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- Horoscope for Oliver Cromwell -

Sibly's horoscope for Cromwell

From Ebenezer Sibly's New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology;
Horoscope: Plate number 11, between pages 856 and 857. Natal report: p.859
Sibly's source: undeclared

OLIVER CROMWELL, Lord High Protector of England. Born in Lat. 52° 19'.

In the nativity of this enterprising and extraordinary character, we find fix planets essentially fortified, and four of them in friendly trine to each other, with the luminaries and Jupiter in sextile. These configurations presage the most important acquisitions to the person of the native: at the same time that they illustrate the intrepidity and valour of his spirit, with the capaciousness and sagacity of his mind. The professors of this art, both ancient and modern, agree, that where only three planets are found essentially dignified in a nativity, it is an earnest of singular prosperity and good fortune to the native: but where six testimonies of the same nature occur, it is an evident proof that the person born under their influence will eclipse all his contemporaries in his advancement to glory and fame. How far this was verified in the person of Oliver Cromwell, when the humble situation of himself and his ancestors is considered, I shall leave to the decision of the candid and intelligent reader.

In the year 1640, this native was elevated to a seat in the British parliament. This This was his first step to public fame and honour, and happened under the course of the medium-coeli to the Dragon's Head, seconded by a favourable revolution, in which Jupiter occupied the cusp of the tenth house.

In the year 1642, Cromwell was appointed to the command of a regiment of horse; and he raised one troop at his own expense. The Moon was then directed to the Scorpion's Heart, an eminently martial and jovial fixed star. In 1643, he was elected Lieutenant General to the Earl of Manchester, under the direction of the Moon to the trine aspect of Mars.

The memorable dispute between Cromwell and the Earl of Manchester took place in the year 1644, with uncommon acrimony on both sides. The Earl conceiving himself the better man, and supposing his interest in parliament much the most superior, he preferred diverse informations against his Lieutenant General, but to no little or no effect. The native quickly exculpated himself, and triumphed over his accuser. During the whole of this year, Saturn occupied the ascendant of his revolutional figure; and in his radix, or figure of birth, the ascendant was at the same time directed to the term of Mars.

In 1645, the native was appointed Lieutenant General under Sir Thomas Fairfax; and now his fame began to spread abroad. The Moon was then directed to the sextile aspect of Saturn, Lord of the Medium-coeli; and under this direction he eventually took the lead of Fairfax himself.

In the year 1648, he remonstrates with parliament, and contends with the Levellers, by which he fell into disgrace. Under the influx of the same directions, he formed the plan of bringing his Sovereign's head to the block. These malignant beams of proceeded from the quartile aspect of the Sun and Saturn, accompanied by the Part of Fortune to the opposition of Venus.

In 1649, Cromwell attended the army in the expedition against Ireland. He succeeded in the undertaking, but was severely indisposed with the flux and fever. This all happened under the succulent beams of the Moon, directed to the parallel of Jupiter in the zodiac. The years 1650, and 1651, were employed in the subduing the opposition in Scotland. Wherever the native turned his arms, he came off victorious. This was the Sun directed to his own sextile, and the fortunate irradiations of the principal significators in the revolutional figures of those two years, to their radical places in the geniture, whereby all things appertaining to the native prospered well, and terminated generally to his own particular interest and advantage.

The memorable area of his assuming the power of Lord Protector of England, was 1653, when he bodly possessed himself of the avenues leading to the House of Commons, and put and end to the fitting of parliament. Eying the Speaker's mace, he ordered his attendants to take away "that idolatrous bauble;" though he afterwards thought it no vanity to have three such borne before him. These events took place when the Sun came to the bodily aspect of Jupiter, and to the sextile of the Moon, at the same time that the Part of Fortune received the sextile beams of Venus; so that both the benefic planets concurred in the success of this daring enterprise.*

In the year 1654, Cromwell effected an honourable peace with France, through the medium of Cardinal Mazarin; and he concluded a treaty of alliance with the King of Sweden, through the indefatigable preference of Mr. Whitlock. This gentlemen was rewarded for his merit, by being dignified with a title, and appointed Ambassador to the Swedish court. These incidents occurred under the influx of the Part of Fortune directed to the trine of Mars.

The craft and subtilty of the native was never more conspicuous, than when he convened a new parliament, for the purpose of getting himself confirmed in the sovereignty of the empire, under the assumed title of Lord High Protector. This took place in the year 1656, when the Part of Fortune came to the sextile rays of the insidious planet Saturn, lord of the tenth house, joined with the favourable revolution; whereby is most aptly presaged, the attainment of advantage and preferment, under the hypocritical mask of piety and religion. To such a pitch of adulation were some of his creatures risen, that they not only confirmed him in the title of Lord High Protector, but entreated him to assume the name and dignity of King. This, however, he had the sagacity to refuse; deeming it safer to possess the power, without the pomp of majesty.

In the year 1657, when thus invested with the supreme jurisdictions of the kingdom, he sends six thousands men upon an expedition into Flanders, under the command of Sir John Reynolds. This valiant Knight had likewise consulted Mr. Lilly before his embarkation, and he shortly afterwards reduced and took possession of Dunkirk, as the proficient in the astral science had previously assured him be the case. The Sun was then forming the perfect sextile of the planet Mercury in cardinal signs, applying to Mars.

In the year 1658, on the third of September, 3h.15m. P.M. this phenomenon amongst mankind, departed this life, in the natural way, without assassination - which is perhaps the greatest wonder of the age in which he lived; and can only be attributed to the fear - not to the love - of those who had access to him. In the directions which produced his death, the Sun is the Apheta, or giver of life, and Saturn the Anareta, or destroying planet; and the incidence of their beams met by quartile rays, precisely at the time this illustrious native gave up the ghost, as any one might perceive, by equating the arc of direction.

Thus terminated the life and actions of a man, who perhaps never had his equal - whose resources were within himself ; and whole progress through life was marked with strong portions of temerity and hypocrisy of perseverance and good fortune. He attempted nothing but what he accomplished ; and surmounted difficulties, which would have plunged half the universe into ruin and despair.

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D. Houlding; published online: June 2008
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