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syria july 27 2012

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3846
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:51 am    Post subject: syria july 27 2012 Reply with quote

hi there,

this is a rambling post.

i have done a few posts on syria over the past few years, mostly at noel tyl's site which i decided to withdraw from over the moderating approach.. a similar dynamic ensues here and i am close to doing the same at skyscript.. at any rate, i would like to share some thoughts on the astro around syria. it is undergoing an irreversible dynamic which i am surprised isn't being discussed. fwiw - you can access some of my comments on syria at tyls site via this link.

the usual problem exists with charts with a few to choose from. on another front - the free syria army was introduced via video on the internet about one year ago - july 29 2011
it is interesting timing with the dynamic unfolding at aleppo - syria's largest city which is closer to the turkish border - 40 km approx, and an area where the 'rebels'/fsa- appear to have a stronger presence.. i am not sure what to do for a time or location for this date, but have a general chart set for noon at aleppo july 29th 2011 for the time being.. it is interesting to think of this battle in aleppo as the biggest and baddest with t mars having just past the natal saturn at 12 libra in the fsa chart. it is also interesting to consider the approaching mars/saturn conjunction at 24 libra for a few reasons.

i mentioned in the thread on turkey from earlier that aug 15th would seem to be some sort of turning point for dynamics within turkey and i based it primarily on where this approaching conjunction lands in turkeys natal chart, along with a few other astro things. i had made the observation that 22 libra as a degree had popped up a few different times in some of the studies i had done on dynamics in syria's history.. saturn has done the station at 22 libra 45 and is slowly moving away from this point, but still within a degree of the 22 libra that i had observed as having some bearing on syrian history. if one looks at the date of the massacre in hama - feb 2 1982 one notes the mars/saturn in libra in a similar position to where we are here..

i was curious to know the birthdate for assad's wife.. the birthdate we have for basher assad is sept 11 1965, but we have no exact time for his birth.. isaac starkman has done a few rectifications, but i am not sure where he is at with these times at this moment. i have from him - 443pm and 1026pm, in that order, so perhaps he favours the 1026pm time more at this moment. the mars in the fsa chart catches the t square in assad's chart which is where much of the conflict is for assad and those born around this time via aspects anyway..

assad's wife is born aug 11 1975 in london england. her chart is undergoing some significant transits at this point as i see it - most notably perhaps is the saturn first quarter square to itself which happens to coincide with this mars/saturn conjunction in mid august that i was talking about earlier at about 24-25 libra.. her natal saturn is at 25-26 cancer. natal jupiter is at 25 aries and in opposition to this same approaching mars/saturn conjunction mid august.. i feel something is going to unfold in this time frame for her as well, and perhaps represent some sort of turning point for the assad family and perhaps the direction of syria. of course it goes without saying events are unfolding at a rapid pace, compared to a year ago. my comment and concern for turkey's direction would seem to be intimately wound up with the direction that syria is going in at this point in time. we don't have long to wait to see what this conjunction of mars/saturn at 24-25 libra brings for either syria or turkey.. i hope that a resolution is found, but i have a hard time visualizing one and imagine a scenario similar to iraq where assad eventually leaves or is removed, but after a lot of pain, suffering and murder with a vacuum created that is very difficult to imagine being filled..

that's it for now.
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Joined: 21 Apr 2011
Posts: 68

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi James

Chart I have been using for Syria is 1.1.44 but instead of 00:00:01 I have played around with a time 00:08:09/10 seconds, that's hours minutes and seconds zone -2 hours with Asc around 15Li02 57, 36E18, 33n30 on Morinus. I am using the 00 08 09 time experiementing with a certain technique is for the difference.

Either way using the midnight chart puts Mars, Uranus, Saturn in the 9th whole sign house. I think this fits pretty good with 9H being 12H from 10H showing troubles to leader of nation. Main causes to problems for Syria, internal strife, attempts to take over Govt by religious backed groups. Altho, Syria does pretty good job of getting into trouble regardless.

Here follows a theme I noted with this chart. It has to do with the Profections and mutable signs.

I omit many of the first years since there were so many coups, changes of Govt I wonder if even Astro could keep up.

