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Made in the Image of the Heavens: the Cosmology of the Hand by Dylan Warren Davis

William Lilly's list of planet-mineral correspondences

Astrology and Gemmology by Komilla Sutton

The following item, by leading Vedic astrologer Komilla Sutton, is adapted from her article published in the March 2004 edition of the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter. Komilla shares her experience of the influence of gem therapy as practiced in India, and explains some of the reasoning behind it.

It should be noted that some of the planetary assignations used in Vedic astrology differ from those of the western tradition. (William Lilly's associations between the planets and gems can be found here). However, it is interesting to find that the planetary connections with the fingers and the parts of the hand concurs with the western tradition of cheiromancy, which is strongly influenced by astrology, as demonstrated by Dylan Warren Davis's recent article 'Made in the Image of the Heavens'.

Understanding your birthchart, and how to actively improve the quality of your life, lies behind the use of gem therapy. In using a gem you are harnessing the energy of the planet it is related to. When the gem is properly cut (or faceted) it automatically concentrates the rays of the Sun. Working with this principle of the gem is a fundamental aspect of Vedic astrology. If you go to India you will see people overloaded with gems on their fingers, both men and women. But this is an attempt to find an easy way out of their issues, assuming that by just wearing a gem, problems will be solved.

Of course, gems are only one part of Vedic astrology, which as a holistic approach aims to work with the birth chart to improve the quality of your life. The idea of remedial measures using gems is to re-focus the mind. So the first thing is to accord gems to the nine planets; and in Vedic astrology, we only use nine planets, we don't use the three outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Only the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the shadow planets - Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) are used. Rahu and Ketu are the invisible planets that become visible during an Eclipse. There are nine stones for the planets:

  • Sun - Ruby

  • Moon - Pearl

  • Venus - Diamond

  • Mars - Coral

  • Mercury - Emerald

  • Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire

  • Saturn - Blue Sapphire

  • Rahu -Hessonite Garnet

  • Ketu - Chrysobery | (Cat's eye)

The best place to wear these gems is on your fingers where they are on show. Certain fingers are right for certain gems but those who do not want to wear the gems on their fingers wear them around the neck. The fingers are usually exposed and therefore they direct the energy of the Sun through the body. All gems are worn on the right hand only. The fingers for the gems are as follows:

  • Index finger is for Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire;

  • Middle fingers is for Saturn - Blue Sapphire;

  • Ring finger - the Sun (most gems are worn here; Ruby for the Sun; Pearl for Moon, Coral for Mars and Rahu Ketu gems);

  • Little finger is for Mercury - Emerald.

Venus has the large mount under the thumb and the Moon rules the mount opposite at the edge of the hand. Gems belonging to the Moon are often worn on the ring finger. These gems should be worn on the right hand not the left hand, as the left hand designates the potential you bring into the life and the right hand designates where you are going in life.

As only the very best of these precious stones should be worn, obviously they become very expensive. There are however less expensive alternative gems that can be worn in accordance with each planet. For instance, Garnet instead of Ruby for the Sun, Topaz instead of yellow Sapphire for Jupiter.

Of course, the sale of gems linked to astrology is open to abuse. It may be that some unscrupulous astrologers will suggest buying very expensive gems as a panacea to your problems. However, although the correct use of gems is very powerful we have to remember that there is no simple answer to life's problems. By wearing the correct gems you may feel reassured that life will become easier. If it is not possible to wear the right gems due to expense, wearing the colour of the gem will also be powerful. For instance for the Moon, the colour is white. If that is your strong planet then white is fine to wear.

Ideally the gems and colours relating to one's strong planets should be worn. It is not a good idea to wear the gem or colour of weak planets because all you are doing is emphasizing their weakness. In the same way, wearing black -the colour of Saturn - emphasizes the difficulties associated with Saturn. So many people wear black and all they are really doing is invoking problems associated with their particular Saturn. Other planetary colours are:

  • Sun - golden Red

  • Mars - Red

  • Jupiter - Yellow

  • Mercury - Green

  • Venus pale soft colours

  • Rahu is Black and Ketu is multi-coloured.

Many years ago when I was living in Bombay, I was to attend an interview on a Wednesday - Mercury's day - and my astrologer at that time told me to wear green. I got the job and it is possible that by honouring the colour of the planet for that day gave me a psychological boost.

What is happening quite possibly, is that wearing the correct gem or appropriate colour, sets up an intention that one is doing something positive about the problem or situation. This could have an effect on the mind and maybe thought-processes alter in ways which will help the situation at hand. Problems in life, of course, do not go away, but by wearing gems and the right colours, one's thought processes can be focussed. In this way, the problem becomes less difficult and what you felt was an urgent problem yesterday, no longer feels so difficult today. But gem therapy will only work in conjunction with trying to change your attitude towards the problem. Just wearing a Diamond for instance won't make your problems go away. In my case, when I started wearing a Diamond I got divorced. Many years ago I was advised by an astrologer to wear a Diamond when I had marital problems and then my marriage broke up! It was when I became a more proficient astrologer that I realised I had been wearing the gem - Diamond - which signified divorce in my chart as Venus rules the 8th house - the house in Vedic astrology that shows the breakup of marriage. It is a very powerful energy and needs to be understood properly.

