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2018 prediction
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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 1812

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes! Yes! There are Thousands of these ...


PS This Boy puts loads of effort int his Analysis
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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 1812

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 11:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Joni at the Galactic Centre wrote the following in an email to me. It's Vedic Based but the Key Aspects are what's relevant. Pretty -VE for June.

She offers a Forward options for the email recipient so I feel it is OK to paste it here. You can get your own copy via

I do tend to listen to what others are saying just to verify the Key Aspects to be paying attention too.

So thanks Joni.

"As we approach the coming intense eclipses in July it feels like we are getting ready for inevitable doom. What are we about to experience? It feels a bit scary and frightening! A month before and after the eclipses, major events occur that entice fear around the world. These eclipses are especially potent as Mars is the trigger. The total lunar eclipse is conjunct Mars and Ketu within a few degrees on July 27th. The effects are magnified with Mars turning retrograde June 26th.

Rahu transiting in Cancer will surface insecurity since Cancer is the sign of security and the opposite sign Capricorn involves government. We are feeling much more vulnerable especially in the area of cyberspace and safety. But even on a personal level, we are questioning our existence.

There is a cardinal cross involving Mars/Ketu, Venus/Rahu and Uranus/Jupiter. Uranus and Jupiter are in opposition both squaring Mars/Ketu and Venus/Rahu. This manifests intense energy where unexpected events will begin to play out this month.

Mars and Ketu together indicate fire causing volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and wild fires. The volcanic eruptions in Hawaii will intensify. Plus, there will be a heat wave in the northern hemisphere.

Events that involve fear will surface worldwide based on a threat to security. Hostility and anger are evoked due to secrets and revelations being exposed. There is a civil war building based on lies and deception within the government. These opposing forces cause fear and distrust. As the government in the U.S. implodes, the people become even more polarized. People are becoming more violent everywhere.

We have to go through the fire to get through to the other side with an awakening to our own personal truths, and we must be prepared to view the world in a different way. There will be profound changes taking place in the world this summer in the U.S.

What we decide to do during the next three months is critical in terms of our happiness. As the idea of death and destruction continually surfaces we must change our attitudes concerning war and anger. Many people will be leaving the planet. But those who decide to face the realities will build a better society and world based on truth.

Progress in the field of mental illness will come forth with healing of addictions and family matters. The core essence of society is based on family, and the breakdown of family values is a threat to the world. As Rahu transits through Cancer, these matters are deeply addressed.

People are beginning to understand the human potential of love and connection. People need to feel loved and accepted, and if they don’t they will find any means to seek connection. They may join gangs or cults to feel a sense of belonging. This is at the core of the global mental illness issue. Gun violence in the schools is the result of this problem.

The purpose and meaning of our lives is to connect to humanity. Take the time to associate with others that need a connection and love. This begins with the family. We must learn to accept and love one another to heal the hate rampant in the world currently. To make others feel a connection and affinity to each other is essential.

Everyone wants to feel wanted and loved and those who do not will retaliate in the world and society. They will blame others for their lack of connection and seek this feeling no matter how negative it may appear. Through understanding this core essence we can help shape and change the world. Remember the only true healer is love. This is a time that we can finally awaken to this truth.

Interestingly, the UAC conference had a different feeling that truly represented unity. It united many astrological organizations as one big family. This is a major lesson we have come to learn especially during this time of crisis. I attribute the sense of unity to the transit of Jupiter in Libra, and I feel that even through many difficult experiences may surface during this time, the end result will be an awakening to a new founded sense of Unity. A magnificent healing will transpire from this awakening.

Predictions for June

This month Mars and Venus are in opposition with Rahu and Ketu. Venus is conjunct Rahu in Cancer and Mars is conjunct Ketu in Capricorn. Venus and Rahu in Cancer represents the empowerment of women. Women are rising in powerful positions around the world as the feminine influence will begin to dominate. In New York, we saw a women pilot safely land a Southwest airplane after a busted engine. In Dallas, Texas a woman just became the police chief. In Washington, President Trump assigned a woman as CIA director.

During this time, relationships become important. Mars is very passionate exalted in Capricorn. Venus becomes more sensitive and emotional in Cancer. Both Mars and Venus tied up with the lunar nodes intensifies their energy. The sexes become more polarized with more cases of rape and sexual discrimination surfacing from the past. On a personal level, passionate love is on the rise. The power of sexual attraction opens many hearts.

Mars exalted in Capricorn indicates great progress in government affairs, such as rebuilding the infrastructure in roads, airports, and parks. The necessary change for progress is activated within governments around the world. There is great hope for democracy around the world.

But on June 26th, Mars turns retrograde shifting the energy from productivity to destruction. Tempers and anger begin to brew, and politically there will great dysfunction. All plans for democracy and peace will be unraveled. Efforts for peace around the world are threatened as attacks break out and predominate through August.

New revelations in the fight against probes in the investigations on Trump and Clinton will hit the fan. Much of it is false, and allegations will be made that are not reliable.

June 15th Mercury is opposed Saturn. Problems around travel involving airports and airlines are possible especially since Mercury is in Gemini. There will be delays and problems with computers. Mercury is traveling at tip top speed but the aspect of Saturn deepens the importance of the information being revealed. There is a conspiracy brewing under the surface and the powers that control the world are gaining strength.

Jupiter and Neptune are in trine throughout the month as Neptune will station at 22 degrees of Aquarius June 18th indicating many cults and spiritual organizations are on the rise. This also intensifies extremist and fanatic’s beliefs, especially since Mars and Ketu (both indicators for terrorism) are conjunct the entire month. Their exact conjunction is June 7th at 13 degrees Capricorn. There will be terrorist threats on governments and world leaders. Assassination attempts will be rampant around the world as people become passionately enraged with fanatical ideology.

