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The suggested interpretations are offered as a guide to aspect meanings.
For refined interpretation, consider the general condition of the planet, its dignities, sign, and house location.
Remember, generally:
conjunctions unite planetary influences and show a strong focus of energies
trines and sextiles bring planets together in an easy release of energy
squares suggest tension
oppositions show resistance and swings between extremes

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Aspect Meanings in Birth Charts

Aspects involving Jupiter
by Michael McClain



jupiter conjunctionsun
Jupiter conjunct Sun

A conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter shows that you rarely do anything in moderation. You have an undying faith in yourself and believe that you can do anything to which you set your mind. Your enthusiasm and confidence level runs high, and sometimes you promise more than you can deliver. Even when major setbacks occur, you hang in there. You're never one to let anything get you down or keep you from charging off on another venture. You have confidence that affairs will eventually work out. Character is all important to you. An extremely high sense of justice and concern for others is apparent in your makeup, even if this doesn't show up in other parts of your chart.

Jupiter conjunct Moon
The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter shows a deep sensitivity to your environment, which you truly want to understand as fully as possible. The aspect confers sympathy and generosity. Often individuals having this combination find jobs working with the underprivileged, in rehabilitation programs, or a similar type of occupation. Your honest concern for others brings you the trust and cooperation of most of those with whom you come in contact. You are a giving person and you find success because of this. Beware of over-extending your physical energies.

jupiter conjunctionmercury
Jupiter conjunct Mercury
Mercury in conjunction to Jupiter increases your confidence in your mental abilities and makes you skillful at influencing other people with your verbal abilities. Interests in higher learning are enhanced because you have a need to learn that you can't satisfy. Because of your wealth of knowledge, you can succeed in any number of fields. Yet you have some difficulty choosing the one occupation or avocation on which to focus. Try to define goals you want to reach. You have a philosophical approach to life and a very generous spirit.

jupiter conjunctionvenus
Jupiter conjunct Venus
A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter produces an optimistic and generous disposition. You display a friendly and cheerful attitude toward those with whom you come in contact. You can be indulgent of others, even when they don't deserve it. You are orderly and artistic by nature, possessing a sense and appreciation of beauty in everything. You are very open-handed in your aim to help your fellow man. If there is a negative side to this aspect, it's that it can create too much of a sense of ease. You become indolent and fail to attain as much as you should.

jupiter conjunctionmars
Jupiter conjunct Mars
The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter produces an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. You have much confidence in your abilities to do whatever you set out to do. You are the type that refuses to accept NO as an answer. You approach challenges with a dramatic flare and utter determination. You are a confident decision-maker. This is an aspect that often produces high ambitions, wealth, and good luck. You may drive yourself much too hard sometimes.

jupiter conjunctionsaturn
Jupiter conjunct Saturn
The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn shows a serious outlook on life and an involvement in heavy responsibilities. This aspect makes you much more conservative and practical than may otherwise be shown in the chart. You have some significant hurdles to get over before you can achieve the financial security you desire. Optimism can be drained by a series of disappointments and delays. Larger social issues may play an important part in your life. The conjunction doesn't deny success, but shows the necessity to work hard and be patient.

jupiter conjunctionuranus
Jupiter conjunct Uranus
The conjunction of Jupiter with Uranus produces a good deal of restlessness in your nature. You dislike restrictions and like to be the one in charge. You are an organizer, a planner and a doer, and you do especially well when assigned to handle a big project. Your plans have a solid touch of idealism attached. Your basically very lucky, and you usually get full credit for what you do. Sudden and unexpected gains are frequently a product of this aspect.

jupiter conjunctionneptune
Jupiter conjunct Neptune
The conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune shows creative imagination. You may be very artistic, and somewhat excessive in the expression of your talents. Often this aspect shows much idealism, and you may be drawn to a religious or humanitarian life. You may be an escapist, too.

jupiter conjunctionpluto
Jupiter conjunct Pluto
A conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto confers the determination to achieve goals that will bring about improvements for both you and others. You have a very strong and penetrating insight, and a good deal of leadership ability. You are determined to enjoy life to its fullest. Dedicated to your ideals, you have a bit of the zealot in you.


