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Prediction on 2020 Presidential Election -2020-Mark Cullen

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Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 11:51 am    Post subject: Prediction on 2020 Presidential Election -2020-Mark Cullen Reply with quote

Astrological Prediction on USA Presidential Election 2020


I am issuing this prediction just before the polls open in Washington DC for the 2020 US Presidential election on Tuesday November 3rd 2020. At this point it might be asked why even bother? In large part I just feel I want to put my views on record whether they are proven correct or not. I think its important we put our techniques to the test.

My main justification for this tardy effort is that most of my free time has been consumed in a project for some months collating predictions from other astrologers across the world. Its been a fascinating experience to observe how astrologers have approached this election with radically different astrological methods. Some excellent astrologers have come to quite opposing views on the outcome of the 2020 election.

One thing I can state. This effort is not opportunistic. With Donald Trump ranging from odds of around a 5% (The Economist) to a 12% (Five ThirtyEight) his chance of winning this election according to the pollsters is dismally low. My decision to predict an ultimate win by Trump over Biden at this stage may seem highly quixotic and even foolhardy. However, I have decided to follow the astrology and ignore what the polling evidence indicates. If that assessment proves refuted by the actual result of this election it will still provide a valuable astrological lesson and opportunity for further research.

My approach
While most of the astrological commentary on the US election has focused on the charts of Donald Trump and Joe Biden exclusively, traditionally, in the hierarchy of mundane astrology other kinds of charts carry greater significance in the assessment in the affairs of country. Chief among these is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction , eclipses, lunations, comets, and ingress charts. Moreover, I am not convinced that we are working with correct natal data for either Donald Trump and/or especially Joe Biden. For those that are interested in my position here I have added a section at the end of this piece entitled ‘natal chart controversies’ which discusses the various alternative birth times proposed for both Trump and Biden. I also feel that offering further detailed natal analysis on both candidates at this points may just look like astrological plagiarism. I therefore want to offer a different approach here.

For reasons of brevity I don’t intend to go through every piece of mundane technique. However, I will cover the following here.
1. The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle and the 2020 Election
2. USA chart (1776)
3. The Opening of Poll Contest Chart
4. The December Eclipse/Electoral College Vote
5. The Inauguration Chart
6. Aries Ingress
7. Libra Ingress
8. Scorpio Ingress
9. Conclusion
10. Addendum: Natal Chart Controversies

1. The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle and the 2020 Election.

Much of the astrological community has understandably been focused on the 2020 great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius which takes place on December 21st. This certainly marks a highly significant event astrologically with the shift of the two great chronometers Jupiter and Saturn into the sign of Aquarius. More importantly this marks a ‘great mutation’ of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions from the earth triplicity to a long series of conjunctions in the air triplicity. This cycle continues until interrupted by a conjunction in the water triplicity in Scorpio in the year 2159.

Its also been noted by many astrologers that Presidential Elections coinciding with the year zero close to a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction have often coincided with the death of a President in office. The so called ‘Presidential death cycle’ occurring in twenty year gaps has actually been recognised by non-astrologers through the notion of the so called ‘’Tecumseh’s curse’’. Its been suggested that if the cycle did occur it has ceased to operate after the triple Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the sign of Libra in 1980-81. Nevertheless, there was a serious assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan in 1981. While the 9/11 attacks did not hit the White House it has been speculated that the hijacked Flight 77 which crashed may was being directed towards Washington DC.

More generally, a case can be made that other extraordinary and unprecedented events often seem to accompany such Presidencies such as The American Civil War, the Attack on Pearl Harbour and the 9/11 attacks.

