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The suggested interpretations are offered as a guide to aspect meanings.
For refined interpretation, consider the general condition of the planet, its dignities, sign, and house location.
Remember, generally:
conjunctions unite planetary influences and show a strong focus of energies
trines and sextiles bring planets together in an easy release of energy
squares suggest tension
oppositions show resistance and swings between extremes

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Aspect Meanings in Birth Charts

Aspects involving Mars
by Michael McClain



mars conjunctionsun
Mars conjunct Sun

A conjunction of the Sun and Mars in your charts enhances any tendencies you may have to dominate others. You have a greater sense of power in asserting your will, and your aptitude for compromise is diminished. A tendency to develop a superiority complex is associated with this conjunction. You have strong ambitions to be recognized. This is a very masculine trait often showing a good deal of strength, courage, and competitiveness. This is an aspect showing exceptional will to accomplish physical goals. Regardless of gender, there is boundless energy and enthusiasm. Because you stay out ahead of the pack, you are considered a good leader.

Mars conjunct Moon
The conjunction of the Moon and Mars shows much emotional anxiety and impatience. It is an aspect that seems to energize emotions and those emotions may often come out with Martian or aggressive qualities. Your feelings are usually very active, and always in a state of turmoil. In short, your emotions are intense. This conjunction can show passions that are very ardent and demanding, and actions can sometimes be blind to caution and common sense. There are tendencies that may lead you to accomplish much if you can only guide these energies with some wisdom. Often, however, a more destructive vindictive facet to the personality results from this aspect.

mars conjunctionmercury
Mars conjunct Mercury
Mercury and Mars in conjunction increases your mental energies and produces a very sharp mind. You are mentally aggressive and have a tendency to become more partisan and decisive in your views. You are less apt to waste time making decisions, and you are quick to act on your ideas. You love the competition of debate because it allows you to prove your intellectual superiority. Always being so sure you are right, you sometimes make premature judgments and decisions. Your sharp mind often jumps ahead in conversations and you have a tendency to interrupt others when they are speaking, and this can be annoying at times. With this placement you need to concentrate on slowing down your racing mental reactions and get all the facts before responding.

mars conjunctionvenus
Mars conjunct Venus
The conjunction between Venus and Mars shows a strong desire nature needing expression. You are the aggressor in relationships with the opposite sex, and you are ever eager and aggressive in making social contacts, as well. Artistic endeavors may be an active outlet for your hyperactive nature.

mars conjunctionjupiter
Mars conjunct Jupiter
The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter produces an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. You have much confidence in your abilities to do whatever you set out to do. You are the type that refuses to accept NO as an answer. You approach challenges with a dramatic flare and utter determination. You are a confident decision-maker. This is an aspect that often produces high ambitions, wealth, and good luck. You may drive yourself much too hard sometimes.

mars conjunctionsaturn
Mars conjunct Saturn
The conjunction of Mars and Saturn shows that you can use your energies constructively. Any tendency shown elsewhere in your chart to act on impulse is tempered with restraint. You rarely waste energies on unproductive activities. You are a physical person, but you know how to control and use of your physical energies. This aspect produces the capacity for hard work, enduring strength, and resourcefulness. Often this conjunction marks a tendency toward anger or hard feelings that you must control, if you can. You must avoid the negative attitudes and resentments that sometimes develop.

mars conjunctionuranus
Mars conjunct Uranus
The conjunction of Mars and Uranus produces an unrestricted, forceful, and energetic nature. You play by your own rules and resist compliance to any controls of society. Your impulsiveness can present any number of problems, but you continue to insist on complete freedom of action. You insist on having your way. You have a strong inclination to experiment and test your theories as you go along. A reasonable degree of prudence is often lacking in your actions. You are likely to face roadblocks unless you can attain some position in which you are completely in charge.

mars conjunctionneptune
Mars conjunct Neptune
The conjunction of Mars and Neptune gives the personality strong psychic magnetism. Mystery and secrecy shroud the affairs governed by Mars. You have a definite talent for leadership because people will respond to you and follow you instinctively. Often, goals and energies are directed to spiritual matters. Yet sometimes the direction of this can be a little clouded. A very romantic nature can establish impractical or uncertain objectives. You must always remain open and above board. Avoid any temptation to employ secrecy or subterfuge in your actions.

