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uranus - eris conjunction and the sexual 'me too' dynamic

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
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Location: vancouver island

Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:31 pm    Post subject: uranus - eris conjunction and the sexual 'me too' dynamic Reply with quote

i was speaking with my astro friend yesterday.. him and i have known one another for over 30 years although we don't connect that often as he lives faraway.. we do talk astro from time to time and he mentioned that he thought the weinstein effect or the 'me too' phenom was connected to uranus conjunct eris...

this made a lot of sense to me, in spite of my relative in-exposure to using eris in charts.. after thinking about it some more, i think it has just as much - probably a lot more merit - then the idea of this being about jupiter moving into scorpio... probably it is a combo of factors, but this one wasn't mentioned to me previously..

so, i went and looked to see when the first conjunction of the two happened - approx march 16 2017, some time before the weinstein news which seemed to be the watershed moment for this focus on sexual impropriety behaviour of others.. going on memory teh weinstein revelations were about oct 6th, while the transit of jupiter into scorpio was about oct 10th.. that is pretty close...

at any rate, i see al franken is the latest person - comedian and us politican - to fall foul on this as well.. his chart is rated A at astrodatabank.. you can see it here -,_Al

the tie in to frankens chart isn't immediately obvious to me... i see he has a very close uranus-eris square in his chart which is interesting in itself in relation to my comment above.. in his solar arc directions mars is squaring onto the mercury on the cusp of the 7th in taurus... mars is in a close conjunction to his gemini sun, so both are ruled by mercury and of course mercury rules his 8th house.. meanwhile sa jupiter is at 9 gemini opposite his natal moon at 9 sag...

his solar return for this year has the same mercury at 4 taurus in the 7th squared onto the midheaven - where sa mars presently sits, so again a repeat of what i see in his solar arcs via the midheaven angle and mercury placement in the solar return for 2017.. the sr angles are close to replicating the chart angles, but not quite - late libra in the sr 2017, while his natal chart has 8 scorpio rising..

the profection chart has taurus ascendant - the opposite of his natal chart.. i get the impression opposition years in the profection - ascendant opposite your natal ascendant - are more challenging.. this is supposed to draw my attention to venus in the natal and solar return.. venus natally is at 12 cancer - widely conjunct uranus at 7 cancer.. in the solar return venus is at 14 aries - opposite jupiter at 13 libra - both in placidus 6th/12th, but same sign as the ascedant/descendat axis..

well, it is all very interesting and i thank my friend for mentioning the possible longer term connections with these sexual revelations and the uranus-eris conjunction which is ongoing and of longer duration..
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3002
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

regarding frankens chart - here is what i discovered...

moon - venus are symbols for women... the venus/moon midpoint is 26 virgo - right where natal saturn is in frankens chart.. as it turns out the mercury-pluto midpoint is about 26 gemini... the transit of saturn has been right in this same area - 26 sag while the wheels are coming off frankens professional life.. i think midpoints are important and this is another example why..
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