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ukraine - election, Vladimir Zelensky 2019 ariesingress

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Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:08 am    Post subject: ukraine - election, Vladimir Zelensky 2019 ariesingress Reply with quote

i have the location of his birth wrong, but since it is a day chart for noon - this is a rough guide to his chart... the moon is traveling at 12 degrees 14 minutes per day - a slower moon.. thus, the moon can be anywhere from approx 10- 22 leo.. he is born on a full moon which is generally considered favourable... sun-venus conjunction is also positive to my mind, although the idea of combust generally is described exactly the opposite.. in fact, they give cazimi a special status and i think that applies here.. venus as ruler of solar 4th and 9th would also seem positive for family-happiness, and politics..

so, i would have said it is positive anyway, but i get back up with the cazimi concept! what does it mean? i think it means someone who has a benefic planet operating in a positive way over the spiritual path - sun..

alternatively - i am looking for a strong saturn energy, as i associate comedy with saturn... perhaps the moon is closer to saturn and he is born in the evening with moon applying to saturn... i generally view saturn opposite sun as favourable.. i know this runs counter to others views, but it has been my observation.. these people have essentially a 7th house relationship between sun and saturn - saturn in the 7th is something like the exalted concept of saturn in libra... solar houses are cool.. people really ought to give them more consideration.. in my indian astrology studies i see that they indeed do... this is just like astrology 101 for the indian astrologers - which is good to know..

mars in leo at 0 degrees approx.. the total solar eclipse this summer is on this degree.. in fact - the jupiter-saturn conjunction of 2020 is on this degree too, by opposition - in aquarius at 0 or 1 aq... so, this fellows mars is hitting on an interesting spot and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out with him as president of ukraine.. or is it prime minister of ukraine? i am not sure..

their is a close association with zelensky and Ihor Kolomoisky according to most reports and in the article that i share above..

i have often found that 2 men with mars in the same sign work well together.. this has been my first hand experience.. in fact, i have found i work well with men that have mars in the sign opposite to my mars position as well... obviously everything has to be considered, but it is a general observation i have made over the years..

i think the cross aspects between the 2 charts suggest a strong connection - if - indeed zelensky is a front for kolomoisky... it is a funny thing about politics today... people think they vote in a democratic system only to find that big money is playing a much bigger role in the system then anyone would care to know about.. well, that is how i see it at this point in time.. i would be very surprised if this wasn't the case, not only in ukraine, but it most western countries that pride themselves on being '''democratic'''...

i wish ukraine and it's people well in this change of leadership.. lord knows they deserve a break from all the abuse they have suffered at the hands of bigger players.. it is almost like ukraine and syria are a type of pawn in the hands of world dynamics that they don't have full control over... here in canada we have a foreign minister - cyrstia freeland - who is of ukrainian ancestry and represents a large block of ex ukrainian people that have been living in canada the past number of generations.. they seem to favour the ideology of western ukraine at the expense of eastern ukraine and exemplify the conflict i have come to understand that has been happening in ukraine for some time.. it is a bit like the english-french divide in canada and how the referendums were very close in almost bringing a break up in canada over the differences.. ukraine really needs a break and i hope this is a positive change for them..

the 2019 aries ingress would seem generally positive.. moon rules the 8th house and is very prominent in this chart... however sun rules the 9th and is also close to the lower angle... jupiter is rising and in it's own sign - also a positive... i can't remember how long the mutable rising sign is good for? 1/4 of a year, or 1/2??

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