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The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion

Book Review

The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion

ISBN: 1902405153
Published by The Wessex Astrologer Ltd.
Reviewed by Deborah Houlding

Available for purchase from
The Wessex Astrologer and most astrology suppliers
Price: 38

I recently packed away a few hundred astrology books, having decided that they were taking up too much space in my working environment and their purpose had long defined itself as 'gathering dust'. Instead, I now have a small collection of invaluable texts in my office, the most essential of which sit on my desk, a wider collection of less-crucial but still interesting books in the adjoining room, and a loft space heaving under the strain of far too many books that are, as I now see, not worth the space they occupy. In a couple of years when it seems less sacrilegious I shall hopefully come to my senses and dispose of them properly. In the meantime, one current method by which I now evaluate astrology books is how close-by I keep them when I work. And that's why, although I'm struggling to write a review of Nicholas Campion's Book of World Horoscopes that expresses anything other than the same unfaltering praise, appreciation and admiration that you'll find in any of the many other reviews the book has attracted worldwide, I can at least demonstrate my recommendation through my ultimate level of rating, being as it sits on my desk between the computer screen and Christian Astrology.

If there is any serious astrologer who has not yet purchased this book - what are you thinking of? There are ways to make life easy for yourself, but failing to invest in essentials is not one of them. Just buy a copy now. If like me you already have it, doubtless it is so battered and used that the pages are falling out and the cover is dropping off. Cause for celebration then that Wessex Astrologer Ltd has published a revised, updated and expanded edition where the charts are presented far more clearly and the indexing more expedient than ever before.

This book is essentially a collection of almost 500 charts relating to the founding of countries and other important national events. Written by an expert astrologer and historian - in fact Nick Campion is justly reputed to be the world's foremost expert on mundane astrology - the collection is a demonstration of scholarly mastership, where the author's narrative winds through and around the charts, highlighting the most valid points of historical and political significance. This isn't simply a collection of charts and data, though it would be admirable enough as that; Nick has served the interests of astrologers particularly well in offering analysis on the moments of importance, details of other charts that have been suggested or rejected, (and why), and illuminating explanations on the political twists and turns that accompanied their creation. As always, Nick's commentary is lucid, well-researched, easily read, and a source of interest as well as reliable fact. The Introduction alone is a work of major significance, covering important philosophical and methodical issues that need to be addressed by anyone attempting to put such charts to good use.

Nick also makes some very salient points in his newly revised Preface. All astrologers strive to create accurate readings based on charts drawn from accurate data, and this elucidates the great care and attention to detail that is apparent throughout the work. Although I work largely within the branches of astrology that recognise a divinational input, it is heartening that Nick Campion is cutting across the recent drift towards casting astrology off as primarily a divinatory lens, with the moment of selection assuming less importance than the symbolic analysis drawn from it. As Nick himself puts it, if this is how one sees astrology "one may just as easily roll a set of astro-dice as go to the bother of casting a horoscope". If instead, you see the true potential of an event invested most powerfully within the moment of manifest recognition, whilst recognising the doctrine of subsumption, this book, with its onus on accuracy and recorded details, will serve you well.

All astrologers will remain indebted to Nick Campion for his Herculean efforts in researching and presenting such dependable and informative material, which has not only aided our research, but hopefully made our judgments more reliable too.

Deborah Houlding
August 2004