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- Horoscope for Bishop Hall -

Sibly's horoscope for Bishop Hall

From Ebenezer Sibly's New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology;
Horoscope: Plate no 7, following page 888. Natal report: p.890

BISHOP HALL. Born under the elevation of the Pole of 53.

The nativity of this eminent divine was found after his death in his pocket-book, written by his own hand; and, having been spoken of by many professors of the science, can receive but little new light from my pen.

This native was committed to the Tower, with eleven other bishops, when in the sixty-seventh year of his age. He had then operating the Dragon's Tail to the midheaven; and the continuance of his imprisonment is most aptly denoted by the testimony of the lord of the ascendant in the twelfth house, which is the only light of time above the earth. His death happened in the eighty-second year of his age, under the anaretic influence of a quartile of the Sun and Moon.

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D. Houlding; published online: July 2008
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