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The Planetary Dignities

Introductory Articles:

Understanding Planetary Dignity and Debility
A six-part introduction to the use of planetary dignities and debilities, including examples and self-assessment exercises

The Philosophy of Sign Rulership
There is, of course, a philosophy underlining the traditional association of the planets and the zodiac signs, as this article explains


Ptolemy's Table of Essential Dignities
The most commonly accepted table of essential dignities

Bonatti's Table of Perfection
Compiled by Deborah Houlding to summarise Bonatti's approach to reception in aspectual application

The Dignity Quiz
Practice your knowledge of the essential dignities with this interactive quiz. The questions start easy but get harder as you move towards the end

Lilly's Table to Examine the Strength & Debility of Each Planet
William Lilly's table of factors to consider when evaluating dignity or debility (as given on p.115 of Christian Astrology)
Johanne Schoener's table of planetary dignities and debilities
A translated extract from Johannes Schoener's Opusculum Astrologicum (1539) showing a more detailed forerunner to William Lilly's table for evaluating planetary dignities and debilities numerically

Advanced Articles:

A Brief Comparison of the Use of Reception by Historical Authors
A compilation of some of the most important and influential descriptions of reception from history

The Classical Use of Triplicities
An exploration of the ancient use of astrological triplicities - the underlying philosophy, the logic that determines the triplicity rulers, and practical examples of how the triplicity rulers were used in natal work