I think that many of these things work on faith as well, so if you believe in what you are doing things may change. Critics of astrology will say that it is all in the mind. Well at the end of the day, everything is in the mind. Using the gems, especially the better quality gems can create the right conditions. They can enhance the positive but if the wrong gems are worn, they are liable to focus on the negative.

In India everyone wears gems from a very young age. It is a very serious expense within Indian families. I am referring mainly to middle class families but even poorer families, when they have any money, will buy gold because it invokes the energy of the Sun. Each of the planets have their own metals; Silver for the Moon, for Saturn the metal is iron and in India you see people wearing an iron ring in order to honour Saturn. I am a Sikh by birth and many Sikhs wear iron bangles because when Sikhism was born it was important not to be afraid of difficulties, so wearing iron was to show courage in the face of the difficulties symbolised by Saturn.

There are many things which may symbolise Saturn or the other planets, such as oils and seeds. When working on planetary issues such things as oils and seeds can be used in place of, or in addition to gems. Also importantly, each planet has its own day. Sunday is given to the Sun; Monday to the Moon; Tuesday to Mars; Wednesday to Mercury; Thursday to Jupiter; Friday to Venus and Saturday to Saturn. Rahu is supposed to act like Saturn and therefore, links to Saturday and Ketu is like Mars so links to Tuesday. Why these days are important is that if you want to pacify a planet in your chart, then the corresponding planetary day is the day to do it. For instance if you feel your Sun needs strengthening then of course Sunday is the day to carry out the appropriate rituals like wearing the Sun's gem, especially when the Sun is strong in the sky.

When deciding to use a gem for strengthening purposes you have to activate the gem by buying it on the right day and wearing it in the right day. I would advise against wearing gems for the Nodes as they have an especially powerful psychic energy so unless you are able to deal with that energy it is best not to wear gems for the Nodes.

The gem that will enhance you and not create problems is the gem appertaining to the planetary ruler of the rising sign. For instance if your Ascendant is Aries, then gems of Mars are appropriate. Gems ruling the planetary trines to Mars will also be enhancing, so other Fire sign rulers will be appropriate.

Wearing gems is seen as a support, maybe even a crutch, but the main idea is harnessing the planetary energy and bringing that energy in a very focused way into your body through a spiritual and psychic way. Problems may arise by wearing the gems relating to weak planets in your charts, or gems relating to Saturn like blue Sapphire. It is a popular gem for engagement rings and Saturn is further invoked by many people marrying on Saturday - Saturn's day. This will emphasise any problems within the relationship and subsequent marriage since the blue Sapphire has been chosen specifically to celebrate the union. Such is the power of gems. However, just wearing gems for fun and adornment does not necessarily have the same power since it is intention behind the act which is important.

The gems have to be set in specific metals. Mercury, because it is changeable, can be set in the element specifying a metal. For instance Emerald, a Mercury gem, can be set in silver or white gold if Mercury is in Cancer. If in Leo, Emerald should be set in gold. The Sun's Diamond is worn on the second (ring) finger because that is ruled by the Sun. The middle finger, ruled by Saturn, is where the blue Sapphire is worn. However, many people advise against wearing any ring on the middle finger as this invokes Saturn and its difficulties. Yellow Sapphire is worn on Jupiter's finger. I have been wearing yellow Sapphire since 1979 and have found that my mount of Jupiter has increased quite a bit since wearing it.

Mars is a fiery planet and considered to be very comfortable with the Sun. Gems ruled by Mars, the Sun and Venus can be worn on the traditional ring finger. You should not mix-match however, when you are wearing gems for therapy or remedial measures; you have to wear gems that are in harmony with each other. I must emphasise again this is only when you are wearing gems for therapeutic purposes. This does not apply when wearing gems for fun or simply adornment.

In remedial use, the wearing of gems is recommended for a specific period of time, say one month or one year in order to achieve pertinent goals. This can accord with a specific Dasha, that is a specific direction of what is happening at a certain time. If for instance, you are in a Dasha of Saturn then Saturn becomes the most important planet of that time, which is I9 years. You may wear the gems appertaining to Saturn during that time, if you wanted to.

Some astrologers suggest gems to strengthen your weak points. Personally I think you should wear gems to keep the more powerful areas of yow chart strong, rather than to accentuate your weak points. Certainly gem therapy is taken very seriously in India though it is open to abuse. Some astrologers may be keen to sell gems along with the consultation, which may cost £50, and the gem £5,000. Actually, sometimes people are reluctant to pay the astrologer but quite happy to spend £5,000 on a gem!

Indian born Komilla Sutton is is an internationally renowned astrological consultant, teacher and lecturer of Vedic astrology. She is one of the pioneers in making Vedic astrology more accessible for western readers, being the co-founder and Chair of the British Association for Vedic Astrology, and a board member of the American Council of Vedic Astrology.

Komilla's books include Vedic Love Signs, The Essentials of Vedic Astrology, Indian Astrology, and Lunar Nodes- Crisis and Redemption. Komilla also lectures worldwide on Vedic astrology. Details of her talks and seminars are available on her website at

© Komilla Sutton. Published online September 2005. Based on a lecture given at the Astrological Lodge of London on 12th May 2005 and first published in the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter, Issue 40, March 2004.

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