Engraving by C. Lasinio after Raphael, 1516 (source: Welcome Library)

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Mars indicates force, wars, plunderings, screams, violence, whoring, the loss of property, banishment, exile, alienation from parents, capture, the deaths of wives, abortions, love affairs, marriages, the loss of goods, lies, vain hopes, strong-armed robbery, banditry, looting, quarrels among friends, anger, fighting, verbal abuse, hatreds, lawsuits. Mars brings violent murders, slashings and bloodshed, attacks of fever, ulceration, boils, burns, chains, torture, masculinity, false oaths, wandering, embassies under difficult circumstances, actions involving fire or iron, craftwork, masonry. In addition, Mars causes commands, campaigns and leadership, infantrymen, governorships, hunting, wild game, falls from heights or from animals, weak vision, strokes. Of the body parts, Mars rules the head, the seat, the genitals; of the internal parts, it rules the blood, the sperm ducts, the bile, the elimination of excrement, the parts in the rear, the back, and the underside. It controls the hard and the abrupt. Of materials, it rules iron, decoration of clothing (because of Aries), as well as wine and beans. It is of the night sect, red in color and acid in taste.

Translation by Mark Riley, (informally published in 2010, based on a preliminary translation made in the 1990s) Anthologies, I.I

Mars is by nature hot and dry, irascible, violent, and quite often impetuous when spurred on by anger. He signifies betrayal, conflict, bloodshed, daring, recklessness, pride, sedition, controversy, booty, treacheries, banditry. Moreover, wounds, captivities, difficulty in fleeing. Furthermore, faithlessness, obscenity, ill-advised love; readiness to take offence, changeable opinion, lack of a plan. He also signifies violent rulers, savage, uncivilised people ever-eager for the next bloodshed, perjurers, deceivers, inconstant, slanderous, disorganised folk, spoiling everything, defiling everything, making no distinction between divine and human matters; resourceful, however, in all their undertakings, somewhat marvellously cunning, zealous. He signifies also that which is ill-formed, shameless, ungrateful, fatal to unborn offspring, and, because of this, perhaps hostile to women. However of the arts, he signifies surgery, and whatever involves the stain of bloodshed (accomplished somewhat with pleasure); and of the parts of the human body he owns the liver, with K, and the nose, with C. But with L or B he marks a cruel, sudden death.

Translation by Valerie Roebuck, (published in the Skyscript Newsletter, issue 5, 2022), based on the 1533 Aldine Latin translation.

The nature of Mars is fiery, hot, dry, choleric, of a bitter taste. And he signifies youth and strength and the sharpness of the mind, also heats and fires and burning up, and everything which happens abruptly. And a king of power and cleverness, and the commands of leaders, and the army, and the companions of the king, and over injustice and subjugation, and war, and killing and fighting, and courage, and endurance, and the lust for glory and having his name be remembered, and being raised up high, and the instruments of war, and compatriots mobilized for wars, and an eagerness for wrongs and sowing discord, and drinking parties, and things breaking up, and fighting wars, and robberies and digging up of walls on account of stealing, and the cutting of roads and courage and a tendency to anger, and treating the unlawful as being lawful. And he signifies martyrdoms and being fettered, also whipping and prisons and restrictions, fugitives and defection, captivity and prisoners, fear, lawsuits, injustice, a tendency to anger, and violence, and recklessness, and harshness, and coarseness of emotion, and capacity and persistence, and a scarcity of foresight and quickness in matters and having preconceptions, bad eloquence and a ferocity of speech, foulness of words and the lack of self-control in the tongue. And the showing of esteem and friendship, and taking joy in beauty, economy of speech, strategem, regret in the promptness of [his] responses. And a scarcity of piety, and a scarcity of loyalty, and an abundance of lying and whispering, and immorality and wickedness, and the swearing of false oaths, and deception and double-dealing, and the committing of offenses and the scarcity of good, and the destruction of the good, and a multitude of worries in matters, and the instability or changing of counsel from condition to condition, and the quickness of [its] turning back. And a scarcity of modesty, also a multitude of labor and vexation. And foreign journeys and the condition of solitary people, and bad companionship. And fornication and the foulness of sexual intercourse, joking around, being energetic. And he signifies the menstruation of women, also divorce and loss in a conception, and the cutting of the child in the womb and premature births. And he signifies middle brothers and the managers of beasts and veterinary medicine, and the shepherds of sheep and the curing of wounds, and masteries of iron and its work. And the circumcisions of boys and the digging up of tombs and the plundering of the dead.

[From Gr. Intr. VII.9.1456-88] Translation by Benjamin Dykes, (extracted from Introductions to Traditional Astrology: Abu Ma'shar & al-Qabisi (2010).
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