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Mars glyph
Astrology for Today by Joanna Watters

Mars rules the head and the nose, injuries to the face or skull, migraine or sinusitis, burning pain, burns, scars, fevers, rashes, infections, and inflammations
Introducing Mars

The sequence of planets as seen from the Earth is the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and now Mars. The further away from the Sun the greater the planet's orbit and Mars takes two years to make its circuit of the zodiac. In traditional astrology Mars is known as the Lesser Malefic. In Greek mythology Mars is Ares, the god of war.


Mars symbolizes everything to do with how we go into battle and handle the cut and thrust of life, as reflected in its masculine rulership of Aries, the warrior of the zodiac. Mars is also the ruler of the feminine sign of Scorpio, which embodies Mars' qualities of determination and the subtle power of a strong personality.


The nature of Mars is assertive, or aggressive and confrontational. It speaks of our sense of drive and urgency. As the god of war it rules strife, combat, conquerors, and weapons. Venus may speak of our sexuality in terms of enjoyment but Mars is the sex drive and the phallus. Where Venus is soft and slow, Mars is sharp and quick, and its nature is to attack, pierce, penetrate, cut, or wound. It rules knives and all who work with them, everything from the surgeon and his precise scalpel to the butcher and his hacksaw.

In psychological terms Mars speaks of rage, how we do or don't get angry. An afflicted Mars can run the continuum from being quarrelsome or over-impulsive to being capable of cruelty or violence. Conversely, it can speak of one who is easily intimidated or unable to get angry. Attack may manifest as passive-aggressive or bullying behavior.

A well placed Mars shares many of the positive characteristics of Aries, indicating a nature that is bold, courageous, and unafraid to take on a fight, either for the self or others. Anger can be channeled as a spur to action rather than being destructive. But Mars at its best is purposeful, an achiever and self-starter, and a force to be reckoned with.

Mars' color red symbolizes anger and passion but also heat in other guises. Its foods are hot, spicy, or bitter, and its plants are prickly, sharp, or stinging.

© Joanna Watters.
Extracted from Astrology For Today, published by Carroll & Brown Publishers Ltd., London, 2003

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