mars conjunctionpluto
Mars conjunct Pluto
The conjunction of Mars and Pluto shows a very strong desire nature with the persistence and determination to get what you want. Your nature is to be more interested in the battle than in the fruits of the conquest. You handle extreme pressure very well, and in a crises situation you can be relied upon to manage affairs with skill and authority. In love, you are assertive and possessive. Physical needs and demands are notably strong. This is a highly emotional aspect. If not controlled, this aspect may cause you to be brutal or cruel.


mars sextilesun
Mars sextile Sun
The sextile between the Sun and Mars makes you an energetic person. You have many creative ideas, and a constant drive to express them. You use your intellectual abilities effectively, and you rarely charge off on a project without thinking it through first. You have a forceful personality, but you readily accept the ideas of others. Communication is one of your finest assets. Although you can be pushy in expressing yourself, you relate in such a polished way that you neither threaten nor offend. Your effective method of communicating makes you an excellent tutor or advisor, especially with young people. You stay abreast of affairs, not because you are interested in reading, but because you must remain informed.

mars sextilemoon
Mars sextile Moon
The sextile aspect of the Moon with Mars gives the emotional force necessary to win many battles. Any tendency to argue and flare up on occasion is kept under control, and you aren't a person apt to have difficulties with people. It does make you an energetic person, and one who has an infectious and personable manner. You respond to people eagerly, and your enthusiasm stimulates them to respond to you as well. While impulsive by nature, you have due respect for the feelings of others. Even when you do lose control of your temper, you are not one to hold a grudge. You simply work out your differences, and proceed.

mars sextilemercury
Mars sextile Mercury
The sextile formed between Mercury and Mars gives mental energy and a sharp intellect. You are good at strategy and probably enjoy games requiring mental skill, such as bridge and chess. You are likely also to have very good math skills. You plan your actions carefully and completely, and because of this you usually get the job done right. There is a decisiveness to your nature. You say what you mean and mean what you say.

mars sextilevenus
Mars sextile Venus
Venus in a sextile aspect with Mars produces a warm and affectionate nature. You can contain your strong romantic inclinations until you find a person with whom you're comfortable. You need to be sure the attraction is social and intellectual, as well as physical. Although you expect much of those close to you, you don't threaten their self-confidence by calling attention to their failings. So you find it is easy to get along with most people. Even with people you don't know, it's easy for you to strike up idle conversation and establish a casual relationship. Your artistic nature suggests enjoyment of good music, fine works of art, good literature, and intelligent, congenial friends. You have an optimistic outlook and a ready smile that puts people at ease.

mars sextilejupiter
Mars sextile Jupiter
The sextile formed between Mars and Jupiter suggests the effective use of the mind and physical body to meet objectives. You are at your best when confronted with competition or a challenge to overcome. You know how to assert yourself under pressure, and have developed your talent for effective communication through dramatic delivery and clever use of words. Your sex drive is expanded by this aspect, but it's necessary to restrict partners to those with whom you have intellectual rapport.

mars sextilesaturn
Mars sextile Saturn
A sextile is formed between Mars and Saturn showing most of your actions to be well directed and productive. This aspect is particularly helpful in the conduct of business activities. You display sound and practical common sense. You can be relied on to take charge and assume responsibility. You are willing to do so because your ambitions are very strong.

mars sextileuranus
Mars sextile Uranus
The sextile formed between Mars and Uranus shows a gift of originality and resourcefulness in actions. You have a strong and magnetic personality that easily faces and handles difficulties. You can manage just about anything but boredom. You are adventurous, always seeking something new and exciting to do. You follow rules only when they make complete sense to your way of thinking.

mars sextileneptune
Mars sextile Neptune
Mars forms a favorable aspect with Neptune in your chart energizing your psychic nature. You have a keen sensitivity allowing you to sense insincerity in others. With this sense, you can often out-maneuver your opponents without interference or resentment. You understand your deepest biological and emotional urges, and have them under control. You are a very understanding person, and often you are called on to lend a sympathetic ear.