jupiter sextilesun
Jupiter sextile Sun
The sextile between the Sun and Jupiter shows that you are philosophical, curious, and sympathetic. You understand your capabilities and have confidence in what you know and can do. People will believe what you say because of the way you express yourself and because you are so well equipped with the facts. Routines are hard for you because you are an idea person needing freedom of expression. You are self-satisfied and contented, and unless other aspects of the chart suggest otherwise, you sometimes can be self-indulgent.

jupiter sextilemoon
Jupiter sextile Moon
The sextile aspect of the Moon with Jupiter produces generosity and emotional sympathy. Your intellectual ability is tempered with sympathetic feelings. You can succeed in many ways, and when you do, you are not likely to forget those that helped you along the way. Often this aspect is associated with strong religious or idealistic practices. Honesty, integrity, and a genuine fondness for people are marked in your nature.

jupiter sextilemercury
Jupiter sextile Mercury
The sextile formed between Mercury and Jupiter shows an intuitive mind that can easily handle abstract ideas. This aspect is favorable for pursuits in higher education, especially in the study of religion, philosophy, and the field of education itself. You can express yourself very well. Because of interests in the improvement of your mind, foreign travel appeals to you. You may use your intellectual talents to benefit humankind some way.

jupiter sextilevenus
Jupiter sextile Venus
The sextile formed between Venus and Jupiter shows an outgoing personality. You have the ability to say the right thing at the right time. You are generous with praise and everyone thinks of you as a very sympathetic and understanding person. You can always be counted on when you are needed, while not being the type to impose your views when they are unwanted. You like people and know how to get along with them. This aspect bestows the likelihood of achieving the good life in a material sense, as you are very successful socially.

jupiter sextilemars
Jupiter sextile Mars
The sextile formed between Mars and Jupiter suggests the effective use of the mind and physical body to meet objectives. You are at your best when confronted with competition or a challenge to overcome. You know how to assert yourself under pressure, and have developed your talent for effective communication through dramatic delivery and clever use of words. Your sex drive is expanded by this aspect, but it's necessary to restrict partners to those with whom you have intellectual rapport.

jupiter sextilesaturn
Jupiter sextile Saturn
The sextile formed between Jupiter and Saturn shows the good business attributes of caution, prudence, and good organization, combined with optimism, enthusiasm, and expansion. You are thus able to carry through plans and fulfill your obligations, earning respect in your business or profession. You are respected for your honesty and integrity.

jupiter sextileuranus
Jupiter sextile Uranus
The sextile of Jupiter and Uranus tends to break down orthodox tendencies and add more of a metaphysical or liberal attitude. Humanitarian goals and issues are more important with this, an uplifting aspect. Good fortune relating to ideals in life come as a bi-product of actions.

jupiter sextileneptune
Jupiter sextile Neptune
The sextile between Jupiter and Neptune shows imagination and much hope about the future. You solve problems in theory, and some ideas may be impractical. An idealist, you are always trying to help. You are certainly one who is willing to stand and be counted. You want to believe the best can come from every situation, and of course that is not always true.

jupiter sextilepluto
Jupiter sextile Pluto
The sextile formed between Jupiter and Pluto indicate your exuberance, enthusiasm, and ambition. Even with these characteristics, you encourage others to explore their potentials as much as you do yours. You have many organizational skills, and you are most productive in business, education, and politics. Your interests are extremely broad based.


jupiter squaresun
Jupiter square Sun
A square formed between the Sun and Jupiter shows that you are the kind of person who takes on more than is expected. You may lack moderation in much you do. In many ways, you're an extremist. You expect too much of yourself and sometimes you expect too much of other. Yet you always have the good intentions. Full of vitality, you know how to have a good time if you let yourself go. Even if your nature is sober, this aspect provides a certain verve and good spirit. There is a lot of the wheeler-dealer in this aspect, as an expansiveness marks your nature. The negative side of this aspect is that self-indulgence may cause physical problems. Food (especially rich foods), drink, and pleasure must be balanced by moderation with sufficient rest.

