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The planet Jupiter

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Jupiter in astrology, history and myth

The planet of liberation and freedom of expression, Jupiter seeks expansion, though sometimes through exaggeration and over-inflation. Hope and optimism spring from this planet; although tolerant and broad minded, its natives suffer when being too generous with assets they don't possess or committing themselves to schemes that surpass realistic expectations.

Introducing Jupiter
Joanna Watters introduces the key concepts of Jupiter and its essential planetary characteristics.

Jupiter, the Lord of Plenty
Deborah Houlding offers a full exploration of the nature of Jupiter, detailing its principle rulerships, psychological effects, mundane significations, mythological background and astronomical characteristics

Traditional Rulerships and Significations of Jupiter
Traditional rulerships ascribed to Jupiter: dignities, illnesses, metals, minerals, plants, places, etc. Adapted from Lilly's 17th century text, Christian Astrology with detailed notes and link to download of the original text.

Sanguine: The Jupiterian Temperament
Scott Whitters explores the nature of the sanguine temperament and demonstrates how it captures the essence of its planetary ruler, Jupiter.

Dandelion: The embodiment of a Jovial herb
Reflection on a classic Jupiter-ruled herb. Medical Herbalist Dylan Warren-Davis shows how close scrutiny of the physical and symbolic properties of this herb reinforces traditional astrological beliefs

The Traditional Association of Jupiter and Tin
Nick Kollerstrom's review of how the metal tin corresponds to its rulership by Jupiter through metaphysical reflection and scientific analysis.

Jupiter in Myth and Occult Philosophy
David McCann outlines the mythological associations of Jupiter and its symbolic principles used in the Tarot and mystical Cabbalism

Jupiter Aspects in the Birth Chart
Michael McClain's interpretation guides for Jupiter aspects in natal charts

The Winds of Dodona: Zeus, the Greek Jupiter
Jackie Slevin explores the wild and free side of the Greek god Zeus

Sagittarius the Archer
Profile of Sagittarius, the diurnal home of Jupiter, by Deborah Houlding

Pisces the Fish
Profile of Pisces, the nocturnal home of Jupiter, by Deborah Houlding