Because the sign of Aquarius is often associated with progressive ideas and politics many astrologers have interpreted the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction as an indicator that a candidate representing more liberal politics will triumph at the 2020 election indicating that Joe Biden will be inaugurated in 2021.
One astrologer |(SJ Anderson) has suggested that that elections close to Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions tend to coincide with incumbents presidents either dying in office or losing office at the polls. Alternatively, if the presidential race is an open one it can seen to favour the challenger in year zero. This is something of a refinement of the Presidential death cycle argument. However, there are some difficulties attempting to convert this theory to explain elections. For example, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was re-elected President in 1940 and served the whole of his 3rd term in office. It was only after his re-election in his 4th term in 1944 that he subsequently died following his inauguration in 1945. Similarly, in the 1880 the Republican party was re-elected to power under James. A Garfield. While Garfield was assassinated it demonstrates again that elections in zero years do not necessarily favour the challenging party.

One factor many astrologers seem to de-emphasize is that this Presidential Election is taking place with Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn not Aquarius. I therefore thought it was useful to research how Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn have played out in US elections for either party. This kind of research can be indicative. For example every time an election has taken place with Saturn in Sagittarius has led to a Republican win.

Jupiter in Capricorn
1960 Challenger (Democrat) wins Open Contest
1984 Incumbent win (Republican)
1996 Incumbent win (Democrat)
2008 Challenger (Democrat) wins Open contest

Saturn in Capricorn
1812 Incumbent win (Democratic-Republican party)
1872 Incumbent win (Republican)
1900 Incumbent win (Republican)
1932 Challenger (Democrat) defeats incumbent
1960 Challenger win (Democrat) Open contest

Jupiter in Capricorn.
Although a small sample this placement has favoured a Democrat win 3 out of 4 times. On the other hand there seems to be some advantage to an incumbent of either party.

Saturn in Capricorn-No clear advantage to either party. However, only 1 incumbent Herbert Hoover has ever lost a Presidential election with Saturn in Capricorn. He was facing the consequences of the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression.

The only previous election with both Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn was the election of 1960. This led to the victory of JFK over Nixon. However, caution needs to exercised in seeking to extrapolate these results to suggest a Democrat win in 2020. Firstly, in the election of 1960 there was no incumbent standing and it was an open race. Statistics from Presidential elections indicate that the incumbent has won nearly 75% of all Presidential elections since 1800. The 1960 election was one of the closest in American electoral history. While JFK did win he did so by the narrowest of margins. There were also allegations of electoral fraud against the Democrats in both Texas and Illinois.

Astrologically, the 1960 election with Mercury Rx while this election has Mercury stationary direct.

Another important factor to consider though is the nativity of the candidates and how their charts resonate with the operative Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. In traditional astrology people that rise to prominence frequently have strong connections to the prevalent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart and its angles in their location. In the case of Donald Trump the link is exceptionally strong to the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since the conjunction falls on Trumps MC in Taurus and the angles of the chart mirror Trumps (assuming he is late Leo rising). Joe Biden’s links are fairly weak to this chart excluding his North Node on the chart ASC. Although, this may reflect us possessing the wrong data for him as he did obviously become Vice President during this period.

Conclusion: The sign of Capricorn seems to slightly favour the Democrats but it also seems to favour incumbents over challengers. So astrologically these two factors seem quite evenly matched in 2020 in these respects. However, the astrological forces prior to 21/12/2020 favour Donald Trump since he will still benefit from the influence of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus in 2000.

2. The 1776 Chart

There is interminable debate amongst astrologers over which chart is the correct chart for USA. Not just in regards which rising sign to use for July 4th but which date! Rather than enter down that particular astrological rabbit hole I prefer to just discuss the general transits going on to the 1776 chart. I am displaying my preferred version of the Sibly chart just to have a chart to refer to.

As most astrologers know there is a pending Pluto return to the 1776 position in 2022. Discussions of national trauma and dramatic transformation have been common. Pluto is also making an opposition to Mercury which in my version of the chart is the MC ruler. The North Node/Rahu is conjunct the 1776 Mars. Meanwhile Mars Rx is opposing the radix Saturn. Another long term cycle taking place is the Neptune opposition to the radix Neptune. This transit to the 1776 Neptune Neptune last occurred during 1856 during the melt down of the union prior to the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln and the outbreak of civil war. This Neptune transit will play out until 2022. In combination with the Pluto return it seems the current political polarisation in the US is far from diminishing and may in fact escalate over the next few years. As noted in my comments on the inauguration chart below these transits could have many explanations.

