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boris johnson and uk election tomorrow

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
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Location: vancouver island

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:07 am    Post subject: boris johnson and uk election tomorrow Reply with quote

the 2pm time for boris has mercury - ruler of ascendant and 10th house, in the 9th.. meanwhile, the 10th house holds sun, venus and rahu... so there is an exchange with venus and mercury - the 9th and 10th house rulers.. this chart is very positive for a political leader as i see it, just based on this set up.. not, that i think much of boris! but the astro seems valid to his rise to fame here...

but what is even more interesting to me is the dasa/bhukti lord combo of mercury/venus kicks in dec 16th 2019 - a few days after the 2019 election... this is krishnamurthi ayanamsa..

i have been reading how relevant the dasa lords are when the time is right.. it would seem this is confirmation of johnsons rise into a greater position of power here from only this one angle..

the contradictory view on it could be that mars in taurus colours the mercury negatively here... also, saturn aspects this combo of taurus planets as well...

but i also notice in the tertiary progs tp jupiter on the midheaven for boris at the moment - another sign confirming what i am getting via the dasa lords here...

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3672
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 8:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

let me go further...

as i see it, the 8th house ruler in the same sign as the 10th house ruler makes for a type of ruler that could be up to no good - nefarious types of actions, hidden behind the scenes and influencing the persons leadership.. mars in taurus as ruler of the 8th/3rd is not a positive.. then we have saturn in aquarius making the 10th house aspect to the planets in taurus - mercury and mars.. something about the NHS being gutted, was a concern with boris making some deal with the usa... so, that is saturn dignified, but in the 6th house and influencing the 8th and 10th house rulers... it seems to me there is some merit to these concerns, again due the influence of mars in taurus, ruler of the 8th - on the overall decision making process of boris...

maybe i could do a similar breakdown on corbyns chart, but i don't have huge confidence on the wrecktified time of 8pm for him... perhaps what i like the best about the wrecktification is how the moon is on an angle, as i associate moon on an angle with popular appeal and a real asset for a politician... it is the human touch and people pick up on that.. but i am still very apprehensive about this time for him.. in krishamurti ayanamsa, it gives 0 scorpio rising which makes the wrecktification more challenging..

that said, if 8pm is close - sun is ruler of the 10th, in the 7th with ruler of the 7th - venus - a positive... however, it is being aspect-ed by saturn from the 10th with saturn in debility.. this is a mixed blessing... the sun on its own is in a house with benefics - positive.. with the aspect from saturn - negative.. generally though, saturn in the 10th gives some distinction in ones career.. this is marred by it being in leo, but uplifted to a degree having sun as ruler of leo in this position.

the first house ruler - mars - in a conjunction with the 9th house ruler - moon - makes sense from the point of view of the person being caught up in politics and a political career.. an earlier birth time of even 755pm would change this to mars - ruler of 7th in a conjunction to moon ruler of 10th... i wonder if that is more fitting?? D9 mars is in sag.. rahu is in early aries, which sort of marrs the mars-moon conjunction and rulers of 1/9 - again, if 8pm is quite close to the correct time... again - i am not into these wrecktifications... until we have time for corbyn based of a hospital record - it is all needless speculation on my part...

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