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William Lilly

William Lilly's Christian Astrology, published in 1647, is an essential text on traditional astrology and the most important textbook on horary astrology to be written in the English language. This work continues to have exceptional value for students of astrology because of its clear and detailed instruction and incorporation of Lilly’s own chart judgements (one being a dramatic political prediction that came true a few years after the book’s publication). The full text consists of three volumes:

  • Volume I: An Introduction to Astrology (lays out the basic principles of astrology)
  • Volume II: The Resolution of all Manner of Questions (deals specifically with horary astrology)
  • Volume III: An Introduction to Nativities (demonstrates the traditional methods of judging birth charts).

This searchable digital edition provides Deborah Houlding’s re-typed and indexed reproduction of volumes I & II, originally published by Ascella in 1999. This offers a faithful, modern type rendering of Lilly's original text, accompanied by footnoted annotations and modern chart illustrations of the 36 historical horoscopes (higher resolution chart images are also available below).

Although the text may be read onscreen or downloaded for personal study use, this edition of Lilly's work is a copyrighted text and may not be reproduced, circulated, resold, or distributed (wholly or in part) in any other form or by any means other than direct download from this website. Paperback copies are also available for purchase through Amazon.

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