jupiter squaremoon
Jupiter square Moon
The square formed between the Moon and Jupiter shows a state of emotional excess. This aspect causes you to make hasty, sometimes regrettable decisions. Often, you have a lack of concern about what others think when you make snap judgments and irresponsible decisions on too few facts. You are self-indulgent, and frequently too indulgent of others, as well. You can be generous to a fault, periodically finding yourself short of needed funds. Your happy-go-lucky demeanor makes you popular, but not always stable. Mood swings vacillate between periods of intense enthusiasm and periods of nonproductive apathy. This is a difficult aspect that requires constant restraint and effort to gain balance and moderation. This placement has a dampening effect on any ambitions shown elsewhere in the chart, and must be overcome before success can be attained.

jupiter squaremercury
Jupiter square Mercury
The square of Mercury with Jupiter shows a tendency to entertain ideas too grandiose for realization. You are too optimistic and rush to attempt projects that are beyond your capabilities. Often there is discrepancy between your beliefs and the actual truth. You are impulsive in judgment, making decisions on insufficient information. Details get lost in the process. Be careful not to overlook the negative potential in your actions. You will have to concentrate on listening, because this is a challenge for you. Sometimes this square shows an aversion or mental block to religion or philosophical thinking.

jupiter squarevenus
Jupiter square Venus
A square aspect formed between Venus and Jupiter makes self-indulgence likely, and produces some carelessness in matters associated with Venus. Too much is taken for granted, and you may lack an appreciation of the true value of things. You can be very extravagant in both your affections and your finances, finding it difficult to manage both. You are likely to resent being forced to do anything you would prefer not to do. You are suspicious of the motives of others. You feel that any antagonistic feelings between you and someone else are largely the result of the other person not understanding you. You may have a problem keeping your weight down because of self-indulgent habits.

jupiter squaremars
Jupiter square Mars
The square formed between Mars and Jupiter shows that in some ways you are an extremist. You can become susceptible to fanatical religious or social beliefs. When you gamble, it is likely to be for high stakes. You may not know when to quit. Moderation has to be learned; it's not a natural trait. Women with this placement have trouble with men. Your employers are slow to credit and advance you despite your capabilities and inclination to hard work. It is perhaps better for you to be self-employed.

jupiter squaresaturn
Jupiter square Saturn
The square between Jupiter and Saturn denotes some problems with self-esteem. You question your abilities and put yourself down when you compare yourself to others. Parental influence may have contributed to this lack of confidence.

jupiter squareuranus
Jupiter square Uranus
The square formed between Jupiter and Uranus shows inhibiting conflicts which limit your goals and achievements. You may be expansive in your imagination and plans. There is a tendency to be impractical and too idealistic in your thinking. In some cases, eccentric religious beliefs and practices are shown by this aspect. Speculation, if allowed to get out of hand, can produce unexpected and unsatisfactory results, and you may have a tendency to go off the deep end in handling financial matters. Long-shot gambles that may tempt you, rarely work out.

jupiter squareneptune
Jupiter square Neptune
The placement of Jupiter and Neptune form a Square aspect in your chart. This aspect shows a tendency toward exaggeration and confusion. There is a likelihood of being deceived or deceiving others. In any event, there are emotional excesses and impractical behavior. This aspect is often associated with religious idealism lacking discipline. There is a degree of self-indulgence associated with this placement, and this can result in a failure to attain potential success.

jupiter squarepluto
Jupiter square Pluto
The square formed between Jupiter and Pluto suggests that you set yourself up as a law unto yourself and rarely agree with accepted codes. Dogmatic and exaggerating, you could be an adventurer or a gambler. Oddly enough, you see-saw between overconfidence and self-doubt. Learn to profit from your experiences and don't exploit others for your own benefit.


jupiter trinesun
Jupiter trine Sun
A trine formed between the Sun and Jupiter shows a generous degree of creative talent. You have a considerable amount of self-confidence, and you like yourself without being conceited or boastful. You are intelligent, articulate and very well informed on many subjects. Your personal pride and integrity show up plainly in the way you conduct yourself. You are a lucky person, because things just seem to fall in place for you. You like to cut a comfortable course that allows you to maintain your freedom and control of situations. You indulge yourself, and you are also very generous to others. You relate well to people because you give everyone because you can be magnanimous and give others the benefit of the doubt.

