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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

"I did not have sex with that woman" - Bill Clinton maintained to the end, demonstrating that remarkable Leonine capacity for holding a fixed and resolute position and seeing things in very simple terms of black or white. With the Sun well placed in the 11th house in sextile to Jupiter, and a stellium of planets rising in Libra (including Venus sextile Pluto in Leo), Clinton's life is not surprisingly characterised by his ability to charm and attract, and he would naturally find it hard to resist flattering amorous advances.

These planets reveal a deeply charismatic disposition and easy ability to win people over. But he was dicing with high stakes and even the most likeable chap is going to have enemies in politics. Ultimately, the Moon, ruler of the MC, moving to the square of the Sun from the 8th house reveals a fall from his position of power. Neptune rises on the ascendant conjunct Mars, ruler of the 7th house of partners and enemies - a clear indication that his life would be marked by problems with intimate relationships, battles with opponents, and issues concerning lies and deceit.

Napoleon Bonaparte I

Napoleon Bonaparte I horoscope

Napoleon knew the best way to handle the energies of Sun in Leo conjunct the fixed star Regulus - take over the world, or whatever bits you can of it. You need big schemes and a very determined sense of expansion of course, so Jupiter in Scorpio on the sextile midpoint of a Mars-Pluto trine will help. Of course, if you want to epitomise the spirit of revolution, you need to get Mars in trine to Uranus and have that planet 'come to life' in your lifetime (Napoleon was 12 when Uranus was discovered in 1781); that final flourish creating a grand trine with fanatical Pluto and the emblem of war-leaders: Mars. With Moon opposing Saturn, Napoleon clearly had a problem with territorial boundaries. Much has been made of the theory that emotional insecurities may have fed a maniacal ambition to dominate through his glorious military career, but whatever the cause, Napoleon did so with true Leo panache.

There is conflicting chart data recorded for Napoleon. That used here is sourced from the report of the contemporary astrologer Thomas White in his 1811 book (Occult Science Investigated, p.428. There is a full astrological natal analysis provided there, along with the report that the time was "given by himself to an eminent astronomer in Corsica".


Madonna - Placidus cusps
Chart time based on Tashi Grady's report from Madonna's father, who looked up the time from hospital records.

The majestic flamboyance of the Sun in Leo is also exaggerated by its application to Jupiter (on the nodal axis) in Madonna's chart, giving the potential for great celebrity status. This she has certainly achieved, having been ranked the most successful female recording artist of all time. But with Madonna's Sun in the 12th house, her self-expression has inevitably involved dark journeys and her initial fame was gained as much from the exploitation of taboos and prohibitions, as her obvious talent, unflagging drive and ruthless ambition.

The midheaven ruler, transmutative Mercury, is strongly dignified and angular on the ascendant, demonstrating her proclivity for reinvention, and with Mercury conjunct Pluto and the Moon, her transformations have usually found a way to permeate the dark and painful elements of public subconsciousness. Madonna's first successful album "Like a Virgin" draws out the theme of her ascendant and 1st house Moon - and that ascending Moon speaks volumes about the motivation of a woman whose trademark is that of the 'ultimate mother'. Madonna's own mother died when she was five, as the Moon, by solar arc direction, hit the trine of Mars, ruler of the 8th house and located in the 9th. Heavy parental issues are also indicated by Saturn in the 4th house, and after the death of her mother Madonna simultaneously craved for and rejected the attention of her father, his staunch Catholic views often featuring as the source of conflict.

Where the Moon is trine to Mars there will always be an instinct to fight for one's quarter, and to 'hit where it hurts' if necessary. With Madonna's Mars being square Uranus on the 12th house cusp, this has often involved shocking society by exploding and mocking religious conventions. Through her nativity we see that this was not merely attention-seeking for the sake of promoting her career, but an irresistible, seemingly self-destructive need to violate religious inhibitions in order to find her own spiritual freedom. The trine from Saturn in the 4th house to her 12th house Sun and Uranus demonstrates her compulsion to relieve emotional pressures through creative acts that stem from the unconscious inhibitions and painful memories of the past. It was not until the birth of her own daughter, Lourdes, that Madonna began to feel truly fulfilled within herself, and now her Virgoan ascendant can be seen more clearly as the signature of a woman of sharp intellect and fine attention to detail. Gone is the raw and raunchy image and Madonna is far more withdrawn now in what she is prepared to expose of herself and her family. Yet with her Mercurial gift for duality, she still maintains her solar status as 'the Queen of Pop', even while satisfying her Virgoan-Moon predilection for children's books and a new style of clothing that borders on the conventional, the prim and the 'proper'.

Cecil B. DeMille

With his Leo Sun on the Ascendant, Cecil B. DeMille, known as 'the showman of all showmen' and 'father of Hollywood' had no reservations about expressing his autocratic tendencies. "You are here to please me; nothing else on earth matters" is just one of the famous quotes that reveal his less-than-subtle form of management.

DeMille rose from humble beginnings, determined to make his mark in the world. Full of big plans and schemes that failed him in his youth, he eventually moved to Hollywood where he rented an old barn to make the most famous and successful early film, The Squaw Man, in 1914. This was his big break and a prelude to a career that would earn him a reputation as the world's greatest director. His chart reads like a signature of Hollywood itself: The Sun squaring Jupiter in the 10th house and the culminating Saturn-Neptune conjunction perfectly symbolise his artistic bent (described as "a heady combination of escapism and reality").

DeMille's success has been attributed to a mixture of self-confidence, ambition, passion, artistry, and gutsiness, and his results were said to consistently exceed everyone's expectations, except his own. But DeMille was also a very astute businessman; in typical Sun-square-Saturn style, he was careful with his expenses and was always keen to employ fresh, undiscovered talent at minimal expense. His Sun translating between Saturn and Jupiter served to ground his ambitions, and the Moon's only applying aspect being that sextile to Pluto, from the 8th to the 10th house, also gave him a leaning towards ruthless self-centredness. He frequently put the lives of his artists in danger in the quest for realistic impact; when one actor objected to using live bullets in a scene where other actors were located in the line of fire, DeMille responded with typical Leonine self-interest: "They won't be there when you actually shoot unless you miss your cue, or they do!"

Although DeMille was archetypal in his lack of sensitivity and consideration for others, he is remembered for his integrity and honest exposure of himself. His life was colourful, remarkable, dynamic, and completely committed to his creative endeavours, which more than anything else benefited from his total belief in the power of his own self-will.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger's stellium in Leo marks the dramatic, self-conscious style of an outstanding artist popularly known as the 'prince of rock'. Mars trine Venus indicates an easy expression of sexual charisma whilst Uranus rising on the sextile of that dynamic Sun-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction gives him the power to make an explosive impact and rock the status quo. As lead vocalist of the Rolling Stones, Jagger defined a new generation with an original, gritty, 'in your face' image, preening with raw energy, and a free spirited combination of machismo and camp irony. This is a chart of fire and earth finding its expression through the communication powers of Gemini. Though no stranger to controversy, the heavy emphasis on the fixed signs has allowed Jagger to maintain a solid grasp on reality and a seemingly endless career (the Stones were recently inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as the longest running band ever).


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