Chris Watts birth data

Hey: Does anyone have the birth time for Chris Watts?
The Colorado fella who killed his wife and 2 daughters.

Couldn't find any data on any online search. Of course, there are a few sunrise charts. Astro databank had nothing. His family told me to toss off.
Any leads would be appreciated.

I found a legal affidavit that lists his DOB as 5/16/85. If you Google the affidavit you will find his DOB and I think his wife's was on there. No idea of place or time of birth, but it would be accurate for date. I don't know much about the case but he sounds like a narcissistic sociopath. Figuring out time of birth might not be that hard if you have a lot of info on him (based on his life you might draw ideas of where the planets make the most sense).

He has Sun conjunct Algol opposite Saturn in Scorpio, so my guess is that influences the 7th house. They are pretty close to the nodes too. Since he is a fairly "pretty" man, my guess is Venus in Aries rules his chart, but I could be wrong. He has the typical blondish, sunkissed, active, energetic and attractive appearance I associate with Venus in Aries influencing appearance heavily.

Thanks, Tanit: I did find the day of birth earlier, but was looking for a documented time of birth. So, far I haven't had any success with a documented source. You are right, it is very possible to rectify but there is always the element of the educated guess going wrong in any rectification. The proof in a rectified chart is in making successful predictions from it. In prison, short of a fellow inmate "shiving" him or health, there is not a lot of things that I could confirm it against.
Mostly I would like to add his case to my research portfolio and a documented TOB is required in this case. Maybe a TOB would surface eventually. Thought of writing him in prison in a year or two after the media exposure died down. All he could say is no.

I thought that American birth certificates have the time of birth and are public information?

Astro data bank often collect these, and they try where possible to use AA data from birth certificates.

Just after noon on 16th May 1985 there would be an exact Moon Venus conjunction in 13.5 degrees Aries.

Transiting Neptune in 16.5 degrees Pisces was opposition his Venus' antiscion at 16.5 degrees Virgo. Often the transits to these perpetrators charts are crystal clear at the moment of their crime, such as those to the chart of Vincent Tabak, born 10th February 1978, who murdered Joanna Yeates in Bristol, England on 17th December 2010 as Neptune and Chiron were exactly hitting his natal Venus.

The newspapers say this happened in August but I can't find a precise date. They look like such a beautiful family.

AJ - that is interesting you do research on these types of cases. I knew one that hit home recently. One of my family members is an acquaintance. He had planned on killing his wife also, but didn't go through with it. His was a different motive, though (serious financial strain). If anyone knows his birth info, I would be interested to see it, but in his case I think he probably mainly had a lot of emotional instability (and lack of motivation to solve problems - inside information would suggest this anyway). ... s/%3famp=1

Fleur wrote:I thought that American birth certificates have the time of birth and are public information?
Hi Fleur: It is not that simple. There are a lot of restrictions to get a birth certificate in the US, like you must be a parent, close relative, guardian, lawyer, etc. Plus have the full name and parents names and sometimes other vital info plus a valid reason/need for the document. It's also complicated by the fact that each state has separate requirements. Some states do after death and/or a certain number of years after death make them public records.

But it shouldn't be easy in the face of so much fraud and identity theft. I mean, I wouldn't want my birth info a matter of public record.

I thought that American birth certificates have the time of birth and are public information?
American hospital birth certificates have time of birth. Some government issued birth certificates have the time. Some do not. The regulations and practices vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. At one time it was possible to get a birth certificate by asking. Not any more.


Happened August 13th 2018, Frederick, Colorado.

Chris Watts born North Carolina, probably Spring Lake.

Venus natally aspects Uranus, Saturn and Pluto, and both his Ascendant and Midheaven, which do not aspect the Moons Nodes. Transit was Uranus, Neptune and the Moons Nodes.

As Venus aspects both chart angles, maybe it needs to be "closed", and the Uranus Neptune transit "opened" it. The transit was going the wrong way. Would seem out of the blue, as for years, most of his life, IsisTranspluto had been making "closed" aspect to his natal Venus, which would have been beneficial, it had made a pair of transits, at around 24 degrees Leo and again at around 28.5 degrees Leo. I have noticed that sometimes after a pair of these transits, people are susceptible to a transit going to the same point in the opposite direction. And of course Venus rules beauty, so his lifelong transits of IsisTranspluto to natal Venus would have given good looks. Maybe there was a physical or hormonal element to this sudden break.