mars sextilepluto
Mars sextile Pluto
The sextile between Mars and Pluto produces will power and a forcefulness in your nature. You have the qualification to be a top investigator or researcher as you doggedly dig out the facts of whatever matter you are pursuing. You can stimulate action and get to the bottom of the most complex issue. You read people and understand their motives very well. You're able to present views in a very vivid and forceful way, without ignoring the ideas presented by others.


mars squaresun
Mars square Sun
The square formed between the Sun and Mars generates assertive and impulsive behavior. Even if you are characterized as a very passive person, this aspect stimulates action when the aspect is set off by transits. You drive yourself hard to achieve your ambitions, and you carry out every task with much enthusiasm and energy. You may display anger and brashness. Sometimes you need to develop patience and forethought to avoid conflicts in your life. This aspect produces much physical energy, but often these energies are spent in a precipitant fashion. When well directed, you can do much in any field you decide to enter. Avoid egocentric tendencies to demand too much personal attention.

mars squaremoon
Mars square Moon
The square formed between the Moon and Mars shows that you have an emotionally volatile nature. It suggests the tendency to become easily upset. You may take matters entirely too personal and often loose your cool. This aspect makes human relationships more difficult because of being demanding or very sensitive. You need to make your way in the world with no interference, and this is very difficult for anyone to do. With maturity you will likely learn to be less demanding on others and refrain from taking offense so easily and quickly. Channeled properly, your energy is boundless, and you can move mountains. Often this aspect results in many emotional crises that can lead to poor health if not handled properly. Harmony in relationships must be a conscious goal.

mars squaremercury
Mars square Mercury
The square formed between Mercury and Mars produces an overactive, energetic mind. You can become overheated, argumentative, and highly partisan in view. Guard against coming to conclusions before giving careful consideration to all the facts and viewpoints. You enjoy arguments and debates. You need to bear in mind that your judgment is not always infallible. Even when your reasoning is correct, you may have not received all the facts needed to arrive at the correct conclusion. This aspect may cause frequent headaches and also can produce nervous disorders. The virtues of patience and verbal restraint are necessary to learn, as these are not natural traits.

mars squarevenus
Mars square Venus
Venus in square to Mars in your chart suggests emotional problems about romance and most other relations with the opposite sex. An early marriage often results from this aspect. There may be feelings of oppression or of suppression in your relationships. Jealousy and resentment are often attached to this placement. Men with this aspect are likely to offend women with their coarse manners. Women with the aspect often have an excessively emotional temperament.

mars squarejupiter
Mars square Jupiter
The square formed between Mars and Jupiter shows that in some ways you are an extremist. You can become susceptible to fanatical religious or social beliefs. When you gamble, it is likely to be for high stakes. You may not know when to quit. Moderation has to be learned; it's not a natural trait. Women with this placement have trouble with men. Your employers are slow to credit and advance you despite your capabilities and inclination to hard work. It is perhaps better for you to be self-employed.

mars squaresaturn
Mars square Saturn
The square between Mars and Saturn sets up a defensiveness in your nature, producing some difficulties in personal relationships. Fear of rejection, perhaps based on early life experiences, prompts a sense of caution in romance. You have a tendency toward melancholy and self-pity. This aspect is an impediment to happiness and the expression of optimism. In the expression of energies, there is an alternating current between assertiveness and apathy. You may be slow to reach long range goals despite much hard work and continued effort.

mars squareuranus
Mars square Uranus
The square formed between Mars and Uranus shows desire for complete freedom to act without hesitation or restraint. There is too much physical energy coupled with a voracious appetite for action and excitement. You are accident prone because you're a bit careless in what you do. Avoid activity associated with racing cars, speed boats, machinery, and other dangerous activities. In dealing with others in the work place, don't expect them to perform as you do. They are not likely to have your drive. Moderation in everything should be your goal. This is a difficult aspect for fostering an out-of-control temper. Be aware of this very unappealing potential.

