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Matt Lauer fired from NBC

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Joined: 24 Feb 2007
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Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:11 pm    Post subject: Matt Lauer fired from NBC Reply with quote

NBC opened the TODAY show this morning, 7 AM EST with an announcement that Matt Lauer, the longtime host, had been fired for inappropriate sexual conduct. An unknown staffer had presented NBC with a detailed complaint about Lauer on Monday night which brought the company to terminate him immediately. The announcement was met with surprise from among his co-workers and other media figures.

When doing charts about public figures or people I have no relationship with, I like to give that person the 1st. house. Unless I can find a reason to place them in another more appropriate house.

I give Lauer the 1st. Sagittarius and Jupiter. The public would be the 7th. Gemini and Mercury. NBC would be the 10th. Virgo and Mercury.

The Moon is peregrine and rules the 8th. ( appropriately ) in the 4th. and has just passed an inconjunct with Jupiter and applies to a semi-sextile with Neptune in the 3rd. of communication.

The Sun is just in the 1st. and brings light to where ever it is. The Sun also rules the 9th. of legal issues.

Jupiter signifies Lauer, is in the 11th. of his friends, groups, and hopes and wishes, and is in Via Combusta. Jupiter applies to a trine with Neptune in the 3rd. which tells me he will recover from this in time.

Venus rules the 6th. of his co-workers and is in the 12th. of his secrets and secret enemies. I believe this is the person who brought the complaint and Lauer himself probably doesn't know who it is.

Mercury rules NBC and has just passed a conjunction with Saturn in the 1st. Saturn rules the 2nd. and 3rd.

Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus are all Void of Course. These actors have completed their transits and now have no power to affect anything until they pass into their next phase of activity.
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
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Location: vancouver island

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi nipoleon,

it is an interesting way to understand an event.. essentially it seems you are doing horary astrology on an event involving a public figure... i think it is more for the general astro section, or maybe even the horary section then it is the mundane forum, but regardless you have posted it here...

apparently the event or events of his sexual impropriety took place in 2014.. he seems to be another one caught up in the no tolerance for any sexual improprieties movement that has coincided with jupiter in scorpio transit.. one wonders if there wasn't another agenda at work here too, but we will never get to know that probably.

his birthdate is dec 30 1957 and he has been doing news broadcasting type stuff a long time.. he is 60.. maybe this is a new way they are giving out retirement notices to people in show biz? hey - yer time is up - jupiter in scorpio and we have sexual complaints on you - yer out!

i was just looking at a day chart for slobodan praljak.. he is the guy who died earlier today drinking some poison at the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia -ICTY for short.. his birthdate is january 2nd 1945... again, i only have a noon chart for him..

what is interesting is that in both cases the men are sun in capricorn, with mars and mercury in sagittarius - what is essentially the 12th house of a capricorn sun person... now matt has an additional other planet in sag - saturn, so it is slightly different... both of them have transit saturn transiting their solar 12th house, but in the case of matt saturn is exactly conjunct his natal mercury - which is also a stationary planet in his natal chart... as it happens, transiting mercury 28 sax is stationary at present, about to go retrograde and is very close to the same degree of his mercury - 27.. saturn transit is at 27 sag... in praljaks situation he has mars at 27 sag - so, it involves a different planet, but again it is the saturn transit to his mars exact that marks the timing of this.. the idea of saturn being very connected to time seems to fit both these mens astro.

as it turns out - mercury does connect to communication and journalism/broadcasting is indeed a mercury activity.. it is interesting to see his relationship to nbc terminate on this day... praljak was a military commander, so it is interesting to see transit of saturn exactly on his mars as not only the termination and public judgment on his role as a military leader, but also on the termination of his life..

if i read nothing more then the solar house positions of these 2 men, i think we still see a lot of relevance in how their fate has been cast today here in the world of access to media 24/7 on the issue of world events, whether in europe or the usa! i thought i would comment as someone might find it interesting.. i did..
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