3. The Opening of Poll-Contest Delineation
A popular non-natal way to assess the US Presidential election is to use an opening poll chart for when most voting occurs in the US. With the large quantity of voting by mail in 2020 rather than attending polling stations before November 3rd it could argued this astrological method is redundant. However, the fact remains that November 3rd is the date when the majority of in person voting still takes place in the US and ballots are received. Its therefore still a very symbolically important date.
Many, astrologers use a chart for the small New England hamlet of Dixville Notch which has opened for voting at 00.00 hours for 60 years on election day. However, I favour a chart for Washington DC for two reasons. Firstly, there are now two other locations in New England that begin polling at midnight. Although, one of these been altered its start time in 2020 due to Covid -19 concerns. Dixville Notch is set to continue its 60-year midnight voting tradition but another New England town in New Hampshire called Millsfield will stand by its tradition too and also hold its local voting just after midnight. More fundamentally, I believe the opening polls concerns the whole US so should be located in the national capital in Washington DC.

date a live kurumi wallpaper

Like any contest chart the ASC and its ruler represents the incumbent while the 7th house and its ruler represent the challenger. In such charts the applying application of the Moon is also an indicator of the popular will. Generally, one does not assign the MC/IC to the incumbent in this kind of chart as in an ingress chart. Not least as this generates confusion since the ASC ruler here (Sun) is in Scorpio and disposited by Mars just like the IC. Instead the challenger here is represented by Saturn in Capricorn.
Mars representing the incumbent is in the 9th house. Quite probably an indicator of the legal battles to come. Mars in Aries is strong in essential dignity but has limited power to act due to its cadent placement and Rx motion. Saturn representing the challenger is also strong in essential dignity in its own domicile. However, Saturn is also in the cadent 6th house so very restricted in its power to act. Overall, the 9th house is preferable to the 6th as in whole sign terms this house can see the ASC’. Moreover, Mars is in sect in a night chart while Saturn is out of sect here.

Crucially, though the Moon here forms a sextile to Mars. The Moon is the night triplicity ruler of the MC sign which is Taurus. Mars is the participating triplicity ruler of the MC. This seems to indicate the popular mandate passes to Mars and thereby the incumbent. Saturn forms no aspect to the Moon and has no rulership over the MC degree. The dwad for the ASC degree is Aries/Mars again reinforcing the popular mood of the public favouring the incumbent. However, it should be observed that the moon is Lord 12 in this chart. There is an element of self undoing in the public mood and an undertone is discontent (hidden enemies)

I conclude the opening of poll chart favours a Trump win. Although, one that is likely to be very protracted and unlikely to be resolved at the very least until Mars goes direct in mid November and possibly longer.

4. The December Solar Eclipse/Electoral College Vote

In the United States, the Electoral College refers to the group of presidential electors required by the United States Constitution to form every four years for the sole purpose of electing the president and vice president of the United States. This year the College is scheduled to vote on who is the next President. This seems to be a key date. Especially, if the outcome of the Election has been delayed. Astrologically, this significance is underlined as a solar eclipse takes place on that particular morning.
The chart seems to impact Donald Trump’s chart very strongly. The eclipse chart located for Washington DC occurs near Trump’s ASC/DESC axis and has 29 Aquarius rising. The eclipse also occurs at 23 Sagittarius within 2 degrees of Trump’s Moon and south Node. Of the vioence of this chart alone several astrologers have speculated that this eclipse indicates Trump failing to obtain the required votes from the electoral college. However, the 11th house ruler of the eclipse chart and Trump’s Sun dispositor is partile conjunct his moon. The eclipse chart ASC also forms a conjunction with Biden’s south node. Venus which rules Biden’s Moon in the 6th house form a return to its natal position in Scorpio. Without a verified time for Biden the angles of his chart remain a matter of astrological debate. The ASC of this chart falls on Kamala’s Harris’s Saturn Rx. Saturn rules Harris’s 8th and 9th house. The eclipse also falls close to Harris’s DESC degree in opposition to her ASC. Its all too easy for astrologers to let their political preferences colour how they interpret this eclipse on December 14th. It certainly may suggest some resolution to a protracted legal or constitutional dispute following the election.

