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Is this person stalking me or my friend

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Joined: 13 Jan 2018
Posts: 114

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2021 2:16 pm    Post subject: Is this person stalking me or my friend Reply with quote

This guy and my friend live in my neighborhood. I have never spoken to anyone in my neighborhood until recently when I got a puppy. I used to see this guy pass by my house with his dog everyday and never spoke to him. He would say a hello sometimes when he saw me out in my garden or with my puppy outside my house, sometimes I respond, sometimes I dont. I am not rude, I just dont speak to people or make friends easily.
Then early this year a lady started coming to my house everyday with her dog and would chat with me for hours. So we became friends.
I realized a month or two later that this lady is stalking this man in my neighborhood. She is married and the man is also married and has a child.
By then I had become friends with this lady's husband and also met this mans wife and child..and kind of knew his wife also now.

It made me a little uncomfortable that this lady was lurking around my house 4 times a day for hours stalking this man. I had no problem with her stalking the man, but her lurking around my house and chatting up with me all day..reached a point where I didnt feel like entertaining her anymore.
I also noticed this man always lurking around my house in his car, or with his dog. I assumed he is stalking this woman.
So they were both married and stalking each other..and flirting.
I started to distance myself from both of them espescially the woman because she is the one chatting up with me while stalking him. I tried to avoid her as much as possible.
So the man and the lady found a different place to hangout and flirt, I assume.

But lately I notice the man still lurking around my house. I thought he is looking for her. But by now they have each others numbers and also meet up somewhere else, so he doesn't have to be lurking around my place.

Question: Is he stalking me or my friend.

image uploader

The chart has Pisces rising with Neptune in the first which perfectly describes my confusion. I take him as the 7th because I asked about him as the other. The seventh is in Virgo and has both Mercury and Mars in it.
I also always use the 7th for friends, have never used the 11th for friends, so I am unsure of choosing a significator for my friend the lady.

Looking at the significators masculine Mars in 7th, I took him as Mars in 7th house. The lord of 7th house Mercury I took as my friend. If that's the correct significators, then Mars in my friends house and ruled by her. So he is invested in her. That's a clear answer he is stalking her.

I want to know whether I have read this chart correctly.
My friend is sun sign virgo, very chatty like a gemini. she is petite and attractive. She is in her early 30's. Does Mercury in Virgo describe her? I think so. What do you think?
Or should I take Venus in Libra for her and mercury in virgo as his wife? Because his wife is also petite and quite attractive.
The Man is tall and kind of young, mid to late twenties maybe. That is descriptive of Mars, I think.

Saturn and Venus are in trine. Venus rules the 3rd house of neighbors and Saturn the 11th house of community and friends. If the guy is Saturn and the friend is Venus, then there is an aspect there to confirm that.

Either ways, he seems to be stalking her. This leaves me confused. I have changed my dog walking time to avoid both these people, but strangely I find him outside either in his car or just walking with his baby. Anytime I step out in the garden to play with my dog..I see him pass by. So what is he doing if he is not stalking me. Is it just coincidence?

I noticed that Mercury is trine Pluto the planet of obsession. Mars is trining Pluto too. So I think Mercury is my friend and Mars is him. Both kind of obsessed with each other and stalking each other.

What I cant find is the spouses of these two in the chart. Or does the chart not show the spouses because the question was not about them?
Anyone have any inputs? Thanks!

PS: I realize the word stalk might be too strong, but I cant find any other word to describe whats happening. Nobody in this situation is in any kind of threat. I dont think this guy or my friend are those type of stalkers that would stalk and attack. This is just that middle school type of flirting where you show up whereever you think your crush would be. Very immature type of flirting.
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Joined: 13 Jan 2018
Posts: 114

Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2021 12:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, someone said that 7th ruler is the man because I asked about his intentions/actions. Mars being a masculine planet is also him. So both Mercury and Mars are him.
Either that or Mars is indication of the conflict in his marriage, which is also true. There is some conflict right now.

I noticed there is a quincunx aspect between Jupiter/Mars and Mercury, and Moon/Mars and Mercury. This seems like another indication that the guy is Mercury and Mars. Because that's the kind of relationship b/w us. We notice each other but don't communicate with each other, and there is always some kind of disconnect even those times when we do communicate.
Mercury recently opposed Neptune in my first house, which caused the confusion of whether or not he is stalking me.

I am guessing he is keeping an eye on me to see what information I might give the wife. This is just a logical guess, but I don't see this anywhere in the chart.
He is in his own house and dignified being angular and in own sign.

I am not sure whether my friend is Venus in Libra or Saturn in Aquarius. If I am looking at the aspects, Moon has recently opposed Venus and sextiled Saturn. I try to avoid her, but when I do bump into her or she shows up at my door, I am very polite and friendly with her. We still talk for hours if she finds me outside in my garden or shows up at my door. So the opposition does not make sense.
So she could be Saturn.
But Venus in Libra is more descriptive of her though. She is an attractive woman, and Libra women are flirty I read somewhere.
She could be both Saturn and Venus, just as the Man is both Mercury and Mars.
There is no aspect between Mars and Mercury with Venus. There is no aspect between Saturn/Mars and Mercury either.
Saturn and Venus are in aspect though.

I'm concluding the Man is not stalking me.
I don't know why there is no aspect between them. Regardless of whether they stalk or not, they are flirting or at the very least in communication with each other.
I still don't know which planets in this chart represents the spouses of these two.

If the guy is Saturn, then my friend is Venus. This shows their friendship/romance or whatever.
Saturn is in my 12th. He is keeping an eye on me. I think he is afraid I might tell his wife about his flirting...
The Moon translates light from Venus to Saturn, they would use my house as a spot to meet each other. So this makes sense too..
The thing is Saturn doesn't describe him. He has a friendly warm personality.
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Joined: 06 Aug 2007
Posts: 42
Location: England

Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 8:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You seem to have given this matter a great deal of thought and indicate it is giving you cause for much concern, so I feel you deserve a response.

