This is great news but there doesn't seem to be a link to follow that information up, and I can't find any information about Mark Riley's website. Do you know Levente?

Hi Deb,

well, I've sent an e-mail to Mark Riley and currently am waiting for the reply. I hope the PDF will be published on his website as his articles too can be found there. If anything happens, I'll inform you.


Yes that would be really wonderful if he published the PDF on his site (or even if he made it available for purchase at a reasonable price instead of the extortionate fee that academic publications sell for).
Almost too good to think about, so let's just keep our fingers crossed. Thanks for posting the news, and I for one will be very grateful for any updates you can add in future.

Mr Pearse posted at the Forum That Shall Remain Nameless about ancient texts, since he'd run across some interesting titles of old from Project Hindsight, and was wondering where he might find these or others in the UK.

I suggested trying the Warburg Institute and this forum for enqury - but if anyone knows for certain, then feel free to drop him a line via his blog.

I won't copy the whole thing, but here's the gist:

Quite by accident I have become aware of the existence of Antiochus of Athens and other ancient astrologers, and I am trying to find out more about them. I have downloaded the Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum volumes, but the text in these is in Greek which I do not read at all well.

I have learned of a series of translations of this and other ancient astrological authors made by a certain Robert Schmidt and published by Golden Hind during the 80's and 90's. The list of these at Project Hindsight (to whom I have written, but one email bounced and the other has had no reply) is quite extraordinary, and very interesting indeed!

levente_laszlo (osthanes) wrote:I've got the reply: in some days the translation will be downloadable from his website. The link is which Astraea has given above.

This is very exciting - what excellent news! Thank you for this update. :D

I've got the reply: in some days the translation will be downloadable from his website. The link is which Astraea has given above.
Thanks Levente,

This is really brilliant news! :lala

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jerd wrote:In the Scholarship section you have 2 links to download the "Vettius Valens entire" Pdf; unless of course there is another version coming out...
I guess you mean his survey on the Anthologies (a journal article) and a technical wordlist. Actually, neither is the translation; he said he would need some days to upload it.

what I have downloaded is a 184 pages Pdf document titled Vettius Valens entire which includes translations of Books 1 through 9 and a last chapter titled "A Fifth?Century Addition".

I am aware of the survey and wordlist texts, but that is not what I downloaded from the Scolarship section, in which you find the phrase: "Vettius Valens- Find a link here to a translation of Vettius Valens Anthologiai, the longest astrological text from Greco-Roman antiquity."

Mr. Riley writes the following about that text: "What you find here is a preliminary translation completed in the 1990?s"

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