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- Horoscope for Philip II, King of Spain -

Sibly's horoscope for Philip II, King of Spain

From Ebenezer Sibly's New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology;
Horoscope: Plate no 13, following page 846. Natal report: p.849
Sibly's source: unknown

P H I L I P   II.   K I N G  of  S P A I N.   Born in Lat. 42.

When the native was twenty-five years old, (which was in the year 1630) he was in imminent danger of being burnt to death, but miraculously preserved. The directions at that time operating, were the ascendant to the body of Saturn, and the Sun to the opposition of the midheaven ; and consequently to a conjunction with the fourth house, which hath designation of the house in which he dwelt. The Sun and Saturn being in fiery signs presage his danger to arise by means of fire; and the opposing irradiation of the benefic stars describe the manner in which he was preserved.

In the year 1633, a conspiracy was formed against the prince, and he was in the utmost danger of being stabbed. This is declared by the direction of Mars to an opposition with the ascendant by direct direction, and prevented by the superior force of the benefic rays.

In 1649, when the native was nearly forty-four years old, he was attacked by a sharp and violent fever, and his life was despaired of. This indisposition came by the configuration of the Moon, which is the Apheta, or giver of life, directed to the quartile of Mars : but fatality was prevented by the nourishing beams of Jupiter directed at the same time to the ascendant.

In the year 1656, a war broke out betwixt this Prince and Oliver Cromwell, then Lord High Protector of England ; an event which is most aptly foretold by the body of the Sun coming to the Bull's Eye, a violent fixed star; at the same time that the Part of Fortune comes by direction to an opposition of the Sun in violent signs,

In the year 1659, King Philip made peace with France, and married his daughter to the French King. These events are prefigured in his geniture, exemplified in the foregoing plate, by the ascendant coming by direction to the sextile of Mercury, lord of the seventh house ; and the Moon to a perfect sextile of the Sun.

In 1661, the ascendant came to the body of Jupiter ; and was succeeded by a revolutional sextile of the Moon to her own radical place in the geniture ; at the same time that Venus forms a mundane trine with the midheaven. These directions promise much happiness, honour, and reputation to the native, and point out the happiest and most illustrious part of his reign.

The Moon in this nativity being giver of Life, and the Sun Anareta, foreshows the time and manner of his death. Let the direction of their opposite beams be equated by the rules already given, and it will be found that the perfection of the aspect: in the anaretical place of the horoscope agrees precisely with the hour in which this illustrious prince yielded up the ghost.

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D. Houlding; published online: June 2008
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