5. The Inauguration chart

The inauguration of the next US President is scheduled by the constitution to take place at noon on the 20th of January. While this chart doesn’t necessarily reflect who the winner of the election will be it does gives a distinct flavour of the political climate over the four years of the next Presidential term.

Several astrologers have expressed concern at this chart. Pluto is conjunct the MC on the MC. This indicates an intense, rather toxic atmosphere to this inauguration. Saturn is the MC ruler and disposits the Jupiter-Saturn placement in the chart. The Moon the planet that is the natural significator of the people is on the last degree of Aries and is square the Sun and applies across the sign boundary to a Mars-Uranus conjunction. This chart seems to show indications of public protest and even violence against the government.
Whoever, becomes the next President its hard to avoid the view that this Presidency will in some respects be a ‘poisoned chalice’ and indicates a period of great turbulence and hardship for America. Several explanations can be offered to explain the chart. The ongoing effects of covid-19 and the mounting American death toll. The economy also looks very fragile and the Saturn-Uranus squares ahead may well indicate a crisis for the US economy and markets. Without wishing to be unduly morbid the chart could also reflect the death of a President in office in line with the 20 year ‘’Presidential death cycle’’. As St Paul said ‘we see but through a glass darkly. However, the key question to ask ourselves is whether this chart seems more representative of a re-elected Trump after a highly controversial result or Joe Biden being elected President. Astrologers, favouring a Biden win have suggested Biden may die in office and be replaced by Kamala Harris. But looking at the likely dynamics of January 20th itself when the inauguration takes place I see this chart as more likely to reflect the re-election of Trump in controversial circumstances facing a major public backlash against his Presidency.

Ingress Charts

Before national charts became very popular after WWII the basic mundane tool of astrologers was the ingress chart. Unlike a fixed national chart the ingress chart for a country varies at each season. However, the angles of the chart are different depending on location. The chart is usually located for the national capital.
The word ingress comes from the Latin ingressus, to 'go in' or 'enter'. The chart of the Aries ingress is drawn for the moment that the Sun enters the very first minute of that sign, which is the beginning of a new cycle for the Sun. A general rule in traditional astrology is that if the ascendant of the ingress chart is in a moveable (cardinal) sign the chart remains valid for three months only, and it is necessary to draw further charts for the Sun's entry into Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. If the ascendant is in a common (mutable) sign the chart remains valid for six months, and the Sun's ingress into Libra should be used for the remaining half of the year. If the ascendant is in a fixed sign, however, the chart remains valid for the whole year. Having acknowledged the ingress of charts later in the year can be very illustrative in delineating how the themes in an Aries ingress develop.

6.The Aries Ingress chart

In 2020 we see the Aries ingress chart for the USA located for Washington DC has a fixed sign rising on the ASC. This chart is therefore our core ingress chart until the Aries ingress in 2021. The most striking thing about this chart is that all the planets are below the horizon.
In ingress charts the ASC sign tends to indicate the will of the people. This house and its dispositor gives a picture of the country and its inhabitants as a whole; its general condition of prosperity and health or the reverse.

