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Famous Capricorns
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by Deborah Houlding

How does the Sun in Capricorn play out in the charts of famous people? For the deep-dive into Capricorn see the Sign Symbolism of Capricorn

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox horoscope

Hailed “The Greatest White Soul Singer Alive” and "the most successful female British artist in UK music history",1 singer-songwriter Annie Lennox gained acclaim as a solo artist and lead singer of Eurythmics, for her emotive, original and powerful vocal performances. Her lean frame, sharp bone structure, and striking features reveal all the typical Capricornian traits in her physique, and the opening paragraph of her biography reveals how closely she relates to the Capricorn emphasis in her chart:

I’m a Capricorn ... I definitely have the traits. Very determined, serious, tend to be disciplined, earthbound in that sense, feet on the ground. Goatish determination — that’s the main thing.2

Capricorn is known for its need for privacy, and that is further emphasised here by Annie’s Sun–Mercury-Moon conjunction in the dark 4th house and the placement of their dispositor, Saturn, in seclusion seeking Scorpio. Annie is described as fiercely protective of her personal life to the point of obsessiveness 3 but she does admit that, like many Capricorns, she has suffered from depression and has had to pick herself up from several low points, such as the stillbirth of her first child and the pain of two divorces.

With her Ascendant and Midheaven-ruler, Mercury, in Capricorn, along with her Sun and Moon, Annie clearly draws creative inspiration from her deeply personal experiences. She spent three years studying at an academy of classical music but dropped out shortly before the final exams, accepting that she never “fitted in.” After struggling to find her sense of direction, she steadily built up a fan base and created one of the most enduring and lucrative careers in the pop industry. In line with the Capricorn theme and the conjunction of Venus and Saturn, her style is known for being “more mature”.4 “There are two kinds of artists,” she says, “those who endorse Pepsi and those who simply won’t”,4 reflecting the Capricornian commitment to self-respect.

Annie’s Capricorn Sun and Moon apply to the sextile of Mars in Pisces, allowing her to combine gritty reality with an energetic and powerful expression of emotion. Whilst avoiding the trappings of celebrity, she has the unmistakable presence of a strong and powerful woman who has no rosy illusions but creates success through perseverance and hard work.

The 4th-house emphasis also suggests that the “soul” in her music originates from an emotional depth that draws from her ancestry and roots. Annie was the only child of working-class parents in Aberdeen and describes her upbringing as tight-knit but strict. She reveals how the cold, dark, monotonously grey, and somewhat oppressive environment of a hometown known as “Granite City” impacted her outlook on life and added to her melancholy disposition:

You have the North Sea where I come from. It’s a very dangerous dark ocean. It can change its mood a lot. It’s not the blue Mediterranean. It’s cold when you step into that water. I think that must have come into my sensibility somewhere down the line.” 5

This is a very telling statement. Despite the ability to reach great heights in their professional careers, Capricorns never detach from a subconscious recognition of the awesome power of the 'dark abyss'.
Deb Houlding

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2) Bryony Sutherland and Lucy Ellis, Annie Lennox: The Biography, Omnibus Press, 2002, p.1.
3) The authors of her biography explain that they managed to write a book about her whilst respecting her views and avoiding intimate questions about personal matters - but they were given no access to Annie herself ('Acknowledgements').
5) Sutherland and Ellis, p.3.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkien horoscope

Extracted from Tolkien: Heir to the Grand Tradition
by Sue Toohey

There is no denying that Tolkien was strongly influenced by Saturn throughout his life. His Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn and Mercury is in an exact square to Saturn in Libra, the sign of its exaltation, bringing a strong Saturn emphasis to his nativity. He is most often pictured as an old man, there being virtually no pictures available of him as a younger person. In his obituary in the New York Times upon his death in 1973, he was described as a gently, blue-eyed, donnish appearing man who favoured tweeds, smoked a pipe and liked to take walks and ride on an old bicycle. He was a scholar of dead languages, leading a very conventional life in the Saturn ruled town of Oxford. He embodied the principles of Saturn seeing himself as a pessimist, suffering bouts of melancholy and despair and as someone who did not like progress.

Tolkien's Sun sextiles Mars and Jupiter and makes a wide orb sextile to Uranus. This suggests a man with an enormous amount of energy for his work, approaching this with enthusiasm and passion and a confidence in his ability to achieve whatever he set out to do. Throughout his life he was a prolific writer, producing several novels as well as articles and scholarly essays. Most of his academic work centres on the interpretation of myths and legends of the past, in particular, those of Norse mythology. The Sun is conjunct the fixed star Vega in Tolkien's chart and, according to Bernadette Brady, people influenced by this star are full of charisma and are touched by the underworld.

Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton horoscope

Extracted from Isaac Newton & the Ocean of Truth
by Sue Toohey

Throughout his life, Newton spent more time intensely involved with alchemy than any of his scientific pursuits. Many biographers, confronted with what they see as completely divergent writings, have chosen to gloss over anything that does not fit easily into the image of Newton generally acknowledged... A more authentic picture of Newton, concealed for so long, came to light when John Maynard Keyes purchased a collection of papers that had been rejected by Cambridge as having no scientific value: "Newton was not the first of the age of reason. He was the last of the magicians, the last of the Babylonians and Sumerians, the last great mind which looked out on the visible and intellectual world with the same eyes as those who began to build our intellectual inheritance rather less than 10,000 years ago."

Newton, like most alchemists of the time, believed that alchemic wisdom extended back to ancient times. He believed strongly in the religious and astrological symbolism of alchemy... The ultimate goal of the alchemist was an inner transformation of the psyche. Success depended on the alchemist's state of mind, prayer and meditation being part of the practice. Newton often pleaded with fellow alchemist Robert Boyle to keep silent in publicly discussing alchemy. But, rather than being uncomfortable with his participation in alchemy, it seems that Newton believed that this secret knowledge was not for everyone. He felt that the Hermetic writers of the past had concealed their work for good reason and Newton was prepared to honour this adherence to secrecy.
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