National Chart of Iceland

With all the current turbulence in Iceland, national bankruptcy, etc. it is appropriate to take a peek at their national chart. The chart presented here is their proclaimation of a republic on June 17. 1944. The Republic was formally inagurated at, ref. The Book of World Horoscopes - Nicholas Campion. This book is worth it's weight in gold, if anyone is looking for security in these insecure times!! 8)
Neptune on the Ascendant, this nation consists maily of fishermen and they have been hostorically vulnerable as such. Iceland is also known for its many geysirs. The recent station of Mercury at 22LI50 conjunct transit Mars occured in the second house of the national chart. Sure like hell, their banks have been in trouble. Although this has been a global problem, the President of Iceland has proclaimed the nation bankrupt.

Transit Pluto has made one entry into Capricorn and was challenging the cusp of the 4th before retrograding back into Sagittarius. However, he is still within the boundaries of the cusp, as to indicate things that are on the build, and he has also been opposing Saturn in the chart of Iceland, who is lord of the 4th. The restructuring of national resources and ownership is likely to be an issue as Pluto enters the 4th house and opposes the Midheaven. Pluto refrains from the opposition to the Midheaven in the beginning of April 2009 as he turns retrograde on April 4. at 3CP18.

But notice that Reykjavik on May 29. 2008 was hit by a significant earthquake that measured 6,1 on Richters scale. At this point Pluto was located 0CP21, which is exactly on the contra-antiscia of Saturn, lord of the 4th. Iceland has many active or potentially active volcanos and the eruption of Helgefjell on Jan 23. 1973, which buried the nearby town of Herculaneum should be mentioned. There was a solar eclipse on Jan.4.1973 at 14CP10, which is in the 4th house of the Iceland chart, but most interestingly I notice that Uranus made a station on Jan. 27 at 23LI04 (Compare with the current station of Mercury)!! Transit Pluto was on Jan. 23 4LI20 and within a degree of a square to the Midheaven. The 70's were also colored by another crises of national and territorial importance, namely the Cod-war. As Pluto passes the 4th cusp this Island is again due to be vulnerable to a national crises and there is likely to be an example of heightened volcanic activity.

A Union between Norway and Iceland?

Is a new Union between Norway and Iceland possible? This question comes to mind in view of the current crises. The anchestory bond between Norway and Iceland is strong after the island was permenantly settled by the Norsemen in the late 9th century A.D. (Ing?lfur Arnarson AD 874). The republic was under the rule of Norwegian between 1264 to 1381 (ref. Book of World Horoscopes - Campion)
Venus, who is lady of the hour, is lady of the 7th (union) and 11th (relief) and detrimented in the ascendant. She has recently lost her own terms, but does still have dignity by face. She rules the 4th house of land and homecountry by exaltation. The exaltation rulers show the extra-ordinary!

Scorpio is on the ascendant, the sign that is naturally associated with Norway. The Moon is lady of the intercepted Cancer in the 8th house. This is the finanial issue. She also rules the 7th house by exaltation!! and applies to Mars, lord of the first by a dexter trine. The dexter aspect seeks secure and defensive solutions. Mars is lord of the ascendant and located in both sign, term and face. He is dispositor of Venus, and the Moon who is located in both the exaltation and term of Venus, does apply by aspect to him.

Both Mars and Moon are cadent, which could make the proposition less likely, but both countries are of a remote location and maybe an agreement (3rd house) between Iceland and Norway along this context would include an independent administration (Moon in Pisces).
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Don?t you want to have another try with Sweden instead? :) Although it din?t go that well the last time! :-T

Do you have a birt time for Sweden in that book you are referring to? I would like to have a look at our nearest future!

Best Regards/Anna

It is possible to have an open mind on these matters, because if the economics collapses this will pave the way for some unusual constellations. :)

The Norwegians already do most their shopping in Sweden, anyone close to the boarder at least - because it's cheaper. Both Norway and Sweden are Monarchies. Norway is not a member of the European Union, while Sweden is. Both Norway and Sweden still trade the 'Krone' or 'Crown' as their national currencies - although they do not have the same value. Back some 20-30 years in time 100 Swedish Kroner cost about 120 Norwegain Kroner. Now it is the other way round.

Norway has terretorial rights at Spitsbergen, the North Pole and Antactica. It would have been in the Norwegain nature to try and secure interests around Iceland...

Keep working with the idea! :'

Iceland first have to ask for help

Said the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to NTB on Saturday. The Central Bank of Iceland has the possibility of loaning 500 million Euro from Norway according to an agreement signed already in May. Conservative leader Erna Solberg emphasised in a letter to the Prime Minister on Friday that Norway must be prepared to offer further help to the crises-strucken country.

? I repeated latest yesterday to my colleague in Iceland, Geir Haarde, that the Norwegian offer of a loan still stands. If Iceland ask for any other sort of assistance, we will consider. But so far there has not been any enquiry of this kind and Iceland has not used the possibilities of a loan that they already have, said Stoltenberg.

Icelandic Bank under Norwegian administration

Icelandic Bank under Norwegian administration

The Norwegian Finance Ministry decided that the Norwegian branch of the bankrupt Icelandic Bank 'Kaupthing', shall be put under official administration as from today. The decision includes all of the banks belongings in and financial obligations to Norway and is taken to secure the interests of and avoid a differential treatment of creditors in Norway.

Andrew, do you have a birth time for Sweden? You forgot to answer that one before.

People (even journalists) here has starting to discus whether Russia are going to occupy Gotland to secure the Gas line.

And I was considering making a (very minor) investment in Vostok Nafta. :shock:

Icelandic professor wants to use Norwegian Kroner.

Professor in Economics Th?r?lfur Matthiasson at the University of Iceland says that Iceland has to introduce the Norwegian currency. In his opinion the Central Bank of Iceland has lost its credibility and will remain at a low for decades. Iceland can not continue with its own currency, Matthiasson says.

- One option is to enter the EU and go over to the Euro, but I think it is more realistic to enter into a sort of currency union with Norway, says Matthiasson to Bergens Tidene. He refers to that both Iceland and Norway are in the EFTA with the same relationship to Europe and that both countries have big fishing resources and are heavy in energy.

-We also have a common history. I think that both culturally, economically and geopolitical reasons speak for a cooperation of this kind, says the professor. (15.10.08, NTB)
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Anna wrote:Andrew, do you have a birth time for Sweden? You forgot to answer that one before.
No, I hadn't forgotten. I refered to the book of Nicholas Campion, which is a resource on this sort of information. I kind of hoped that someone would buy the book, or alternatively that someone else got involved. I didn't want to have to feel embarressed next time I met Nick Campion.

Thanks for the info, Andrew

Hi Andrew

Thanks for the interesting information. I read of Iceland's financial troubles in our South African Sunday paper on 12 October 2008.

In it they mention that Iceland's banks owe 8 times the National GDP and that they were asking Russia for a 4 billion Euro loan. Do you think this is a typo in our South African papers? Should this have read 4 million Euro which Denmark and Norway have now loaned Iceland?

Both of Nicholas Campion's books - "The Book of World Horoscopes" and "The Dawn of Astrology" are on my wishlist. They both seem wonderful books and are highly recommended by my teacher Noel Tyl.

Karen James