Maybe more complex mental health problems rather than psychopathy, not sure what Saturn Uranus to Venus do. Saturn and his Descendant are conjunct Algol, as Tanith pointed out. It would come out of the blue as his Venus had previously had beneficial transits, and this Uranus Neptune transit would make it seem to come out of nowhere, transiting Uranus being bang opposition his natal Pluto and Neptune opposition his Venus' antiscion.

As his natal Venus aspects Saturn, and Uranus, transits would be to these as well, and Saturn represents material security, which sounds like it was an issue. I don't know anything about his early life, but the beneficial transits suggest problems with material security were also something he hadn't really encountered before.

There was also a Pluto, Chiron, Jupiter, and Mercury transit to his natal Moons Nodes, which represent his family. I don't fully understand how something as fast moving as Jupiter can twist round the meaning of a transit as fundamental as Pluto's, this should have been a good transit if it had only been Chiron and Pluto to his "open" Moons Nodes, but Jupiter turns it around.

I need to spend a lot more time studying this, sorry if this is just thinking aloud.

I have just found his birth time in the biography Letters from Christopher: The Tragic Confessions of the Watts Family Murders by Cheryln Cadle: "Born on May 16, 1985... He was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, at Cape Fear Medical Center. He made his debut into the world on a Thursday around 7.00 P.M."
My rectification with only 4 events is very close: 06.59.40 PM Asc 11Sco55’
The ruler Mars conjunct 8th cusp in opposition to Uranus. Saturn square IC. Heliocentric Mercury, ruler of 8th, is in exact square to Saturn.
On the day of the murder, progressed Moon is conjunct progressed Mars orb 28’.
Converse transit Mars is conjunct Asc and converse transit Pluto conjunct MC.

Isaac, the birth time would change a lot of that, as it is the aspect of Venus to both chart angles that make it "closed" and thus benefitting from the closed transits of IsisTranspluto, and suffering from the open transit of Uranus Neptune.

What makes natal planets and points closed is: the Moon, usually, though I think there are two possible exceptions. The Midheaven, unless making a 22.5 degree type aspect within one degree orb to the Moons Nodes, which would make it "open", and also indicate fame. The Ascendant if it makes a 22.5 degree type aspect to the Moons Nodes. Both angles if they make 22.5 degree type aspects to each other. Anything that makes 22.5 degree aspects to any of these.

A "closed" transit is: IsisTranspluto for its first pair of transits in the lifetime (including the antiscion), unless it natally aspects something, in which case the first pair will be open. The second pair later in life go in the opposite direction. Neptune on its own or Pluto Uranus is also a closed transit. Pluto Neptune together activates and triggers the previous IsisTranspluto transit with a vengeance.

I interpreted his Venus as closed, because it aspects both chart angles, which aspect each other, and at the time of the killing he had a Neptune Uranus transit to his Venus and everything his Venus aspects natally. So if he has a different birth time, which changes the chart angles totally, and if there is nothing else to make his Venus "closed", eg an aspect to his Moon, which there wouldn't be with the time you give, or chart angles, then my interpretation is wrong.

Isaac, I can't post a chart for the time you give because Astrodienst charts don't do times that precise. You or somebody else will have to post it.

This is a chart done for 7pm. Ascendant 11 degrees Scorpio 53 minutes, so not far out, and I didn't get the exact birth place.

The strange thing is this chart also has chart angles which aspect each other, and almost aspect the Moon at 24 degrees Aries, which aspects 16.5 and 13.5 degrees of the fixed signs. The Moons Nodes aspect the chart angles, altering them to their opposites, and IsisTranspluto is conjunct the Midheaven. This could be interpreted as "open" chart angles, receiving "open" transits because IsisTranspluto is aspecting them...but Venus not aspecting any of this would be "open", so the long, lifetime transits of IsisTranspluto would "close" it, not good...