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Simon Forman's Notebooks
  Medical Horary of 9 May 1596; transcribed and annotated by Kim Farnell

Simon Forman was a prominent English Elizabethan occultist, astrologer and herbalist, active in London in the late sixteenth century.

Forman's astrological texts date from 1588. The earliest chart we have a record of was from 1581; a horary to locate lost goods. Forman's The Astrologicalle Judgmentes of Phisick and Other Questions was first drafted around 1594, and periodically revised until Forman's death in 1611. The following example is taken from the abridged manuscript in the British Library (Sloane 99), which contains the introduction and first six chapters. (The spelling in this chart example has been modernised for ease of reading.)

13 Recto
Another example, 1596 May 25: Wednesday: at 40 minutes past 7, where the cousin sent the urine of the sick without consent of the sick: to know the disease and of life and death of 26 years.

The disease of this woman was in the brain, heart, belly left side - a sufferer of two fits.

Sometimes better and sometimes worse, she was full of melancholy and looked at it with a fright. She was also faint, and much stopped in her stomach. It was caused of Sun in Gemini and Moon separating from Saturn in Virgo and her melancholy had the dominion and her mind is much troubled. She lived.

The 3rd house [for cousins] for the figure for the ascendant for the sick body and for the urine
The 5th and 7th for the liver and virtue debilitat.
The 10th and 8th for death
The 6th and 8th for sickness
The 9th and 11th for the physician
The 7th and 9th for the sick person and how he will be cured.
The 12th and 2nd to know whether he be bewitched or whether it be any unnatural disease.

The Moon here going from Saturn, which is lord of the house of infirmities and death (6th and 8th) in past, applying to Sun, shows that the disease is past the highest, and do abate, and that the party will not die.

And Mercury is lord of the ascendant of the questiones [turned chart] in Taurus applying to Saturn per square.

There is reception between Mercury and Saturn, for Mercury receives Saturn in his house and Saturn receives Mercury in his face, which shows that in the extremity and height of her disease she recovered.
- End -

Chart redrawn with computer software

The significant change is that the Moon, in the original chart, is shown
at 5°40 Virgo, therefore separating from its conjunction with Saturn
and applying next to a square of the Sun (as marked in the centre
of the original chart)

© Chart reproduction, transcription and commentary by Kim Farnell, September, 2011 2008

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