Eurovision 2010

Eurovision 2010

The Eurovision final 2010 will be held in Oslo, Norway, at 21.00 CST on 20. May. The chart is cast for my own location for the simple reasons that the arena is only a few miles up the road from where I live. I have no strong convictions this year as in 2009, but I do think that the present chart has a liking for Armenia and Sweden. Whether that is enough to secure a victory, well I'm not sure...

The Moon in the first degree of Capricorn is in square to Uranus. The first thing is that the date for this years final was moved from 22. May to 29. May because the first day collided with the final for the Champions League. Two giant media events could not be held at the same time and compete for the attention of television viewers. It is an interesting act of fate and 'a change of plans' if it in any way reveals who will win the Eurovision 2010 in Oslo. As astrologers we believe that the chart 'must fit'.

I believe that the winning song is signified by Saturn, who is culminating, in sextile to the ascendant and casts his antiscia close to the MC. Saturn rules the MC by exaltation and may indicate a 'suprize' or something extraordinary. Saturn is in the degree of Venus' fall - so I like the idea of something 'falling to Earth' or something ribbed to its bare essentials. The Swedish entry sung by Anna Bergendahl "This is My Life", has these qualities, in addition to Sweden being signified by Aquarius and ruled by Saturn. The Armenian entry 'Apricot Stone' performed by Eva Rives also has the Saturnian quality of the simple stone from a fallen fruit. R.E.Bills has Armenia listed under Gemini, but I know for sure I was tracking an earthquake sequence in the 90's that caused me to put Armenia under Libra in my personal notes.

I think that Mars, L5, in conjuction with Alphard shows the simpleness of someone or something that stands alone, and I also consider Venus, L10, so close the Dragon's Tail to indicate the bare remains of a fruit, incarnation or state of existance.

The odds have changed since the chart first was posted on my own site on 18. March, but the current prices quoted by Unibet are: Israel 3:1, Azerbaijan 3,5:1, Germany 4:1, Armenia 12:1, Denmark 12:1, Croatia 12:1, Norway 12:1 and Sweden 15:1. If anyone else has a different view that would be interesting. The German entry 'Satellite' is every so catchy. Mars, L1, trine the cusp of the 5th in Aries? The competition seems rather open.
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Saturn is elevated in the chart, rules the Midheaven by exaltation, is sextile the ascendant, dispositor of the Moon and casts his antiscia to the IC, as Goca correctly pointed out :', but he is not essentially dignified. This may be a problem, however, he does receive the opposition from Jupiter who may fortunate him.

Mars IS essentially dignified by term and face, is lord of the ascendant and the 5th, and aspects the cusp of the 5th by trine. Mars has just passed the nonagesial and is square the ascendant through signs of long ascension. Which planet is mot powerful?

The chart on the 1987 contest may be taken for comparison, although this chart is not an event chart but a horary: Link

I would like to test out what I read about Acrophonology (
We see here ruler of 1st is Ma. Ma is connected with letter "A" . This is contest of countries so we look for countries started with "A" in name. According to WilliamHill among possible first 5 are:
So, we see Azerbaijan or Armenia are countries with letter "A".
I would chouse Azerbaijan as possible winner because Azerbaijan has 3 "A" while Armenija has 2 "A" in name, and because Azarbaijan singer has letter "A" in her name: Safura Alizadeh, even more in her name we have letter "S" (Safura). Letter "S" is conneceted with Sa and as Andrew said it is culminating.

Interesting approach, Goca! :)

Saturn is almuten of the Midheaven, collecting dignities of exaltation, triplicity, term and face. The ascendant is in his terms. Yes, Mars could have a say.

Israel have a good song, but they are the favourites and I don't think this chart promotes the favourite. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that politics could get in the way for their entry this year - but it shouldn't be like that.

I'm still curious about the German entry. Saturn and 'Satellite'; Saturn, Lord of the 3rd, intercepted in the 9th in Virgo? The price of 4:1 is good and this is selecting a song within the Top 3.