mars squareneptune
Mars square Neptune
The square between Mars and Neptune suggests that your natural tendencies to assert yourself may cause confusion and turmoil in your life. You may experience ups and downs in your feelings and ambitions. Vague or subconscious reasons prompting you to act may conflict with your sensitive feelings. This aspect stimulates interest in spiritual issues and produces a degree of psychic energy, even spiritual delusion. It's often associated with sexual anxieties, repressed sexual urges, or some degree of deception associated with sexual affairs. This aspect is one that suggests you may do best when you are alone. You should perhaps work by yourself or with as few people as possible. Preferably, you should work in a field such as medicine where you can satisfy a need to provide human service and remain detached. Develop your abilities to plan and control, and be more willing to accept responsibility when something goes wrong.

mars squarepluto
Mars square Pluto
The square formed between Mars and Pluto produces a forceful nature. Often your actions can be described only as reckless. Yet you are cautious and secretive about your projects, especially as you mature and develop. When frustrated, you may become abusive and display much temper. This aspect suggests that your sexual drive is strong, and may not be well controlled at times. This is a very physical aspect needing control and channeling. When you can control actions, this aspect can be positive as it shows a penchant for eliminating, by force, the unacceptable and unnecessary in your life. You can develop a very focused concentration on progressive issues.


mars trinesun
Mars trine Sun
A trine formed between the Sun and Mars strengthens your vitality, self-confidence, and will power. You can function at high energy levels for prolonged periods. You enjoy the challenge of any difficult task. Although firm in thought, you readily accept the opinions of others and you relate in a polished way, never threatening others. You know that you can succeed in whatever you set out to do without resorting to deception or dishonorable tactics. You accept people for what they are and expect them to do the same with you. While you can act impulsively at times, in general you plan actions efficiently and purposely. You take on life's problems without hesitancy and handle most situations with little fanfare or publicity. Your life is not uneventful, but you can cope without apparent difficulty.

mars trinemoon
Mars trine Moon
The Moon in a trine with Mars denotes a very active emotional nature and much psychic energy. You possess the ability to back your strong imagination with will and action. You do more than is physically required, whenever you can. You have strong feelings, but these feelings are controlled and constructive. In general, you deal with people well. You can be firm and forceful without becoming abusive and violent. You express a self-confidence that assures you won't be threatened by associates or competitors. You have the need to fight for what is right, but you do so in a fair and evenhanded way. Actions are unbiased and just.

mars trinemercury
Mars trine Mercury
The trine between Mercury and Mars suggests an alert and clever mind. You have a practical and positive approach to life. Reasoning powers and action are harmonized. You have much creative energy and the imagination to express it in many ways. You are active and restless, and require that something is always going on. The ability to be productive is linked to your success in controlling restlessness. There is almost immediate response to all mental stimuli. This aspect strengthens the mind so you never stop learning. You have the aptitude to deal in a practical way with the scientific and mechanical. Yet the tendency to want to live solely by your wits is always present. You have the potential to be a convincing debater with a dramatic delivery.

mars trinevenus
Mars trine Venus
The trine from Venus to Mars shows that you are especially warm, affectionate, and congenial. You have a happy disposition and look for the better qualities in the people with whom you relate. You get along well with others because you don't make undue demands and your willingness to compromise often brings the concessions you want. Public relations is a good field for you to seek employment. With your congenial disposition, you can handle the most inflexible individual you might meet in carrying out your duties. A fun-loving person at heart, you enjoy a good time. You may run into problems with romantic partners who will assume by your nature that your sexual attitudes are promiscuous. This is probably not so. This placement often provides talent in music, art, or drama. It gives the will and energy to bring such talent to expression.

mars trinejupiter
Mars trine Jupiter
The trine formed between Mars and Jupiter shows that your physical resources are applied in a well-integrated way. You have the physical and intellectual strength to get a good many projects completed with a small amount of effort. You have a knack for doing the right thing at the right time. Even with all this talent, you have an "easy come, easy go" attitude. You aren't as competitive as you could be. Yet you're are optimistic about life, and it never occurs to you to suspect that you won't do whatever it is you set out to do.

