Quicksilver
As part of his 'Planets and Metals' series, Nick Kollerstrom reviews how the metal quicksilver (mercury) corresponds to its rulership by the planet Mercury through metaphysical reflection and scientific analysis.

Mercury- Astrology's Natural Significator
Modern texts often refer to Uranus as the planet that governs astrology and astrologers. But tradition tells a different story, revering Mercury as the symbol of occult knowledge that bridges the material and spiritual worlds. Garry Phillipson comments on why he sees Mercury as the perfect significator for an art that is shaped by, and expresses itself through, the intermediary influence of the astrologer's judgement.

Mercury's Orbit & Phases
A consideration of Mercury's astronomical cycles and how its phases play a part in astrological interepretation, by David McCann

Mercury: Transmutation, Transformation and Transcendence
The concept that Mercury bridges the gap between intellect and nature is clear in the writing of the Emerald Tablet. Linda Reid considers how Mercury's position and contact with the outer planets allows us to personalise their influence and facilitate personal transformation. >>

Mercury Aspects in the Birth Chart
Michael McClain offers an introductory guide to the meaning of natal aspects involving Mercury.

Gemini the Twins - Modern Views and Old Associations
Personality traits and traditional rulerships of Gemini - the diurnal house of Mercury

Virgo the Maiden - Modern Views and Old Associations
Personality traits and traditional rulerships of Virgo - the nocturnal house of Mercury

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