In the 2020 Aries ingress chart we have a fixed sign rising (Scorpio) which traditionally gives an indication the people are not inclined to support dramatic change in this period. Mars is the ASC ruler and exalted in Capricorn but placed in the 3rd whole sign house. This indicates aggressive or violent communications and disputes. It may also reflect forthcoming disputes over mailed in absentee ballots. Mars is conjoined the Jupiter (Lord 2 &4). Jupiter is already debilitated in its sign of fall but is essentially damaged by the application of Mars. Jupiter is both Lord 2 and the natural significator for wealth. Here it is disposited by Saturn depressing its power to do good and ‘’besieged’’ between Mars and Pluto.
Mars is traditionally a planet associated with plagues and virues going back to Babylonian times. This therefore seems an illustration of the impact of covid-19 is having on the US population and economy. Mars also rules the 6th WSH of illness and public health.
Looking to the election itself the incumbent is indicated by the MC ruler. Here Mercury is in a debilitated state in its sign of detriment and fall in Pisces. Donald Trump is an maverick personality and his comments often court controversy and criticism which befits his significator being a debilitated Mercury here.

However, dignity often says more about motivation than a planets power to act. Mercury despite is debilitation is on angle signified by Biden and the Democrats. I see this as Trump taking the fight to his political opponents. Mercury sits in the WS 5th house so he has a degree of luck here. Trump’s supporters are indicated by the second house from the 10th ruled by Venus. Looking to the Moon the natural significator of the people it sits in the WSH 4th but cadent by sign division. It does not form an aspect to Mercury or the planetary significator for the challenger which is Jupiter. However, the Moon forms a square to Venus. As noted earlier Jupiter is in a very weakened position in this chart due to both its lack of dignity, its besiegement, and the fact it is out of sect. Jupiter forms in the 3rd WSH but is in a succedent placement by sign division. The supporters of the challenger are represented by Mars (2nd from the 4th house).

The fact the Moon is the WSH 9th house ruler seems very significant here. This brings out the theme of the opening of poll chart regarding legal issues determining the outcome of the election.
Summary: The fixed ASC, the fact no planets are above the horizon and the fact the Moon first applies to the President’s supporters indicates a win for Trump to me. The only contra-indicator is that Venus is also the exaltation ruler of Pisces. This may well reflect the fact that Biden like Clinton wins the popular vote but not the electoral college votes required to win the Presidency.

7. The Libra Ingress chart

Although the Aries ingress is the root chart for the year charts for other quarters can be very helpful in determining how trends identified in the Aries ingress will unfold. The Libra ingress in particular covers most of the last quarter of 2020 taking us up to the Capricorn ingress of December 21st.
The Libra ingress seems even more emphatic in emphasizing the lack change to government than the Aries ingress.
beyonce wallpaper
In this chart all the angles of the chart are fixed suggesting no change. The sun rules the MC. It is placed in the 12th WSH but the succedent 11th house by sign division. The Sun lacks dignity in its sign of fall but has greater power to act. In contrast Lord 4 (Saturn) is in the 3rd WSH and is cadent by sign division. Saturn is in its own domicile is Rx and is in aversion to the IC. The Moon applies to the domicile ruler of the Sun (Venus). The Moon here is the natural significator for the people but also indicates the judiciary.

8. Scorpio Ingress chart

While the Aries ingress and other quarters of the year (Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are common in traditional astrology I have been toying with the idea of using the Scorpio ingress for the US Presidential for some time since the US Presidential election always takes place in the first Tuesday in November when the Sun is in Scorpio. Having discussed this with the English traditional astrologer Sharon Knight I now realise this was a method utilised in Perso-Arabic astrology. I therefore feel this adds authority to such an approach. I think a delineation of the Scorpio ingress may have particular relevance in assessing the US Presidential election and offer further elaboration on the dynamics of the Aries ingress chart.