mars trinesaturn
Mars trine Saturn
The trine formed between Mars and Saturn shows that you are a good soldier who always finishes assigned duties. Little of your efforts are ever wasted on unproductive activities or trivial matters. You are a good person to work with or for because you keep yourself under control always, and you are tolerant and helpful to others. You respect others for what they are and accept them at their level of development. You succeed because of the way you apply yourself. You illustrate that success is something to be earned and not just an accident of birth or good fortune.

mars trineuranus
Mars trine Uranus
The trine formed between Mars and Uranus shows originality and enthusiasm in your actions. You are very energetic and freedom loving. You are an impatient person who always has several irons in the fire. Your impulsive and restless nature needs to concentrate more on moderation. In fact, you may demand freedom to exploit your potentials, and you actually feel sorry for those that are trapped in limiting circumstances. This is not a good aspect for someone with a boring 9-5 job. You do need to focus on learning moderation, and especially in romantic affairs, you need to be less restless and impulsive. The limiting ties of marriage and convention may not be your cup of tea.

mars trineneptune
Mars trine Neptune
The trine formed between Mars and Neptune suggests a successful integration of forceful action and dreams. Because you understand your deepest biological urges, you can control them. You are successfully in tune with those having less understanding than you, making you a sympathetic listener and counselor. Keen sensitivities allow you to detect insincerity in others and to grasp the emotional coloring of your surroundings. Thus, you know how and when to act. The physical and the psychic, or unconscious, sides of your nature are successfully blended. You may have interests in artistic dance, the practice of Yoga, or related activities involving physical expression.

mars trinepluto
Mars trine Pluto
A trine between Mars and Pluto shows that the assertiveness in your nature is well aligned with your dedication to causes. You can be effective in solving problems in society because you have a deep understanding of those problems and their origins. Services are offered out of spiritual convictions. To you, romantic connections have deep meaning and interest. You display a caring nature that extends in several directions to transform those you contact, socially and emotionally.


mars oppositionsun
Mars opposition Sun
The opposition of the Sun and Mars shows that you are a fighter who never backs away from a challenge or from competition. Dissension is a constant problem for you. You are very assertive, and you attract people who are also strong-willed. Perhaps your attitude just brings out these traits in those around you. It's hard for you to look at yourself realistically and understand that many battles you fight are not necessary. They may make little contribution to your success. As you mature and learn to control aggressiveness, you can do a much because your strong drive serves you in reaching whatever goal is set.

mars oppositionmoon
Mars opposition Moon
The opposition between the Moon and Mars shows continuous crises in relationships because it is so hard for you to compromise. You get into disputes about the most insignificant matters. Your personality is sparkling and outgoing, but feelings are intense, and you are quick to strike back when criticized. You meet people easily and eagerly. This eagerness often gets you involved with individual with whom you have little in common. Permanent relationships are difficult for you to cultivate. This is partly because of the individuals to whom you are attracted, and in part because you become so overbearing and dominating. You become emotionally pushy and intolerant of anyone who refuses to submit to your demands. In business you meet competition well, but have difficulty dealing with authority. You have trouble following the rules.

mars oppositionmercury
Mars opposition Mercury
The opposition of Mercury and Mars shows an argumentative disposition causing conflict when you feel you have been treated unfairly. Sometimes you just take an opposing point of view for the sake of argument. Your personality has a much more critical and fault-finding tone. You can be a real stickler for accuracy in thought and word. Oddly enough, you sometimes overlook important details or fail completely to see and understand the other person's point of view. You have an ego identification with your ideas and you take personal affront to those who differ with your thoughts on any subject. To avoid becoming unpopular, you must control speaking with a sharp tongue and with any excesses in profanity. This placement gives a very active mind with limitless intellectual abilities. With it comes a restlessness and impatience to prove competence.

mars oppositionvenus
Mars opposition Venus
The opposition between Venus and Mars suggests that your emotional nature must be controlled if you expect to have a lasting romantic relationship. There is a good deal of conflict between yourself and your partners. You'll have to learn to control temperament swings going from loving to being irritated and angry. Often this aspect shows disloyalty and a lack of faithfulness in the partner. It's very important for you to learn cooperation and compromise. It is also essential for you to select a partner with whom you have many interests in common. You must guard against a tendency to be drawn to individuals with whom the only common ground is physical.