I hope I have my data correct and that I make no typos so here goes. Letters Pro = Profected

1 Feb 58, united with Egypt, Pro Asc Sag
28 Sep 61 a coup to get out of union with Egypt, Pro Asc Pis
1967 War provoked by Israel, Pro Asc Vir
Sep 18 1970 To Jordan on behalf of Palestinians, this lasted a whopping four days to 22 Sep when Jordan drove Syria out of Jordan, also year of Assad coup, Pro Asc Sag
1973 Yom Kippur war Pro Asc Pis
1976 invade Lebanon, Pro Asc Gem
Apr 2006 is my data correct ?? left Lebanon Pro Asc Sag
1982 Homs massacre, Pro Asc Sag
2011 demos started for current events Pro Asc Tau, I can only explain this, Taurus, is 10H from Pof in Leo.
2012 when world really began to pay attention to Syria, Pro Asc Gem

If you then break down Profections this year -2012- on monthly basis but using 12 returns, 2012.07.01 or July 1, 2012 Monthly Pro Asc, Sag.

In other words when Profected Asc is mutable all heck breaks out. This is understandable with the three planets in Gemini and Moon in Pisces. Maybe this is interesting.... have not looked much at Turkey and have no data for Assads wife. Within a day or so I have more using the Septar charts. Michaelb
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3846
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi michael

thanks for sharing your perspective.

the 3 charts i have for syria are :
16 sept 1941 noon
1 jan 1944 0:00 am
17 april 1946 noon
all are for damascus location.

it is interesting when using profections as if one uses these 3 charts they will note the quadruplicities are all covered in the 3 charts.. 41 -sag, 44-libra and 46- leo. all 3 charts have something in the 9th house area using whole sign houses although the 41 might be considered the weakest if you question using pluto/chiron.

one of the reasons i like the 41 chart is due the location of mars at 23 aries, which is where saturn has been sitting opposite the past while.. as i was mentioning in the previous post for some reason 22 libra, or cardinal seems to be highlighted in important events in syrias history, especially to do with war. however each chart has something in the vicinity. the 44 chart has mercury at 24 cap sationary retro in the 4th, while the 46 chart has sun at 26 aries in the 9th.

that is one of the challenges of astrology is the amount of overlap using more then 1 chart, and it is complicated further using more planets, or stellar bodies that aren't designated as planets.

using transit data i like the 44 chart for this reason - t pluto/uranus square is on the natal sun in the 4th, with t mars/saturn in the 1st ,while t south node has just passed the natal mars/uranus in the 9th.

i like the 41 chart as that prominent mars in aries i was mentioning squares onto natal moon in cancer in the 8th and has been under heavy pressure from saturn opp and square this natal square. mars will be in this same area in another few weeks and coincide with the mars/saturn conjunction at 24 that i have been yammering away about.. i think this is a critical juncture for syria if one relies on the 41 chart.

if one goes with the chart for 46, the focus for me is on the prominent t square which is also going to catch this transiting mars/saturn transit culminating at 24 libra.

going back to profections.. one can overlap any one of the 3 modes if they want to using 1 of the 3 charts.. perhaps this is a way of isolating a more likely candidate for the best chart for syria, but i am not a fan of profections so haven't tried doing that with these charts for syria. i suppose if i was forced to use only one chart for syria it would be the chart for 41.

on another related topic i note basher assads venus at 27 libra which is 135 natal saturn at 13 pisces.. feeling unloved is something i think of when saturn gets together with venus and of course his natal venus will be experiencing this transit of saturn fairly shortly as well.. it is funny i say this because if you look at the chart for his wife - data i have is aug 11 1975 london using a noon time in absence of an actual birth time, one quickly notes the t square in the chart with saturn at 26 cancer very close to assads venus by square. this is complicated by her uranust at 28 libra which is a direct conjunction to assads venus.. the push pull involving saturn/uranus - old verses new - would seem to characterize her connection to assad and i do continue to wonder what the transit to this sensitive area to both charts foretells. to me i think there is a strong likelihood of a turning point with saturn into these later degrees of libra. of course the momentum of reality on the ground for syria and assad continue to pick up.. time will tell soon enough. we appear to be reaching a critical turning point sooner then later, but i could be very wrong on this. it is my impression and i might indeed be using the astro to back it up here.
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