Anger around the world is brewing and causing the earth to explode and shake indicating more volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Mars and Ketu are extremely fiery when together. The volcanic eruptions in Hawaii will intensify. This will predominate throughout the summer in north America. There seems to be fires everywhere plus there will be a heat wave in the northern hemisphere which instigates great fear and contention. More cases of explosives, guns and weapons are exposed and will be combined with mental problems. This is the beginning of a real crisis.

June-August: many health issues and deaths of famous icons of the film and music industry, retired presidents and world leaders will pass. Death will seem to appear on the news in epic proportions.

The economy is in a downward cycle. The stock market begins to plummet causing fear. As the stock market makes a nose dive, oil and fuel prices will rise. Cryptocurrencies will follow suite going down but as the stock market continues to falter it gives credence to crypto and these currencies will begin to rise as a result by October.

Incredible discoveries surface with technology coming to a new level as a result of the cardinal cross involving Mars/Ketu, Venus/Rahu and Uranus/Jupiter (Uranus and Jupiter are in opposition both squaring the Mars/Ketu and Venus/Rahu). This manifests unexpected events to play out this month. Technologically speaking, inventions using video and cameras will look different and there is an advancement in the area of travel and connections to other worlds.

It will feel like the earth is waking up to entirely different reality. Nothing will be the same after this summer. These changes involve great destruction but will eventually bring healing that is much needed around the world."

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Joined: 24 Mar 2007
Posts: 133

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:22 pm    Post subject: 2018 Reply with quote

I find this woman's e mails, videos and predictions interesting Astrologers do not like to make negative predictions but I think the world is in a very dangerous place. Personally, the moon's north node is going thru my 8th house conjuncting my natal venus. I have recently lost one close friend and expect that other friends may pass. AMY
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Joined: 01 Jun 2018
Posts: 117

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

With Uranus in Taurus,Ireland`s sign,I`m not really surprised that the at the huge Lunar eclipse of 27 July Mars and Moon will rise over Dublin.
What could happen there? I don`t know much about Ireland
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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 1812

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 6:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Although it is a little way off Uranus and The Nodes are forming a square. About 6° and applying just now ?

Reaches a peak in late Oct or early Nov.

A lot of stress in the System I'd say.

Saturn may be reducing Uranus is radical energy but that ends in early Sept so again things may suddenly give.

For example if the DRK negotiations fail 3 months ?

Things tend to give big time when on of the Outer Beasts squares or conjuncts The Nodes.

Also in natal Charts as BP found out in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3672
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi rocko,

thanks for sharing joni patry's 'predictions'... it is quite us centric.. i guess that is the audience she is trying to appeal to.

i think the reason the lunar eclipse july 27th area is eye catching for an astrologer is that it has an opposition with sun moon - full moon - that is on the nodes with mars involved.. add to this - the square of all this to uranus in taurus... we haven't really had any shocking stock market dynamic in the middle of summer... generally the big swings are sept - oct area.. i wonder if it will be different here? i am mostly going on uranus in taurus as a possible indication of financial shock of some sort.. i know a number of countries that have been singled out for financial sanctions from the usa are considering trading with one another and avoiding any transit thru the usa $ to do this.. i wonder if this enters into it? see this article from rt today on exactly what i am getting at immediately above.

i was looking at my quick post that started this thread... i said "north korea will not be focused on as much.. nothing much will change either.." that seems very wrong at this moment in time!!!! i think it continues to be possible for north and south korea to reach a happy place and transcend the dominance that the usa imposes on their relationship.. i hope this is one of the upside surprises to come out of this year..

back to the july 27th lunar eclipse... as for mars on the south node - i don't view it as a negative.. i think sun on north node with the moon light out is more a potential self centered negative... sun opp mars isn't so great..i generally think of it as someone who might unintentionally run into opposition on a regular basis that results in conflict...

one of the astro features of the july 27th eclipse chart is that mercury has just gone retrograde - about 1-2 days before this eclipse.. this would suggest more restraint and detachment is needed around this time.. for those folks not ruled by mercury - it is probably not a problem! interesting to conjecture about the eclipse chart in advance.. obviously the idea of an earth quake connects with uranus in taurus... taurus generally isn't into sudden changes or surprises! on the other hand - just how much uranus has to do with sudden change and surprise is an open question..

at the same time the t square is happening in the july 27th eclipse chart, there is a nice set up with sextiles/trines involving venus, jupiter, pluto and neptune... this type of backdrop lessens the angst suggested by the t square with uranus on the top...

i am not sure aspects have to be exact for them to be the most effective... i say this thinking about the uranus square nodal axis that rocko mentions... i think of these dynamics as longer lasting washes over everything... the point where it might come out in some radical event is hard to predict and i don't think it has to happen right close to the exact square of uranus to the nodes... basically i think uranus energy is more likely to come out.. i do think of uranus as a surprising energy and somewhat unconventional and unorthodox.... scientific discoveries, or any sudden change that was hard to see would connect with it...

think of the surprise of north korea leader crossing over into south korea, and all of what has happened in relation to this area of the world in the past few months.. that is very uranian as i see it!

related - it seems to me that the usa is isolating itself from the rest of the world.. whether that has anything to do with uranus in taurus, i am not sure... maybe a pluto return to the usa chart? here is another story along the same lines of the one i shared mid post..
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