mars oppositionjupiter
Mars opposition Jupiter
Mars opposing Jupiter in your chart shows extravagant tendencies and often loses through speculation. You may lack moderation where pleasures, alcohol or diet are concerned. This aspect produces very strong and sometimes biased convictions. Your aggressive promoting of philosophic or religious viewpoints may antagonize others. This is also an aspect that can show a soldier of fortune always restless and wanting travel and adventure. Guard against exaggerating your own importance. It's important to insure efforts are steady, sustained and well regulated.

mars oppositionsaturn
Mars opposition Saturn
Mars and Saturn in opposition suggests some conflict between your desires and your sense of responsibility. There is conflict between a need for impulsive action, Mars behavior, and the conservative apprehension associated with Saturn. There is a sense of being rejected associated with this aspect. You establish goals out of realistic reach, and then suffer feelings of futility when you can't achieve them. You may over evaluate the accomplishments of others, and undervalue yours. Like yourself a little better, and establish objectives that are attainable in a detailed process. You may be well suited to work in law enforcement, the military, industrial engineering, or conservation. Personal relationships are often disappointing to you. You may select a mate that is an extension of one of your parents. You should instead seek one who would be less demanding, more liberal, and who could compensate for the austerity of your parents. It is unlikely that your family environment will be a replay of your childhood. You will want your children to have more flexibility to enable them to become secure, independent adults.

mars oppositionuranus
Mars opposition Uranus
The opposition between Mars and Uranus excites to competition and arouses others to challenge you. You're demanding and authoritative. You thrive on argument, even when you aren't serious about it. Because of these assertive leanings, you can make an excellent salesperson, but you may have some problems with human relations. You don't tolerate restrictions of your freedom and mobility, needing to be constantly on the move. You may be attracted to hazardous activities such as flying, racing, exploring, or mountain climbing. Because you are accident prone, these and other similar pastimes are not recommended. You must be careful and take safety precautions. Avoid desires to throw caution to the winds, because you need not prove yourself in these ways. You may not be an easy person to live with because of periodic outbursts of temper and sometimes cantankerous attitude. A revolutionary, you are likely to oppose tradition with its limits on individuality. You want your way, and can be critical of any authority.

mars oppositionneptune
Mars opposition Neptune
The opposition of Mars and Neptune can make it hard for you to relate to others emotionally. You are susceptible to deceit and becoming involved in misdeals. You may be perfectly honest and above board in your activities. Still your motives and actions will be questioned and suspected. Be careful not to become involved in any activity that is the least bit shady. Learn to reason with your intellect and not be led by your fascination for thrills and the unknown. Avoid drugs, alcohol, and the occult. These are dangerous for you because you are so susceptible to them. You are easily mesmerized by illusions and those who create them. Avoid setting unrealistic goals.

mars oppositionpluto
Mars opposition Pluto
The opposition between Mars and Pluto shows a defiant attitude. Sometimes there is a lack of control over aggressive tendencies. You can alienate some people as you assert your rights, or what you believe to be your rights. You must evaluate the positive and negative aspects of any idea or plan. Always consider the values of compromise before taking any action. Both Mars and Pluto are associated with sexual drive since these two planets are the co-rulers of Scorpio. With this aspect in opposition your sexual drive will be strongly affected and in some conflict. You may be led to form extremely strong alliances, but it may as easily cause severe rifts in relationships. The drive may be to gain power over others. It is certain that you will encounter problems in your personal affairs.

Robert Pelletier's Planets in Aspects, (Whitford Press, 1987) has inspired some of this work and is recommended for a deeper discussion of aspect meanings.

Michael McClain has called astrology and numerology a hobby for more than 28 years. His work, all of which has been shared online, entertains thousands around the world every day. Michael lives with his wife Fran, in Savannah Lakes Village in South Carolina. Visit his site at

© Michael McClain


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