jupiter trinemoon
Jupiter trine Moon
The Moon forms a trine with Jupiter showing you possess a glowing, generous personality. You relate easily to people because when everything is said and done, you are a very magnanimous person. You have a confidence that you can deal with about any crisis in your life and your enthusiasm generates optimism in those around you. This position shows a civic-minded person, with altruism and religious devotion well marked in your makeup. Your imagination is expansive, and you can see ways to work out most problems.

jupiter trinemercury
Jupiter trine Mercury
The trine formed between Mercury and Jupiter shows you are likely to get a good education. If you get a well trained mind, life should be easy. You have much confidence and pride in your mental abilities. You like to spend time philosophizing and thinking in broad general terms. Your mind may contain stores of knowledge because you learn rapidly, and you retain what has been learned. You may elaborate on and enlarge the truth to a degree, but you are a person of high integrity and high standards of behavior. You have an optimistic and fresh outlook on life, and an explicit belief in your capacity to succeed. Avoid being indulgent and pompous about your knowledge. Knowing what you know it should be unthinkable that you would not do much in life.

jupiter trinevenus
Jupiter trine Venus
The trine formed between Venus and Jupiter shows that inner poise enables you to view people and circumstances with optimism. Negative elements don't disturb you much because you're so sure everything will turn out right. It's hard to be depressed around you. It's rare for you to share your difficulties with anyone, preferring to work them out on your own, with little or no fanfare. You have an outstanding talent for handling people, and you will no doubt succeed in fields where this can be put to use. Your sense of ethics and social decorum is also strong as you strive to be your best. You reach out to people with sincerity and honesty. Vulgar and ill-mannered individuals really turn you off.

jupiter trinemars
Jupiter trine Mars
The trine formed between Mars and Jupiter shows that your physical resources are applied in a well-integrated way. You have the physical and intellectual strength to get a good many projects completed with a small amount of effort. You have a knack for doing the right thing at the right time. Even with all this talent, you have an "easy come, easy go" attitude. You aren't as competitive as you could be. Yet you're are optimistic about life, and it never occurs to you to suspect that you won't do whatever it is you set out to do.

jupiter trinesaturn
Jupiter trine Saturn
The trine between Jupiter and Saturn shows serious purpose to your life which may have been influenced by a family tradition. Although you are somewhat materialistic and desire the finer things in life, you lack the motivation and drive to attain them. There is a tendency to seek and find easy ways of doing everything. Whatever success you are to achieve is apt to come in the latter part of your life. You have a bad habit of comparing yourself unfavorable to others rather than realizing your own self-worth.

jupiter trineuranus
Jupiter trine Uranus
The trine formed between Jupiter and Uranus shows that you are original, creative, determined and practical. You can achieve any goal set for yourself. Personal liberty is very important and you don't like to be tied down to convention. You may have strong mental energy and much staying power in work that requires you to use you intelligence.

jupiter trineneptune
Jupiter trine Neptune
The trine formed between Jupiter and Neptune expands your latent intuitive faculties, giving a practical application to your hunches. You may find you often gain materially by following the dictates of your intuition and what just feels good. If you have any artistic leanings, this aspect helps your expression become more salable. The personality is likely to appear very jovial and human, allowing you to make friends easily.

jupiter trinepluto
Jupiter trine Pluto
The trine between Jupiter and Pluto produces a powerful exuberance in your nature that allows you to inspire others to their potential, as you likewise are able to achieve your own. You have wonderful organizational skills that can be useful, especially in business, education, and public welfare.


jupiter oppositionsun
Jupiter opposition Sun
The opposition of the Sun and Jupiter suggests an over-expanded ego. Jupiter deals with judgment, and with this aspect, the drive for significance is subject to being overemphasized. There is often a tendency toward extravagance and pretension. You can have too much optimism, and promise more than you can deliver. There is a continuous need to control urges to enter grandiose schemes and avoid ostentatious manners. The strength of this aspect lies in your ability to apply much charm to gain the approval of those you deal with in your daily affairs. There is often much talent and creativity associated with this aspect.

