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Virgo and his Saturn Return.
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Joined: 10 Nov 2017
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Posted: Fri May 25, 2018 11:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

james_m wrote:
mya - it would be more interesting to look at your chart to understand why you are interested!

in the past few years - since 2015 - saturn would have gone over his pluto/ ascendant.. he has gone thru some type of self discovery and recognizes he has a certain type of power that not everyone has... he is probably less afraid and more confident in his abilities on a number of levels...

the saturn return emphasizes his creative drive - one will note capricorn is the 5th sign from his virgo sun, so creativity and his artistic pursuits are pronounced and significant to him... whether one wants to put the cap planets in the 2nd placidus or 3rd whole sign houses - i suppose it can be read a few ways.. saturn/neptune conjunction has a strong imagination with mercury/moon so close by... there is an oscillating vibe i always get from any saturn/jupiter opposition and this is emphasized more with mercury in libra at the top of a t square involving all these planets including the moon..

and, again i note the mercury in square to the moon as an important feature of his chart, given sun in virgo is ruled by mercury..

i would imagine he is doing fine and working hard at making a name for himself as an artist.. there may be some money woes - common for anyone trying to get a leg up in the art world and hopefully he will find a way to work thru this.. perhaps jupiter could be quite beneficial for him financially as it is strong in the sign cancer - regardless if in the 8th or 9th - it rules his 2nd house..

its been almost 5 months since my last post here.
I just wanted to thank you for this post.

hmm What i would like to say is that i am cutting this man from my life even mentally.

I think you were right about his self discovery. Since 3 years probably before we met and had an affair he has been changing.
Now i think he is in the process - he is more mature and i think becomes a type i dont like.

I dont mean that we will never meet again, but his way of life and his lifestyle doesnt suit me.
Since 2014 and 15 he has put himself in some new company, popular company. He has a big mask on himself. wants to be a popular persona ( his parents are very popular in environment).

I think that some of his popular side is being showed off since a gew months/years.

He put himself in an environment i dont like, environment of being popular, addictin ( every type) music and other people.

I dont like it.

we can be friends but nothing more. His new environment is very dense, people are weird and strange .

Its not that i am a nun or a virgin Mary but i dont like this environment.

Even common friends leave this environment saying its too 'dense' and inaprioprate for some people.

I dont wanna do something againts myself even thought it means to be not popular or sth.

He has chosen this path maybe he has some underneath profit behind it i dont know. Maybe for him its getting attention and being recognised in every environment.

I am not like that. Even though he encouraged me to being the best - it doesnt mean i need to be addicted to something or to someone. I think that my aqua placements also indicate my liberalian ways of life. I can be like air just floating in life and not caring doing my thing. People dont like it.
I accomplish my goals but in other way. I dont push people that they feel bad about work. I let them do and i succeed in my way.

Since January a lot has happened with me and my inner persona. I am thankful for your all previous post . i feel better, more grounded, free like a reborn.
I dont need to show off to be acceptable.

People hide themselves and put others with confusion when they put off masks. I prefer to be a strong individual but real. Its very difficult to do.

I think i am getting matured and more grounded and serious. I like myself now.

I dont need to be surrounded by people who are the same. I am an individual who succeeds.

Additionally i think that a person needs to be free not to let anything rule you - people or stuff- what i am saying is about addiction here.
People claim that being popular being on the top means success- its right but usually there is a very bad dark side behind it. And i am right.
I dont wanna be involved in anything like that. I want to cut everything the way i want or stay whenever i want. I know that I am not a queen of the world and i can not control everyone's lifes .We can not control some things. I accepted that.
I control what i control, do what I do.
I like very 'light' relationships, even friendships. I cant stand being pushed or anything. I need to have space. Space is freedom for thought and living.

People who mix in the same environment addited to the same things are the ones who are weak. Not me. They let other things rule their mind. But what is the most significant and free muscle in your head unless its brain?
Why do people make it controlled by stuff?

I ll never make it.
I am strong. Noone will tell me other things.
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