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The registration code for creating a new forum account is the 5-letter word:

Please don't post comments or start new forum threads until you have read this page. It might seem like unnecessary small print, but this prevents embarrassment and frustration so you can have a long-standing and enjoyable membership of this forum.

All technical issues: log-in/registration problems; making, editing, deleting posts; inserting smilies, setting user preferences, etc., are covered in the FAQ link in the forum’s right-hand margin. What follows relates to the protocols of using this forum for astrological discussion. The first part is an essential summary of the rules. The second offers guidelines for problems that tend to recur on this particular board.

Most important: be respectful to other members. Remember that most of this board is public and do not post comments that could cause offence or be construed as objectionable in content or insulting in tone. Memberships are suspended and then cancelled if this foremost policy is ignored.
All members can make posts or start new threads as soon as they join the forum, but new members are not allowed to create threads on issues relating to their own chart (or a chart of personal interest to them) for the first 30 days of their membership. This is to discourage membership requests from people who want personal astrological readings rather than general astrological discussion. Please place new posts in the relevant forum. Each forum has a moderator’s comment explaining the purpose and expectations of that forum and it is in your interest to read that before posting.
Before posting a request for information please use the forum search facility to see if that question has already been asked and answered.
For the sake of people researching information contained in the posts, please use an appropriate, descriptive title when posting a new topic. Examples of bad titles: “Help needed!”, “New chart”, “Problem with a technique!”, “Lilly Question” etc. Examples of better titles: “Query on orb limits”, “Missing item horary”, “Problem with calculating progressions”, “Lilly’s use of frustration”, etc.
This site is generally based on mainstream traditional western astrology which employs the tropical zodiac. If including a chart based on the sidereal zodiac please state that clearly to avoid confusion. (This does not apply in the forum dedicated to sidereal and Asian techniques).
If you include a chart graphic that does not include all necessary data for reconstruction please include the place name, (including state if necessary) or coordinates, time and time zone used, so other astrologers can recreate the chart to apply additional techniques when furthering discussion.
Copyright for text and information posted by individual users remains with that user – always respect that and do not reproduce text from this board without permission. This applies to the chart and data, as well as the judgements, of personal case histories that are contributed to this board.
Do not copy and paste quotes or extracts from other people’s work into this forum unless you have permission or can be sure that you are not breaking that person’s copyright. This applies to diagrams as well as text. It is usually OK to include small quotes or small extracts from books/articles for the purposes of making an argument, but always remember to acknowledge your source, and include page references where appropriate.
Post in a manner consistent with normal writing – try to avoid excessive use of emoticons , large, small, bold or coloured text, DON’T SHOUT TOO MUCH, or use freq abbrev, or excessive punctuation!!!!!
Members are welcome to post astrology-themed information that is relevant and of interest to forum posts or our other members. This includes recommending other astrology sites or detailing services of interest to topics under discussion. Notices about events, conferences, new services, etc., are also welcome in the News, Notices, Books & Links section. However, blatant advertising that is of no real value to our members, or constitutes spam, or junk mail is not tolerated. Anyone posting spam will have their posts removed and will be prevented from making further posts.
These policies apply to the private messaging system too. Any misuse or abuse of that facility, by the sending of spam, messages that are designed to offend rather than inform, that harass other members, or make them feel obliged to comment on forum posts that they may not wish to, will result in forum membership being withdrawn.
Be aware that this forum is periodically pruned and we cannot guarantee to retain your favourite posts or threads. The moderating team also reserves the right to edit or entirely remove any post at any time. The determination of what to edit or remove, or what is construed as indecent, vulgar, offensive, spam, etc. is up to moderators and not users. Since our lives are finite, we do not commit to discussing our reasoning or our moderating decisions. We ask you to read this document instead, and understand that we are merely aiming for common sense and common decency.

This is an astrology discussion forum, not a free chart interpretation/tutorial service. The forum exists for practitioners and committed students of astrology and we don’t want posts saying “this is my birth data, what does it mean?”, or “I’ve cast a horary chart, what does it mean?” Even if you put “please”, “I desperately NEED your help”, or exclamation marks after your header; we still don’t want those kinds of posts.

We are, however, interested in discussing topics that help students understand broad issues of relevance to all astrologers. So requests for information on particular techniques are appropriate and often this is best explained within the context of a chart you are working on.

We have experienced problems in the past with the horary forum being used as a place to seek guidance on personal concerns rather than astrological enquiries. The forum is not able to offer personal emotional support, or replace the services of a consultational astrologer. Because of past problems, an announcement is now kept at the top of the horary forum explaining that such posts are subject to deletion without notice or explanation. We expect members of the horary forum to have a general interest in horary, so long-term members who are seen to repeatedly instigate new threads about their own charts, whilst never contributing to other discussions or to points of interest that are demonstrated in other people’s horaries, are likely to have their memberships cancelled.

Please remember that all contributors give their involvement freely, get no recompense for their efforts, and fit their forum activities into busy lifestyles. No one can or should be expected to reply to posts that are of no personal interest to them. We greatly appreciate forum members who are willing to contribute to other people’s requests for information, rather than just using the forum when they have a question to ask.

The internal private messaging service is provided so that members can chat in private and continue to discuss (or argue) points that are not of general interest or suitable for open publication. It is strictly against the policy of the forum to use the PM service to request another member to give a private astrological judgement on a personal chart. Anyone who does this, or who harasses another forum member through the PM system, will have their access to the PM system suspended.

This forum is about learning and sharing. The moderators are experienced and can offer well-formed opinions on certain matters, but they are not infallible and do not pretend to be. Also, remember that there are no ultimate authorities on this board, historical or living. We are all learning together and it helps to be prepared to ‘have a stab’ at things here, even if there is a risk of your judgement proving wrong. Think of this as a testing area and be happy to make mistakes here if you can learn from them for the benefit of your existing or future clients/victims :)

Flaming posts & inconsiderate posters
Expressions of political views may be a relevant part of any post you make concerning mundane astrology and world events. However, our members are looking for astrological reasoning, so where it is necessary to express political or social opinions remember that the onus here falls on the astrological commentary and restrain your political remarks to an appropriate astrological context.

Archiving old posts has shown what a basically good-natured forum this is. That’s not to say that we don't all get a bit tetchy now and again. Sometimes people are inclined to read meanings into posts that weren’t intended; sometimes we think we are being humorous but we come across as patronising or abrasive. We all enjoy some heated debate and passionately argued viewpoints, but if you find a post offensive, try to resist replying immediately so you don’t thoughtlessly add fuel to a fire. The process of letting your mind get completely absorbed in something else in your life (away from the computer) before replying will often make you realise how petty and insignificant the comment that upset you really is. When your mind is settled you will be able to express your response more effectively and will doubtless find that most people are quick to apologise if they are made aware that they have caused offence.

The moderators’ stance is that where a flaming post arises out of the blue and out of character, it is usually best to give people time to air their views, discuss their grievances and resolve any conflicts. However, anyone that shows an inclination to disregard other people’s feelings or repeatedly expresses themself in an inconsiderate manner will have their membership ended.

If anything in this forum disturbs you, please report it to one of the moderators. If you find another member’s turn of phrase offensive, it is usually best to raise this with a moderator, so that the matter may be quickly and diplomatically resolved with minimal risk of public humiliation. Feel free to contact any moderator, even if they are not directly associated with the forum you are concerned about.

We work hard to try and ensure that this forum remains a friendly and safe environment which is an informative and constructive vehicle for astrological expression. We hope you enjoy your membership and always welcome your suggestions for improvement.

© Last update: August 2023.