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Glossary of Traditional Terms

Lilly's Table of Essential Dignities

AN ANNOTATED LILLY - Deborah Houlding's new edition of Lilly's Christian astrology

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The Life & Work of William Lilly The Life & Work of William Lilly The Life & Work of William Lilly Traditional rulerships of the Sun

An Introduction to Horary
A basic, introductory course on horary to get you started - with interactive assignments and online resources

Zane Maser's study of the connections between life and death, as shown in the connections between a horary and a resulting event chart.

Free will and fate in the practice of Horary Astrology
Ana Luisa Monge-Naranjo' spersonal attempt to define horary. Is it a system of guidance, prediction, or both? To what extent does horary influence people's destiny?

Lilly's Charts: The Besieged Town
David Plant explores the historical background to one of Lilly's classic horaries: "If his Excellency Robert Earl of Essex should take Reading?"

The Moon: transmitter of Influences
Deborah Houlding considers the the Moon's influence upon 'elemental' bodies; exploring in detail its ability to translate light, and its meaning when 'void of course'.

A Modern Art of Horary
Dennis Elwell calls for the 'custodians of astrology's central truth' to bring the tradition embodied in the horary approach up to date.

Providence & the Power of the 'Self' in Horary
It is often assumed that modern humanist astrology sounded the death knell for horary. Deborah Houlding argues that this is far from the case. Its pioneers are undeservedly forgotten in the way they allowed horary to recapture some of its former creativity.

Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson's Sick Boy
Maggie Hyde takes a deeper look at the powerful symbolism embedded in one of Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson's classic horary charts

Lilly and the Alchemist
Lilly's horary 'If attaine the Philosopher's Stone?' is a reminder that the esoteric and philosophical worldview of traditional astrologers was very different from our own.

Attention all Shipping!
Launch charts, collision charts, enquiries - for one reason or another astrologers have a deep interest in the study of maritime events

Where is it?
The art of recovering lost items is one of the most satisfying uses of horary. Deborah Houlding sets out the main rules and significations, with chart examples

John Gadbury on Thefts, Fugitives & Strays
Extracted from his 17th century text, The Doctrine of Horary Questions, John Gadbury lists the primary aphorisms for consideration in horaries relating to missing persons, lost pets or stolen goods

Love Charts:

Main rules and 5 sample horaries
HORARY ASTROLOGY - full chapter from John Frawley's Real Astrology

The Astrologer's Dilemma
by Steven Birchfield
Steven Birchfield
Steven Birchfield considers several elements of traditional technique, prompted by a forum horary "Is my husband having an affair?"

Which House Rules Cars?
by Ema Kurent
Ema Kurent
Ema Kurent takes us for a ride in her light-hearted (but deadly serious) investigation into 'which house rules cars?'

Reviewing Perfection & Denial
by Graeme Tobyn
Graeme Tobyn
An in-depth study of the ways planets 'perfect' and the indications of 'denial' as handed down in the astrological tradition.