Links to the entries:
Israel, odds 3:1, Song: Miril / Artist: Haral Skaat, born 8.Aug 1981
Azerbaijan, odds: 3,5:1, Song: Drip Drop / Artist: Safura, born 20. Sept 1992
Germany, odds 4:1, Song: Satellite / Artist: Lena Meyer-Landrut, born 23. May 1991
Armenia, odds 12:1, Song: Apricot Stone / Artist: Eva Rives, born 13.July 1987
Denmark, odds 12:1, Song: In a moment like this / Artist: Chan?e & N'evergreen (Group)
Croatia, odds 12:1, Song: Jako Je Sve / Artist: Feminnem (Group)
Sweden, odds 15:1, Song: This is my life / Artist: Anna Bergendahl, born 11. Dec 1991

Safura for Azerbaijan has her natal Sun 28 Virgo (conjunct transit Saturn!), while Germany's Lena Meyer-Landrut has her natal Sun 2 Gemini and is trine the MC and sextile antiscia Saturn.
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Andrew, what do you think about this my chart?
Will Mian Stankovic (he represent Serbia) go to final?
As I am his fan, Milan gets 1st house. To qualify to final is 10th house matter ruler is Ju.
Me is Cazimi, that is testimony he is relly quality singer. But also in detriment, fall and peregrine. (?!)Me is in conjunct with fixed star Markab "star of sorrow" and also ASC is in unfortunate fixed star Betelgeuse, so not a good start. POF in unfortunate 12 house again ruled by Me as also 4 house "end of matter". Moon will conjunct first Ju and go to Me but Me conjunct Su before Moon catch it so I think this is NO answer? What do you think?

Hi Goca,

Well, this question is asked on the Day of the Sun and in the Hour of Saturn. Mercury is cazimi with the Sun being lord of the Day. Saturn, Lord of the hour, is in the sign of his exaltation on the cusp of the 5th. Venus is the lady of the 5th and she is in her own terms in the 11th house of good fortune, hopes and wishes.

But is the chart radical? The chart cannot be judged from the ascendant, unless you give virtue to Luna and Jupiter, who rule Cancer by sign and exaltation, and in which case are applying to a conjunction in the 10th. Jupiter is square fortuna through signs of short ascension. The Moon actually performs a semi-sextile to Venus, lady of the 5th and in the 11th, before joining to Jupiter. I do believe this is quite auspiscious, seeing that Venus disposes the Moon by exaltation.

Bottom line, I can see no disrupting planet and believe Mian Stankovic should stand a fair chance for the final. At least, I cannot see how this chart should get in his way. :)

The Serbian entry: Link

I am due to agree with you, Goca, it's just that there is no judging whether the ascendant is in Gemini or in Cancer, and the 30th degree of a sign has 'no virtue' in that sign but in the next - there I moved to Cancer and the significations of the Moon and Jupiter to judge what was lay just slightly beneith the surface.

I'm still working on the German entry ' Satellite'. The final is held only one day after Uranus enters Aries. The Moon is in a tight square with space age Uranus. Our natural satellite, the Moon, is applying to a square with the MC. If the Satellite is signified by Saturn, Lord of Aquarius 3rd house, then the opposition to Jupiter shows the long distance journey, or 'travelling beyond bounds'.

The artist, Lena Meyer-Landrut, has not only her natal Sun 2GE, but she has Venus and the Moon's South node in Cancer, identical to as found in the event chart. It would appear her natal Moon was most likely in early Libra, which is the MC at the time the finals start. She is born during a Jupiter/Saturn opposition!

Solar chart for Lena Meyer-Landrut

Does the fact that Sa is stacionary (in final chart) has some meaning?
Yes, it is practically stationary - and that makes it important in every way. By the way, the last time Germany won the Eurovision Song Contest was on 24. April 1982. Place: Harrogate, England. That is almost a Saturn-cycle ago and Saturn was in Libra. They won with the song "A bisschen Frieden". I do not have an exact time for when the show started, but if it was at 20.00 BST then Venus would have been exalted in Pisces on the cusp of the 5th house. Mars was 2LI14, which relates to the MC in the chart in Oslo on 29. May 2010.