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- Horoscope for Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford -

Sibly's horoscope for Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford

From Ebenezer Sibly's New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology;
Horoscope: Plate number 23, between pages 866 and 867. Natal report: p.868
Sibly's source: undeclared

The EARL of STRAFFORD. Born in Lat. 51° 32'. viz. London.

This native was a person so singularly accomplished, that King Charles, after bemoaning his unfortunate end, and reflecting upon himself for commenting to his death, wrote as follows: "I looked upon my lord of Strafford as a gentleman whose abilities might make a prince rather afraid than ashamed to employ him in the greatest affairs of state ; for these high talents were prone to create in him great confidence of undertakings, and his temper was likely enough to betray him into great errors, and to raise him many enemies, whereof he could not but contract good store, while moving in so high a sphere, and with so vigorous a lustre; he must, like the Sun, raise many envious exhalations, which, condensed by a popular odium, were capable to cast a cloud upon the brightest merit and integrity".

To denote the eminent accomplishments of this noble personage for the purposes of government and good policy, he hath Virgo ascending, a sign which uniformly represents a native admirably ingenious and prudent. Mercury, lord of the ascendant, is in Taurus, with the Sun, the sovereign light of time, casting a trine aspect to the ascendant. Mercury is at the same time lord of the tenth houfe, and of the ascendant likewise, which is a certain presage of honour and dignity to the native by the natural excellencies and endowments of his mind. It is nevertheless to be considered, that Mercury is combust of the Sun, and the Moon and Mars are in exact quartile to him; configurations which not only eclipsed the reputation of his great abilities, but argue that his relations and friends, as well as his enemies, should envy him the honour and preferments those great abilities procured him.

Mars, with the Sun and Moon, govern the eleventh, twelfth, and third, houses of the horoscope; and Saturn, being locally and virtually in the eleventh house, in opposition to Jupiter, shows the falsehood and perfidiousness of his friends, and the violence and malice of his enemies; and, to add to these discordant configurations, the cusp of the midheaven is the exact antiscion of Saturn and the contra-antiscion of Jupiter.

When this nobleman was near forty years of age, he was constituted and appointed Lord Deputy of Ireland. He had then operating in his nativity, the Moon to the sextile rays of the Sun, and the midheaven to the antiscion of Venus by direction. At forty years old, viz. November 12, 1640, he was impeached for high treason. Mars was that day in opposition to the ascendant, and in quartile of Mercury, lord of the medium-coeli and of the ascendant. On the 19th of November he applied for bail, but was refused. The Moon was then in opposition to Mercury, and the Sun in opposition to the tenth house. On the 23rd of the same month he was committed to the Tower: the Moon was then in opposition both to Mars and to her own radical place in the geniture.

On the 28th of January, 1641, he was first impeached in the house of commons: the Moon was at this time in opposition of Saturn's place, and Mars possessed the Sun's place in the radix. On the 30th of January he was impeached in the house of lords ; Mars still occupied the Sun's place, and the Moon continued in conjunction with the Sun in the sixth house.

On the 15th of April, 1641, this native was declared guilty of the treasonable practices with which he had been charged: the Moon was then in opposition to the Sun, near his radical place; Saturn was in opposition to the ascendant; the Sun was in quartile of the place of Mars, and Mars upon the place of Venus, in the tenth house. On the 10th of May the king signed the warrant for his execution; Mercury was then stationary, and Saturn in opposition to the ascendant; and the Moon was in quartile of Mars and Venus. On the tenth day of the same month this native was beheaded, in the forty-eighth year of his age. The Moon was then in exact opposition to the Sun, and Saturn was in opposition to the ascendant. But, to show a more eminent designation of these afflictions, and eventually the loss of his life by them, he had the mid-heaven directed to the conjunction of Saturn and to the opposition of Jupiter; the Moon was likewise ten digits eclipsed in the very beginning of the revolutional figure of that year, and Saturn and Mars were both afflicting the ascendant of the geniture. Thus fell this great and distinguished character, who was excelled by few in the bright ornaments of wisdom and understanding.

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D. Houlding; published online: June 2008
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