If you simplify your question to reflect you and the man, then you could consider your significators to be Jupiter (Asc ruler) and the Moon. The significator for the man could be Mercury (7th house = other person) or Mars as this is most angular + in the 7th house.

Mercury and Mars are in Virgo and the detriment of Jupiter, but neither make a major aspect, or by antiscia, to Jupiter or the Moon so there does not appear to be any testimony of adverse action against you; there may be some feeling of antipathy by him toward you.

Neither Jupiter or the Moon seem threatened, unless you feel the square from the Moon to Pluto is of consequence?
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Joined: 13 Jan 2018
Posts: 114

Posted: Fri Sep 10, 2021 5:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The man is not a threat, but the woman has become a threat now!

This woman who I refer to as my friend, has been a major source of annoyance these past 9 months. I used to tolerate her, but today I lost my temper and asked her to stay away from my house and me.

Long story short, this woman has been lurking in around the front yard and backyard of my house for hours 4 times a day. She enters the front yard with her dog and walks in to my front yard like it's a park to entertain dogs and people. I would be polite because she is from the neighborhood, but even when I showed my annoyance, it didn't affect her. She seemed too thick skinned to realize she is annoying me. I don't think she is dense. She is incredibly manipulative, selfish and greedy. In the past 9 months that I have known her, she has said things about herself, and done things that prove she is very manipulative and knows what she is doing.

I have a fence and a gate. She can't just walk in, she has to open the gate and walk in. Guess what? This woman opens the gate and walks in. The backyard is completely fenced and there is no gate to enter, and there is another house behind. But she stand just outside the fence watching inside. Mine is a corner house, she is standing outside the fence in the corner sides and looking in. The sides are also fenced. The fence is around 4.5 ft tall, the woman is 5 ft.

My puppy is now 10.5 months old, her dog is almost 2 years old. When my puppy was not fully trained he would pee in the front yard. Her dog also started peeing in my front yard and also the porch. I toleratled this for a while and very politely told her in March, not to get her dog inside because he is peeing. She blamed my puppy saying that because my puppy is peeing inside the other dog is also peeing. My puppy was fully trained by March.
She continued to bring her dog let him pee, and pretended to not see or acted like its no big deal. In April I put a lock to my gate, and wrote a note on the gate for deliveries like Amazon, mails etc to just through the package inside the fence and leave it there. They did that and I picked it from there inside later.

She was still shamelessly coming near my house, now her dog started peeing along the fence. I told her in June to not come near my fence or the pavement in front. Just stiay on the road. She didn't care! She was still coming, chatting with me while her dog peed along the fence of the front yard, the side fence also. So I gave up! I realized she has no shame. The only way I can get rid of her for good was when I left this place. I was planning to leave in December so decided to just tolerate her.

In July she started coming into my front yard from the side fence which broke because of rain. The entire fence did not break, just a little bit broke, just enough for a human to squeeze in. She would squeee in through that and ring the doorbell and excitedly tell me how she managed to come in. I have always been very polite eventhough I was annoyed. I would make excuses that I am busy or tell her I have a meeting, but she would still stick around saying, I will go in 5 mins. But ended up staying an hour. Sometimes I just didn't open the door. She would just lurk around the house, sit in the porch for sometime and and go back.

This continued but today I was watching from my window, she pulled her dog in and came to my front porch sat down talking to someone on the phone. She sat there for 40 minutes straight and her dog peed on my furniture.

Today I lost my temper. I had had enough. I told her to just go and never come to my place again. So I thought that's the end. She will not come again, but I was sure she will badmouth me.
So I made this chart asking what she would do now.

Chart: What will this creepy woman do now?

image upload

When I made this chart, I was so sure she wont come back again. I didn't feel threatened by her at all. I just knew she will badmouth.
But guess what? She showed up again at 5pm with her husband and stood by my fence and made her dog pee there. Now I am worried!

I will post my dilineation later. I am too stressed now!
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Joined: 13 Jan 2018
Posts: 114

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 5:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am Mars and she is Venus. Moon has just conjuncted Venus, showing the coversation I had with her. I made this chart about half and hour after asking her to stay away from me.

Venus is in the 12th, which is the house of secret enemies and stalkers.

I knew she would badmouth. I asked what she would do and the chart shows her entering Scorpio in my 12. She will do something out of spite, I don't know what.

Moon squares Saturn in the next sign. So does Venus. Could be gossip, but it doesn't affect me or her gossip will not be taken seriously, because of the square, I am guessing.

Venus has last trined Jupiter my house. That's another indication Venus is the correct significator for her. I have always used 7th for friends. 11th just did'nt work for me.

What I didn't notice at first was that even the first chart with the question "is he stalking me or my friend", even that chart shows that she is the one stalking me.
Venus in that chart is trine Saturn on the cusp of 12th house.

I don't think she is stalking me for any romantic reasons or obsessions.
I just think she is a social climber and freeloader, who is just forcing a friendship with me.
I always knew she was a forcing this friendship for financial benefits, so I didn't take her stalking as anything threatening.
Now I have realized, that she is very creepy and I should have not have entertained her at all.

Her husband told me today that she is very upset, she didn't think I would be so angry with her. I told him, I don't want to be friends with her anymore.
I was tempted to tell him about her stalking that guy, but I did not. I didn't want to create any problems in their marriage. Actually, I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to be part of their drama. I have my own issues to deal with. I will be leaving in 3 months, I have a lot of things to do.

I think she will continue to be a pain because my significator enters her sign Libra soon. I will get the fence fixed.
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