Looking at the chart we see the ascendant sign is the fixed sign of Taurus. As noted earlier In ingress charts the ASC sign tends to indicate the will of the people. This gives us an indicator that many of the people are not inclined to support dramatic change in this period. The ruler of the 1st is Venus in its sign of fall in the 5th house by both whole sign and sign division (Placidus). The debilitated state of the ASC ruler ruler no doubt reflects in part the effects of Covid-19 on the country and the beleaguered state of the US economy with unemployment , business failures and personal debt mounting. Venus forms a trine to Lord 3 (The Moon). The moon itself is a general indicator of the people in mundane charts. Here the moon and the people are further afflicted with the Moon in its sign of detriment in Capricorn in the cadent 9th house. Further adding to the sense of national trauma and crisis the moon forma a close conjunction to Pluto. Apart from being the general significator of the people the moon here rules the 3rd WSH which concerns all types of communication. Its already been speculated that there could be controversy over voting by mail at this election and that this could end up in the courts. This seems to find support in the chart with Lord 3 in the 9th house which in its signification includes legal matters and political parties. Although Capricorn is a cardinal sign its ruler is the slowest of the traditional planets. Any voting disputes may therefore be expected to go on some time.

Looking at the significators for the two contenders the significator for the POTUS is Donald Trump is represented by Saturn which is Lord 10 within a 3 degree orb of the MC. Saturn is found in its own domicile giving it a strong amount of dignity. Although the 9th house has a 9th house signification by sign division Saturn is in a succedent placement in this chart. The 9th house is the favourable cadent house as it trines the ASC. Moreover, Sahl suggested the presence of the MC in the 9th gives it association with matters of rulership.
The challenger, Joe Biden is indicated by Lord 4, the Moon which as noted earlier is in its sign of detriment and is disposited by Saturn. The fact that the Moon ruler of the IC represents Biden probably indicates that Biden enjoys more popular support at the polls than Trump.
The Sun is the WSH ruler of the 4th. The Sun which is found in the 7th house by WSH but is cadent by sign division. The cadent placement indicates difficulty to fulfil the potential of the planet. Unlike Saturn there is no connection by orb to the MC. The Mercury Rx application to the Sun may suggest issues relating to communication and voting disputes.
Mars is the dispositor of the Sun. It is strong by essential dignity in its own domicile of Aries. However, it is ineffective due to its placement in the 12th and its retrograde motion.

Summary: The Moon applies to Saturn indicates that that the voting results will eventually favour the incumbent. The Sun forms no applying aspects within orb in Scorpio. The three degree separation between the Moon and Saturn in the ingress chart could possibly indicate a three week delay for the election result to be clarified from the date of the ingress which could be around the middle of November. Venus the significator for Lord 1 forms a trine to Saturn. This seems another indicator favouring the incumbent. That aspects perfects in two weeks indicating a two week gap.

9. Conclusion
Looking at all the astrological testimony I feel the astrology is consistent with Donald Trump being re-elected the next President after a very protracted and controversial process. The ingress charts and opening of poll chart seem to favour Trump. On the bigger scale Trump’s strong synastry to the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction indicates he may well be the last hurrah of the earth triplicity Presidencies. My only caveat is that should this process drag on beyond the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st Trump’s aura of invulnerability may diminish. Having said that the Sagittarius Capricorn ingress charts (not discussed here) still seems more favourable for the incumbent

