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About Deborah Houlding

Recent article: Conversing with Heaven (Carter Memorial Lecture 2010)

UK astrologer Deborah Houlding has been instrumental in bringing traditional astrological techniques back to the forefront of modern day practice. She was the award-winning editor of the much respected Traditional Astrologer Magazine, founded in 1993 when she also established Ascella Publications to specialise in producing rare and out-of-print traditional astrological texts. Since the late 1980s she has been active in researching the astronomical and symbolic basis of the techniques used in the traditional art of western astrology, from its earliest roots to its contemporary extensions.

Deborah's book The Houses: Temples of the Sky is regarded as an essential text for anyone seeking a truly informed knowledge of the development and use of astrological houses. It is available in translation in Czech, German (awaiting publication) and Italian. Her knowledge of the techniques of William Lilly and his contemporaries, enabled her to produce a richly annotated reproduction of Lilly's voluminous 17th century classic Christian Astrology, acclaimed for the illuminating explanations that accompany the main body of the text. Volume I is now being serialised online under the title 'An Annotated Lilly'.

Besides frequent event appearances and the many articles that have appeared in magazines and astrological journals around the world, Deborah hosts and maintains Skyscript, one of the most popular and informative astrology sites on the web. She also leads her own School of Traditional Astrology (STA), which tutors astrologers to a professional level of horary practice by correspondence and residential workshops.

In 2010 Deborah was awarded the Astrological Association of Great Britain's Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology. In 2011 she was made an Honorary Member of the Astrological Association of Romania, for "acknowledged sustained contributions to the promotion of astrology". In 2012 she was honoured as the first recipient of the Jayavidya International Astrology Award instituted by the Cultural Association Jayavidya.

Full details of Deborah's experience, published work, and astrological services are available through the links on this site.

Left:Interview published in the leading Romanian woman's magazine Avantaje (December, 2011, click image to read the article as PDF).
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