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Local elections held in Norway

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Andrew Bevan

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Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:36 am    Post subject: Local elections held in Norway Reply with quote

Local elections held in Norway

Local elections were held in Norway on September 12. 2011. There was some excitement connected to the participation of eligible voters at this election in the wake of the terror acts in Norway on July 22. Vote participation was 62,4% and 4% higher than at the previous electioin - but not as high as anticipated, and a July 22. effect was not as high as some had expected.

On a national basis the results were:
Arbeiderpartiet (Labour) 33,1% +2,5%
Höyre (Conservatives) 27,7% + 9%
Frp (Progress Party) 11,8% - 6,7%
SP (Centre Party, Farmers) 6,3% -1,7%
KrF (Christian democrats) 5,9% -0,9%
Venstre (Liberal Party) 5,6% unch.
SV (Socialist Left Party) 4,3% -2,2%

In conclusion, the Conservatives lead by Erna Solberg, were the big winners, gaining +9%, while the Progress Party and Siv Jensen -6,7%, and the Socialist Left with Kristin Halvorsen -2,2%, were the elections big loosers. After the result was known, Kristin Halvorsen announced she would resign as party leader at the forthcoming annual party meeting in the spring of 2012. This is in line with my predictions at RadioNorge on January 19. and as a guest at 'Showman', TV2Zebra, on February 24. 2011.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Presently, I'm not sure how to improve on my work on Norwegian politics or illuminate this work in a better manner. From my work at

Krisitin Halvorsen - Jan 21.2011:
- Halvorsen is heading towards political defeat, but she doesn't have carry the burden all on her own. The question is whether any political maneuvers taken in advance to improve the outfall for the party - rather than bringing the lady to a point of exhaustion. Comparisons would be Brundtland, when she failed in getting Norway to enter the EU in 1994, Bondevik, when he had to take a time-out and sick-leave in 1997, and Lars Sponheim, who cast his cards and resigned as party leader for the Liberals (V) after the devastating election in 2009.

Siv Jensen - Aug 13. 2009:
- In March 2011 there is a change of gears as the Solar Age Point leaves Libra and enters Virgo. This will be a period of great excitement, however, cooperation could be a problem. She will have to be careful as not to pit herself through Spring and Summer '11 as her SAP closes in on the Moon's South node. However, the planet providing the packet of surprises in the beginning of March 2011 is the planet Uranus.

The Progress Party have been troubled with internal scandals, involving a sex-scandal in the beginning of March, and Siv Jensen suffered a back injury.

The present Stoltenberg government formed in 2005 is a red-green coalition that never before has occurred in Norwegian history, and Stoltenberg admitted yesterday that he had secret meetings with Kristin Halvorsen before they officially negotiated and attempted to form the coalition. Yet this coalition was shown and predicted from the natal chart of SP leader Aslaug Haga as early as February 2003.
- She (Haga) will enjoy a position in a future government - a coalition to be formed together with socialist parties Arbeiderpartiet and Sosialistisk Venstre.

And then there was the prediction of Brundtland resigning in 1996, Jagland's fall in 1997 and the two goverments of Kjell Magne Bondevik, 1997-2000 & 2001-2005.

It can all be documented, so I suppose, from the perspective of a political astrologer, the questions are: "Where to go from here?" and "What next??"
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