Engraving by C. Lasinio after Raphael, 1516 (source: Welcome Library)

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Jupiter indicates childbearing, engendering, desire, loves, political ties, acquaintance, friendships with great men, prosperity , salaries, great gifts, an abundance of crops, justice, offices, officeholding, ranks, authority over temples, arbitrations, trusts, inheritance, brotherhood, fellowship, beneficence, the secure possession of goods, relief from troubles, release from bonds, freedom, deposits in trust, money, stewardships, Of the external body parts it rules the thighs and the feet. (Consequently, in the games Jupiter governs the race.) Of the internal parts it rules the sperm, the uterus, the liver, the parts of the right side. Of materials, it rules tin. It is of the day sect. In color it is grey verging on white and is sweet in taste.

Translation by Mark Riley, (informally published in 2010, based on a preliminary translation made in the 1990s) Anthologies, I.I

Jupiter is warm and moist by nature, temperate to the extent that its own virtue has been adapted, through the settled decree of the fates, to nourishing the bodies of mortals and reproducing them through multiple generations of descendants. He signifies health, dignity of form, nobility of soul, sound wisdom and intellect, the interpretation of dreams. Moreover, rights, laws, states, religion; also piety, modesty, grace, faith, and whatever the just soul of a well-educated man can conceive of. But sometimes, by accident, perhaps on account of excessive self-confidence, he signifies a rash undertaking of business, and sometimes, from such a cause, a difficult outcome of one’s works. He signifies, too, a patient soul, though one eager for vengeance, and therefore victorious, for the most part, in every dispute. He also signifies high priests, princes, leaders, tribunes, and holders of very high office. Moreover, hope, joy, self-control, generosity, reconciliation between people, the public good, mature counsel, speech that is serious, joyful and lively, and always conducive to public benefit. And of the parts of the body, he owns the left ear and the liver.

Translation by Valerie Roebuck, (published in the Skyscript Newsletter, issue 5, 2022), based on the 1533 Aldine Latin translation.

The nature of Jupiter is hot, moist, airy, temperate. And he signifies the nutritive soul and life and ensouled bodies. Also children and the children of children, and beauty. And he signifies the wise and doctors of the law and just judges, and firmness and wisdom and intellect and the interpretation of dreams, truth and divine reverence, faith and the teaching of the law, religion, and the veneration and fear of God, charity, piety, also the unity of faith and its foresight, and the fitness of morals and responsibility. And he will be praiseworthy. And he signifies the observation of patience, and perhaps inconstancy will befall him, and hastiness, and lack of foresight after being prudent. And he signifies blessedness and attainment and victory against one who seeks him. And respect and a kingdom, also the king and the rich, nobles and magnates, and good luck and hope and joy, and a passionate desire for assets (even the loftiness of fortune in the innovation of produce), and the collections of assets, and enrichment, also a good condition in [his] aptitude, and enrichment and security in every matter. And the goodness of the moral habits of the mind, and the largesse of charity and generosity, comprehension and goodness, bragging and the sharpness of mind, and boldness, true esteem, and the esteem of an authority over the citizens of cities, and the esteem of powerful men and magnates, and his bending down to them, and the assistance of men in matters. And he signifies a love of building and deluxe, flourishing residences, and compassion for people, and vision in matters, and bliss in knowledge, the fulfillment of promises, generosity, joking, banter, beauty, decoration, form. Also joy and laughter and a multitude of speaking and the keenness of the tongue. Whatever is joined to him, he is grateful for. And he signifies a multitude of sexual intercourse and the esteem of the good and hatred of evil, and making things right between people, and the commanding of what is known and the prohibiting of what is reprehensible.

[From Gr. Intr. VII.9.1425-54] Translation by Benjamin Dykes, (extracted from Introductions to Traditional Astrology: Abu Ma'shar & al-Qabisi (2010).
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