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Skyscript is committed to ensuring all its advertisements are discreetly placed and highly targeted, an approach which gives better results for suppliers whilst enhancing the visitor experience rather than invading it. Since the site was created from the desire to make good, information-rich content freely available to all committed students and practitioners of astrology (without pay-walls or any kind of commercial pressure or “in-your-face” marketing) it is important that any promotions we run are closely aligned with the content of the page and the interests of our readers.

We do not accept adverts that are not related to astrology or which market popular astrology broadly to the public, but we are keen to promote services that support our readers’ desire to gain knowledge and experience in the philosophy, theory and practice of astrology. Ideal products and services to promote on this site include:
  • Books and publications targeted at students and practitioners of astrology.
  • Astrology software products.
  • Courses that teach astrology.
  • Events (conferences / seminars / talks) that are aimed at astrology students and practitioners.
  • Astrological services of a specialist nature (based around 1-2-1 consultation utilising full individual chart work).
  • Podcasts and Youtube videos that draw attention to specialist astrological themes.
  • Artworks or creative products that are recognisably astrological in theme.
Because our advertising placement is so carefully curated, please get in touch if you are interested in advertising so that a proposal can be made for you that suits your product best. We can create the artwork (if needed) and tailor advertising plans to any budget, with prices starting from £50 for a strongly placed 12-month ad.
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Sponsorship is a massively important and greatly valued means by which you can help to keep this site's content freely available. It is a great way for you to show your support for Skyscript whilst enhancing your brand identity on pages that relate to your own astrological concerns.

We are currently in the process of redesigning many of our older pages and sponsorship is one of the ways that you can help with the funding of this task. If you choose to sponsor an older, undeveloped page, we will prioritise the recoding of that page to bring it back to best standards.

When you sponsor a page, your sponsorship will be prominently acknowledged, and your service ad will appear alongside related content for a period of 5 years.

Our new page design allows two sponsorship slots on each page. The cost of full sponsorship for one page (both slots) is £100; or we can offer part sponsorship for £50 (the footer-bar sponsorship slot) or £75 (the midsection sponsorship advert). For an example of the midsection sponsorship advert, see this example; an example of the footer-bar sponsorship slot can be found at the bottom of that page.

Get in touch if you are interested or need more information. We are able to create the necessary artwork if required.
Why donate to this site?
We are immensely grateful for any donation, no matter how small. Please don’t think that a small amount is meaningless – on the contrary, if everyone who made good use of this site donated £1 towards its costs, its budget for redevelopment and ongoing maintenance would be secured.

But why should you give your hard-earned cash to this endeavour?

For 20 years Skyscript was personally designed, coded, hosted and developed by its originator, Deborah Houlding. Being a labour of love and free of all commercial affiliations, Skyscript never received any grants, funding assistance, or commercial contributions to ease its IT, hosting or research costs.

Many astrologers have benefitted from the materials shared by Skyscript, but the high traffic and popularity of the site, combined with the rapidly shifting demands of modern web technology means that hard decisions must be made. The responsibilities of updating and developing the site content are now too great for any one person to fund and create as leisure time permits.

To keep Skyscript moving in the direction of the community project it was set up to be, a budget must be found to bring all its pages to good standard – and to “future-proof” its existence after its originator has moved on to more celestial planes.

One option would be to commercialise the site, or fill it with click-bait adverts and spam. We are not going to do that, ever. Our advertising approach will always be subtle and supportive to our information-rich content. If you approve and are in a position to help a little, a small donation aids our aims and also gives us reassurance that you value our content and support the approach we are taking.
If you enjoy the content of Skyscript, consider becoming a patron. We have three tiers of membership (Mind, Body & Soul), all of which include the patrons-only Skyscript Newsletter, edited by Deborah Houlding. For the price of a cup of coffee your patronage will help fund the maintenance, development and continued presence of Skyscript for future generations. Be with us in 'Body', and join in with our monthly astrology discussions hosted by Deborah Houlding.

Check out the details - full information available on the Skyscript Patreon page.
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