10. Addendum: Natal chart Controversies

I have found it somewhat surprising that so many astrologers have accepted the times of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump as given in Astrodatabank.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden’s chart in particular is only rated A in Astrodatabank ‘from memory’. The Astrodatabank source notes state: ''Marion March quotes Celeste Longacre for 8:30 AM from him in "Welcome to the Planet Earth," 4/1987''. So the time given is not even a direct recollection of the birth time by Biden given to that astrologer. I am generally suspicious of birth times without authentication from a birth chart rounded off to the hour or half hour. Moreover, I have observed completely contradictory delineations of Biden’s transits based on the 08.30am time given. For example, several astrologers have commented that the transit of Neptune on Biden's IC actually means a boost for him since it can be seen as symbolising him channelling the collective suffering of the American nation through the suffering entailed in Covid-19. Other astrologers in contrast argue this transit suggests complete ‘ego wipeout’ for Biden and a career ending event with Neptune opposing his MC. Who is correct here? Possibly neither interpretation. A third possibility that has not been given much attention in 2020 is that both camps are in fact wrong since Biden’s could chart could plausibly be earlier or later than the time given. I suggested some weeks on social media that Biden’s chart only needed to be 6 minutes earlier than the time given to be Scorpio rising. Since then I have encountered two astrologers who have actually proposed a Scorpio rising chart. In particular Peter Novak (USA) has rectified the chart to Scorpio rising with a time of 07.35am which gives an ASC of 22 Scorpio conjunct Biden’s Mercury. The traditional astrologer Ehsan Khazeni (Iran) has proposed a time of 8.05am placing Biden’s ASC on his sun at 28 Scorpio conjunct his Sun/Venus conjunction. Other astrologers have rectified the chart with a Sagittarius rising chart but proposed different times. For example the astrologer Alphee Lavoie (USA) has proposed a time of 09.19am. This later ASC put Saturn Rx much closer to the DESC in the chart. Finally, the astrologer Mario Raskovsky (Argentina) has rectified the chart to closer to the Astrodatabank time using 08.27am. On balance I do think think Biden’s ever smiling personality does seem more consistent with a Sagittarius rising chart. Equally, his history of gaffs do seem to fit the sign. But perhaps the crucial point is which chart delineates the tragedy in Biden’s life with the loss of his first wife and child in a car crash and the later death of a son to cancer and the controversy over his son Hunter Biden. All this points to a weakened 5th and 7th house ruler. Using a whole sign approach this would be consistent with Lord 5 (Mars) and Lord 7 (Mercury) in the 12th house. In contrast in a Scorpio rising chart an exalted Jupiter is Lord 5. Still, I don’t feel confident that the given time is accurate enough to work with using techniques like transits, angle progressions or solar or lunar returns.

Donald Trump
While Astrodatabank now simply gives Donald Trump’s chart an AA status based on a birth certificate that came to light many astrologers are unconvinced by this time and use an earlier time. The argument being that the certificate only really emerged after the ‘birther’ controversy raised by Donald Trump questioning the birth certificate of Barack Obama and whether he was an American citizen. The earlier time used on Solar Fire was 09.51am. Astrologers like Bill Meridian still support this time. Alternatively, the astrologer Alphee Lavoie has proposed a 10.12am time for Trump. A completely, different controversy over Trump’s time of birth is derived from the AA time of 10.54am. Several astrologers have pointed out that Trump only needed to be born literally seconds later to be Virgo rising. The earliest advocates of this position are the traditional astrologers Sharon Knight (United Kingdom) and Steven Birchfield (Norway) who proposed this in their prediction Trump would win the 2016 election. Since then several astrologers have taken up this position. Amongst several factors Sharon Knight suggests Trump’s marriage partners are better signified by Jupiter than Saturn.

Kamala Harris
Biden, Vice Presidential running mate does have AA data confirmed by a birth certicate that seems uncontroversial. Many astrologers have interpreted Harris’s strong, transits and progressions as an indicator she will come to power with Biden in 2021. On the other hand the astrologer John Frawley has pointed out that presidential hopefuls often have strong transits and progressions around election time. Even if they do not attain highest office this period gives them a prominent spotlight on both the US and International stage. Harris does look like a politician whose star is on the rise. However, its been observed that her chart seems to be especially strong from 2022 onwards. One could certainly interpret this as Biden either dying in office or stepping down as many astrologers have suggested. However, its equally plausible that Harris could re-emerge with her own campaign to become President in the 2024 election even if Biden’s loses in 2020.
As thou conversest with the heavens, so instruct and inform thy minde according to the image of Divinity William Lilly
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