jupiter oppositionmoon
Jupiter opposition Moon
The opposition between the moon and Jupiter shows a lack of appreciation of your actual worth. You may be a highly developed individual with much creative ability, and still question the importance of those abilities. You feel the need to be around people you highly respect, to have their reassurance of your talent, and their advice. You often place your faith in those who don't deserve it, and you can be too generous with these types. You attract money easily, but your judgment in spending it is sometimes not so sound. You are generous, but you have a tendency to give to the wrong causes.

jupiter oppositionmercury
Jupiter opposition Mercury
The opposite positions of Mercury and Jupiter suggests mental overconfidence. It shows the tendency to go to extremes, promising more than you can deliver. Your talk is not always backed up with action and follow though. You have a constant need to produce thoroughness and attention to detail. In matters of education you may be somewhat conceited. Yet in your education, you may have pursued esoteric, literary, scholarly, or philosophic studies, which lack practical value for earning a living. Avoid alienating people with a "know-it-all" attitude. Your insatiable appetite for learning can serve you well once you have learned to focus your attention in one area, and develop a specific field.

jupiter oppositionvenus
Jupiter opposition Venus
The opposition formed between Venus and Jupiter is an aspect that must be dealt with by people who have had too much given to them. The aspect suggests vanity, idleness or a degree of over-emotional behavior. It may be that you have many love affairs. You may be inclined toward involvement in meaningless social activities and the collecting of unneeded luxuries. You can be so optimistic and friendly when everything is going well, but then become touchy and moody when something is wrong. You may take too much for granted in personal relations as Jupiter is the planet of excesses. Sometimes marital problems of the sort caused by differences in religious beliefs or deep-rooted philosophical differences can occur in the marriage.

jupiter oppositionmars
Jupiter opposition Mars
Mars opposing Jupiter in your chart shows extravagant tendencies and often loses through speculation. You may lack moderation where pleasures, alcohol or diet are concerned. This aspect produces very strong and sometimes biased convictions. Your aggressive promoting of philosophic or religious viewpoints may antagonize others. This is also an aspect that can show a soldier of fortune always restless and wanting travel and adventure. Guard against exaggerating your own importance. It's important to insure efforts are steady, sustained and well regulated.

jupiter oppositionsaturn
Jupiter opposition Saturn
The opposition between Jupiter and Saturn suggests difficulty in recognizing personal limitations. In one sense this is good. You continue to plod forward in the face of just about any adversity, and you may face a good deal of adversity. This aspect often shows success coming in the later part of life. There is a tendency to compare yourself unfavorably with other people.

jupiter oppositionuranus
Jupiter opposition Uranus
The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus suggest that you are more enthusiastic, independent, outspoken and willful than may otherwise be shown in your chart. You tend to bite off a bit more than you can chew, and you want to start at the top without due preparation. Speculation and gambling should be avoided. Learn moderation in everything, and try not to be hypocritical.

jupiter oppositionneptune
Jupiter opposition Neptune
The opposition between Jupiter and Neptune shows a tendency to promise more than you can fulfill. You are creatively talented, but you must develop self-discipline to channel your energies in a productive direction. This aspect showing a lack of practicality damages business and financial affairs. You are extremely generous and kindhearted, but you may lack discrimination in this regard. You are somewhat revolutionary and may be over-emotional in your personal involvements. This aspect often denotes difficulty with drugs or alcohol.

jupiter oppositionpluto
Jupiter opposition Pluto
The opposition of Jupiter and Pluto shows questioning of social ideology. You challenge dogma by asserting your own views, which may often be out of step with those of society. Autocratic attitudes and a lack of humility can cause a loss of popularity. This is a powerful placement for Jupiter, the planet associated with religious and philosophic issues. You may have much to offer in correcting social injustices.

Robert Pelletier's Planets in Aspects, (Whitford Press, 1987) has inspired some of this work and is recommended for a deeper discussion of aspect meanings.

Michael McClain has called astrology and numerology a hobby for more than 28 years. His work, all of which has been shared online, entertains thousands around the world every day. Michael lives with his wife Fran, in Savannah Lakes Village in South Carolina. Visit his site at

© Michael McClain


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